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  1. Does NZFirst suck? Change your tune NZFirst – at present you are singing our swansong! Or perhaps it may be yours.
    Gun laws – needed. No changes is the constant whine from blinkered people who like to shoot at things; if some shoot things they shouldn’t, – so unfortunate. NZ First agrees apparently.

    Moves to change to electric from oil for government vehicles, and to develop a mass fleet enabling investment in support infrastructure – thumbs down from NZ First.

    Take your daily dose of eliminating medicine as usual says Treasury to NZ. All you peeps need to know is ‘Keep your mouths shut, and your bowels open’ as the sergeant said to the squaddies. We’ll see you Right!
    August 2019

  2. Long but riveting (if you like this sort of thing) about Trump and how he connected up with the preachy religious in USA. From Alex Morris Rolling Stone Dec 2019
    Trump seemed to ponder this deeply. For much of his political run, the thrice-married, swindling, profane, materialistic, self-styled playboy had appealed mainly to the more fringe elements of Christianity, a ragtag group of prosperity gospelers (like his “spiritual adviser” Paula White, a televangelist who promises her donors their own personal angel), Christian dominionists (who believe that America’s laws should be founded explicitly on biblical ones — including stoning homosexuals), and charismatic or Pentecostal outliers (like Frank Amedia, the Trump campaign’s “liaison for Christian policy,” who once claimed to have raised an ant from the dead). Considering their extreme views, these folks had an alarming number of followers, but certainly nothing of voting-bloc magnitude.

    And without the evangelical voting bloc, no Republican candidate could hope to have a path to the presidency. Evangelicals — a term that today refers to people who believe that Jesus died for their sins, that the Bible is the word of God, that every believer has a “born again” or salvation moment, and that the good news of Jesus should be widely disseminated — make up as much as a quarter of the country, or close to 80 million people. Around 60 percent vote, more than any other demographic, and among white evangelical voters, more than three-quarters tend to go to Republicans, thanks to wedge issues like abortion, same-sex marriage, and transgender rights.

  3. The only thing left now is for Labour to talk for its ideals. So not the leadership. Any dirty-arsed backbencher. Their doing the 3 year political round has delivered them here with Simon Bridges playing the Australian Murdochian card and a good chance of it coming off. Or a mess of vile authoritarian rich-suiting untruth.

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