How on earth will National attempt to negatively spin Jacinda appearing on the cover of Time?


The problem with  the kind of negative politics National intend to play in 2020 is that when something genuinely good happens, all you have is spite and venom to share and that reaction spooks those voters who were considering you once they see the true pathologically vicious psyche under the veneer of caring about their petty bigotries.

I’ve always found the weakest argument National use against Jacinda is that she dances the International stage while shirking her real job here in NZ.

It’s disingenuous in the extreme because:

A) she wouldn’t need to be doing such emergency surgery on the country if National hadn’t fucking run it into the ground for 9 years and

B) since when was being loved and respected Internationally ever been a bad thing for NZ?

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It’s like Simon and National begrudge the PM this International support out of that most parochial and gauche of NZ traits, the naked jealousy of negative-egalitarianism.

Like a bucket of crabs pulling an escaping crab back into the pit to suffer the same basic bargain warehouse existence of all of us. A negative-egalitarianism whose first cultural flinch is ‘you think you’re better than me’ intellectualism.

It is the most base New Zealander who is affected by this type of dog whistle and it will find solace in the ruddy necked sleepy hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind but turn away anyone else with innate grace or a reading level above the age of 10.

The Venn diagram of those who hate Jacinda because she is popular overseas with those who hate her baby and those who hate women is a perfect circle.

I’m really interested to see how National spin this kind of positive international attention as a terrible thing for NZ which will make every child sick while also being another kick in the face to Farmers.


  1. My thoughts are she’s obeying the dominant ideology of the ” Great Satan ” the U$ and is being rewarded!
    1. Neoliberalism : the F.I.RE. sector of the Rentier economy of ” money for sweet F.A. ” is not being challenged by a “Socialist ” Capital Gains Tax. O/Seas Private banking leeching on our economy and society is safe as houses! No public banking option in sight! And no buy back of our privatised assets such as 50% of Genesis sold orff to make rich o/seas investors happy and further leech orff the hapless consumer.
    2. No challenge to U$’s warmongering struggle for Global hegemony. Australia is a pathetic vassal state of the U$ they haven’t even the spirit to defend Assange one of their own. And we are a vassal of state of this order too.
    3. She’s hugged killer Hillary Clinton, she attends a meet with Tony Bliar who is a War Criminal. She flies to Paris to meet with Neoliberal banker’s boy Macron while French workers protest on the streets.
    4. The welfare system by report is still as heartless as under National.
    5. Where those public housing units!? And of course borrow money from o/seas banker leeches when we could easily issue our own credit! as in the 30s and 40s She would break the Neoliberal mould doing that! She’s a good girl and good girls are rewarded! Just as good boys such as Shonkey ( put that in so as to avoid sexist label but true nonetheless)

    She’s being rewarded as “one of us” one of the “elite” Might even see her at Davos one day!

    She’s a Champion Hugger for sure!

    • “295,000 children
      295,000 children are living under the 60% income poverty line in New Zealand. That is 28% of all children. 155,000 children are living in material hardship in New Zealand. That is 14% of all children.”

      What’s doing with the homeless and poor!? Neoliberal solution growth and jobs manf’ has been offshored. Socialist solution end the rentier economy and redistribute the ill gotten wealth. O My God!!! requires taxation. Progressive Taxation is the price of a decent society. regressive taxation leads to a regressive society

      • Sorry. This constant thing about child poverty is emotive and dishonest. Kids are poor because their parents and families are poor. And the bottom line in Nz today is that even working families cannot afford their rents – there is nothing left for food power etc. And that’s what this government should be doing something about, not building 600k homes for middle class people who want to “get on the property ladder”.

        • i live mr roskill there 3000 new state homes being built whole block going up it going to take time 9 years of nact plunder cant be fixed overnight there also trying to avoid a melt down due to the huge house hold debts created by biding up our own housing stock

        • RosieLee

          Ardern said she got into politics because of child poverty and we know that the figures we are constantly given are about child poverty. I don’t think that is emotive or dishonest. I think most of us know the answer, people don’t earn enough, people don’t get enough benefit.

          Ardern’s government knows all of this but they tinker around the edges because gee wizz their little focus groups don’t want real change because it will upset the middle class.

          For Mike to suggest that it is Nationals fault that we have a state housing crisis is nonsense, it is successive governments of either persuasion.

      • Makes me cry how we treat the least, though I think them the most of our heart. Jacinda at Flaxmere Primary is rank hypocrisy given her govt’s neglect of the neediest. All interested are disgusted by her hypocrisy. Of course most of those ‘who matter’ are interested in their mortgages.

        • This day’s report shows this govt has had very little effect on poverty. Unless she’s psycho she and Grant MUST do something in their 2nd term. They must know that. If they don’t it’s finally time for a general strike.

  2. A rhetorical question without doubt Martyn.

    You know exactly what National will do. Exactly what they always do with a person or event they see as a threat to their quest to be government via an incessant 24/7 ridiculing, undermining and divisive campaign.

    Ardern’s grandmother died 3 days out from the 2017 election. The kiwi way toward such an event is sympathy and empathy. We all have grandmothers and Ardern’s never got to see her granddaughter become NZ PM. Instead, National supporters fearing sympathy votes attacked Ardern and accused her of being the sort of “lowlife” who would exploit her grandmothers death. We all know what sort of human being would say such a despicable thing. A Nat troll and fear working hand in hand.

    Very few politicians are capable of becoming leader of a party 9 weeks from election day, going up a well oiled National Party desperate to retain Government and perform as well as Ardern did. She’s undoubtedly an extremely intelligent person with considerable leadership skills. Nat trolls routinely ridicule Ardern’s appearance, butcher her name, call her an “airhead” who should go back to the fish and chip shop she had the audacity to work in as a teenage girl.

    Ardern obviously has a loyal, loving and supportive partner. They are not yet married but that is not a rare situation in this day and age and the business of nobody else. Nat trolls relentlessly attacked Ardern’s partner and their marital status as if they were sub human for not being married. They fear an event such as the PM getting married as it will attract positive feeling. They accuse Ardern of being the sort of low life who will only get married to win votes.

    Ardern had a beautiful baby girl and the Nat trolls absolutely despise that baby and the word “bastard” has been used online often. They see Neve as a threat to their campaign. They are convinced Ardern will have another “sprog” when she feels she can get maximum votes from “it”.

    Nat trolls hated Ardern wearing a Hijab after the Christchurch massacre. She couldn’t possibly be an empathetic person showing respect. She was “exploiting” the situation and the tragedy for votes.

    One of the Nat trolls biggest fears at this time is the recovery of human remains from the Pike River tragedy. This will result in closure for families and answers to potential criminal liability questions. That’s not how the Nat trolls see it. They know it will highlight this Government doing something that had to be done. Something the previous National Government said couldn’t be done. It would be a huge win for the Government and that is the Nat trolls biggest fear. They can’t come out and say that. Instead, they parrot on about it being a waste of money and a PR exercise at the expense of the victims families National care so much about. I can’t recall any Nat trolls complaining about JK’s enormously costly ego driven flag referendum.

    What will National and their trolls say and do about Ardern being on the cover of “Time” ?

    It will be more of the same fear driven negative and divisive slop. Led of course by NZ’s two most vile politicians. Bridges and Bennett. What else could you possibly expect?

    The smart move for National would be to speak positively about the actions of Ardern and how she did a sterling job in NZ’s darkest hour. National and their trolls are not smart. They are divisive selfish haters.

    • Very well said. You covered everything I think and have said. Ir amazes me how thermy call her child such terrible names and her. Sad sad people who dont have lives if their own . Simon and Paula are the absolute the worst. Once more well said and thank you.

      • Thank you Margaret,

        I’ve stood by and watched NZ politics for decades without ever wanting to comment about it. The way Jacinda Ardern is targeted, misrepresented, abused, ridiculed etc etc has been sickening. It’s not the NZ I grew up in and want to leave behind for my children and grandchildren.

        When a lady has her pet cat run over and killed outside her home, she gets my sympathy and empathy. Many people have suffered that same heartbreak outside their family home. Ardern however was mocked and ridiculed by National Party supporters over the event which is just reprehensible. This group of National Party MP’s and trolling supporters are the most selfish, arrogant, misogynistic, toxic and divisive I’ve ever witnessed involved in NZ Politics.

        They have ensured my support for Jacinda Ardern and the caring, fair and decent direction she wants to take NZ…hence my user name 🙂

    • Jacindafan: Where are you seeing or hearing this stuff? I pay attention to what’s going on politically here, and I haven’t seen it. Maybe FB? I’m not on it, so I wouldn’t see anything there.

      “Nat trolls hated Ardern wearing a Hijab after the Christchurch massacre. She couldn’t possibly be an empathetic person showing respect.”

      I’m certainly not a Nat troll, but I was very irritated by the hijab thing. Respect, my foot! That garment is a symbol of the repression of women: Muslim women in particular. At the time, there were articles from Muslim women who don’t wear it, saying as much. But the woke left was too busy congratulating itself on its open-mindedness to notice. Stupid people….

      NZ is supposed to be a secular society. That’s how – despite the many different cultures here – we manage to rub along together with as little conflict as we have.

      Christ…. that’s why all those refugees from conflict zones come here. The very last thing we need is the PM doing a damnfool thing like wearing a hijab!

      “What will National and their trolls say and do about Ardern being on the cover of “Time” ?”

      Hands up all those who remember Jim Anderton being on the cover of Time magazine? I certainly do. And the magazine was wrong in its prediction about him. Whatever has been predicted by that magazine about Ardern will likely also be wrong.

      • D’Esterre,

        There are numerous online blogs I’ve been reading for several years. Most are extremely toxic and dominated by obvious Young Nats on a mission and people working directly on “data” being fed to them by Nat MP’s. One of the worst offenders has been the Trade Me Message Board. It’s a vile echo chamber for entitled, bitter, divisive and twisted Nat trolls. They genuinely believe they are influencing the election result but that is little more than their fantasy. Any single person who is fool enough to offer a contribution that dares to support anything the Government has ever said and done is immediately targeted at the rate of around 15-1 by a bunch of hyenas who are online pretend friends comforting each other. It’s the most toxic blog I’ve ever read and is thankfully shutting down in a couple of days.

        We see the Hijab the same and differently. It is absolutely a symbol of female oppression by neanderthal type “man”. I despise most of what it represents ….but not all Muslim women see it that way. What occurred with the massacre in Christchurch was as powerful as it gets. Targeting people because of their religious beliefs is the very thing many devout Muslims have been doing themselves toward anyone who has the audacity not to be a Muslim. The tag “religion of intolerance has been well earned”.

        That aside, we can’t fall into that trap. Crime-watch will show images of Maori men for example dominating their wanted list. That of course does not mean all Maori men are a liability with a propensity to violence or robbing you. Ardern wanted to send as strong a positive message to Muslims as Brenton Tarrant’s horrendous message. The “Hijab” wearing did that very quickly and very powerfully to all Muslims. “We are not Brenton Tarrant”. I would have preferred another tool be used but nothing could get the job done as immediately and as powerfully as her wearing a Hijab. I sincerely believe her actions were the reason no revenge attacks against Kiwis took place. Perspective is always helpful.

        • Jacindafan: “There are numerous online blogs I’ve been reading for several years. Most are extremely toxic and dominated by obvious Young Nats on a mission and people working directly on “data” being fed to them by Nat MP’s.”

          Ah, that explains it. I don’t visit such sites, so I wouldn’t have seen any of it. I knew about TradeMe message board, but I’d never visited it.

          When I have encountered toxic comments online, my favourite ploy is to ask the commenter whether they’ve done their math homework like they told their mother they were going to do? Works a treat every time! Many of the most extreme comments do come from adolescent males, sadly.

          With regard to the hijab: I remain of the view that the PM was badly-advised on it. Had she fully understood its religious significance as a tool of oppression, I doubt that she’d have worn it.

          This is a secular society, after all. That’s a valuable part of the political landscape here: we don’t need it being undermined by well-intentioned but poorly-informed politicians.

          “…nothing could get the job done as immediately and as powerfully as her wearing a Hijab. I sincerely believe her actions were the reason no revenge attacks against Kiwis took place.”

          I’m sceptical about that. Assuming that her and her government’s actions have indeed prevented a revenge attack – and it might be a bit too early to say that with any confidence – her wearing a symbol of religious oppression may entail a price that we citizens aren’t willing to pay. Or wouldn’t be, if we fully understood it.

          In any event, were it the case that a counter-attack has been forestalled, I think I’d want to give a large chunk of the credit for that to the ordinary citizens of NZ, and how they themselves reacted. The rest of the world sure took notice of that.

          Except, of course for those idiot Green MPs and activists at the Auckland vigil….

  3. Jacinda’s picture on Time Magazine will surely infuriate the political right to no end.
    They saw no problem with John Key’s picture on any publication, him appearing on dumb American TV chat shows or doing his ridiculous planking imitations on camera. Oh no, that was just the PM being “accessible to the public”.
    And yet whenever Jacinda appears in public (not twerking or pulling people’s hair) they blast her as “publicity seeking”.
    I have heard a lot of this recently at work (I work with a bunch of boomer rednecks, unfortunately) and most of it is misogynistic – it is because Jacinda is a woman. It seems the right can’t get their heads around a woman who actually talks intelligently, doesn’t ridicule anyone, hugs people for empathetic reasons and yet is the leader of our country.
    Such a woman could never be the leader of the National Party. That is why only females like Collins and Bennett have any show of being National’s leader – because they are as nasty as National males and being nasty is apparently a prerequisite for National leadership.
    I wonder if the new PM of Finland, Sanna Marin (who is younger than Jacinda) gets the same kind of treatment from her conservative male rivals? or is it a NZ thing to be jealous of women who who show leadership skills?
    A final message to the political right knot heads reading this blog:
    When you have finished gnawing on your own livers, take your hatred and bury it in the garden, along with the rest of you and do the country a favour!
    You and your dirty corrupt National Party!

  4. Well said.

    Also, as a proponent of business-as-usual neoliberalism, J.A. is doing nothing meaningful about planetary meltdown, nor about the inevitable decline in energy availability that accompanies peak oil. Instead, the Adern government is making NZ increasingly dependent on imported oil and is fostering increased emissions of CO2.

    George Carlin summed up politics long ago: “It’s all bullshit, and it’s bad for you.”

    • Never mind business-as-usual neoliberalism, JA is doing nothing about the dire housing crisis in NZ, which is why people cannot afford basic living after they have paid their exorbitant rents. If they can pay the rent.

    • well lets vote in a labour greens government with a mandate to do that nzf is the blockage you need to give jacinda and james shaw the mandate and power to do that

      • never thought I would be defending NZF but I do not recollect any move by them that has pushed up rents. Labour and Greens have brought in policies that have pushed up the cost of a home and on top of that made renting less attractive unless there is a large financial reward hence the rise in rents. They try to indicate they are a fiend to the down trodden but they are not helping them with their policies which are dividing the country

  5. “The Venn diagram of those who hate Jacinda because she is popular overseas with those who hate her baby and those who hate women is a perfect circle.” Good one! I’ve never been able to fathom the Jacinda-haters as opposed to those who think she might be a bit ineffectual or hostage to the neoliberals (a different argument entirely). I was in Alexandra the other day enjoying a spot of fine Otago weather and this gnarly old bloke said it was probably because Jacinda was out of the country. I mean goodness me!

    • They’ll use any excuse to put the boot in, mate. It’s raining? Jacinda. You’re stuck in traffic on the way to work? Jacinda. You burnt your toast this morning? Jacinda. If I were Jacinda, I might be slightly flattered at their delusional belief I’m some omnipotent deity capable of influencing lives, weather patterns and culinary disasters on a global scale.
      John Key was a bastard and people happily attributed all sorts of awful events to his malign influence, and they’re doing the same with Jacinda. Apparently, the human race hasn’t yet evolved beyond feeble superstition of some village malefactor giving them the evil eye and ruining their lives.

  6. I’m not impressed. Neither Helen Clark govt nor present govt reinstated Ruthanasia benefit cuts of 1991. Had they been in Clark’s day (& maintained by Jonkey) & present govt., fewer would be in a state of virtual penury now.

  7. “… has the World’s attention. How will she use it?” ROFL. Seriously? I hope the World’s not holding their
    breath hoping for anything other than Com’s 101 platitudes.

  8. Her Government havent done anything in 3 years.
    So, “lets do this…again!” So in 2020 to 2023, is most likely what will happen if they get another crack.

    We need Bernie!

    • “Her government haven’t done anything in 3 years”.
      As opposed to the previous government who didn’t do anything in 9 years.
      Unless facilitating a housing crisis, allowing NZ waterways to become animal waste dumps and reducing the nation’s productivity is somehow “doing something”.

      • You often ask for examples when I make a comment so I will return the favour . What have they achieved in 2 years that would make her worth voting for again

        • !. Increased wages for Nurses, Teachers, health workers
          2. Increased the minimum wage
          3. Winter energy payments( forget the misnomer that their are those that don’t need it because their are those that do).
          4. Massive investment in infrastructure( after under investment by National)

          Actually Trev follow this link, you clearly are a little lazy to search yourself…

          Now, I’ll be expecting you to be switching your vote. And why did you not make comment on why Dennypoa offered no examples, or did it just suit your narrative?

          • The wage rises came after long strikes which effected pupils and patients
            Minium wage increase has caused many small businesses like cafes to close or reduce staff because this government has caused many other costs to grow but not improved the overall economy.
            Winter payment while helpful to some has just meant a paid for holiday for many.Why was it universal . Bit like fees free education for all . Middle class welfare.
            They took over 2 years to make the decision on infrastructure once they saw they needed a boost to help their relection chance. National had many of the project ready to go 2 years ago so now it will cost millions more.
            As my report card regularly said Must try harder has potentially but is enclosed to be lazy

            • Strkes after absolute neglect by National. Remember at a time of self proclaimed Rockstar economy National did nothing.
              Now Trevor, your turn, how many cafes closed, what was the total number of jobs lost,what costs have the government increased and by how much, which people used the winter payments to go on holiday?
              You see Trevor you just deal in generalizations.

                • Yes a softer caring government. National couldn’t give a toss about N.Z. and openly engaged in a low wage economy. The “brighter future” was for their select few.
                  Now teachers and nurses feel valued, you know the nurses that helped with Bennetts weight loss surgery.

  9. As a commentator from Chile said there is no class solidarity in this wimp paradise. So we’ll just sink down into the shit together and accept being rogered forever by the landlord class. Because we have no fire and guts and even brains. Keep listening to Magic Talk Radio and get fucked in spirit, head, and love and all else you fucking pathetic wankers. I really despise NZ’s Pollies.

    • I’m actually now convinced things will have to get worse before they get better. In fact bad enough to have to rouse a few sleeping dogs.
      All that wasted “political capital”.
      But Oh Dear, How Sad, next.
      I’m close to abstaining at the next election. Labour hasn’t quite lost me yet, but they’re getting bloody close – there are a few really serious issues (such as immigration, exploitation, and public service broadcasting and media plurality) that could cause me to flip.
      And g-g-g-g-Greens are fast losing as an alternative option.
      NZ1 is out because, well………..because retail politician Shane has the blood of Te Tiriti flowing through his veins (yea right), and all the other Uncle Tom Cargo Cult treats and trinket shit that’s been stinking out the place for a while, and they seem to be doubling down on it

  10. I’m waiting for Garner, Richardson, Hosking, Du Plessis Allen, Hawkesby, Hooten and the rest, to start with “What has she done to deserve it?”.

    Which is similar to the question I ask myself whenever i read or hear their opinions, “What have I done to deserve this?”…

  11. ‘Know Us By Our Deeds’! Shee-it.

    I can see now why the party of the people (ha ha ha) didn’t implement their poverty report’s recommendations with this narrow arse election coming up. If you listen to the Labour guy on Nat Rad’s Monday morning Politics segment they’re willing to put off saving the neediest til Kingdom Come, and he pushed them off at the beginning of Labour’s ‘reach-out to the rich’ in 1984. Which is to say this is their last hurrah like Joseph whatsisname’s big loan promise was for the Liberal Party in 1928. Putting aside your heart is not a good idea in the first place, but doing it often comes to an end. Good riddance. But they must understand if they miraculously get another term after the first miraculous term it’s their last chance to finally return to their heart. No excuse will do. I suspect they’re just naturally shallow beyond belief.

  12. The American elite’s version of merit isn’t mine or anyone who loves the beauty of democracy.

    More and more the oligarchic Roman Republic on which they were modelled. Though that’s very hard to do given how manipulative that was, but I think them close. Emperor Napoleon on that model was the natural end to a republic.

  13. Let’s not get noxious about National. Unlike the American divide between Dems and Reps we can still communicate. I have a Colonel Blimp cousin with my own name who complains about more of his tax dollars being spent. S’ okay. Though I despise 84ism to the depth of my soul. Which is to say this 36 year long regime.

    • Well said. We must keep talking and listening to each other, hard as it may be. And the problem isn’t so much “National” as the wholesale makeover of NZ politics in general that was effected in 80s by Douglas & Co.

  14. Legislation primarily occurs as words not photos, in this respect a word is worth a thousand portrait photos. Actions determine, result from and reinforce government policy, in this respect the current government is only willing to commit to 1/20 of an action for any plan (e.g. implementing 2 of 42 social recommendations). The Time cover is then only worth 1/1000 * 1/20 = 1/20000 of a political equivalent (versus a vehicle for information, entertainment, comedic tourism marketing or personal brand reinforcement on the public dime). Ten a penny is generous.

  15. Jacinda is worshipped overseas by people who are too far away to know how ineffectual she’s been domestically. Don’t get me wrong – she’s a brilliant front-person for the band, but she’s no song-writer. That might not be a problem if she had some solid songwriters standing behind her. Think of Taumarunui’s favourite son Marc Hunter – he didn’t write any of Dragon’s hits back in the 70s, but that didn’t matter cos Paul Hewson kept churning out those chart-topping riffs and hooks. But who’s writing this government’s songs? Grant Robertson and Andrew Little, and Jacinda doesn’t yet have the experience, wisdom or strength to call them out on their uninspiring “progressive” ditties (I ne’er could abide prog).

    Maybe one day – years later Marc Hunter eventually wrote a hit song called “Rain”, but he was older and wiser then.

  16. One more thing. Just a little thing. Nothing really. Hardly worth the read. Don’t bother. Have a beer instead.
    Hugh Alasdair Fletcher – more university professor than archetypal head

    Born 1947.
    New Zealand businessman and former Chancellor of the University of Auckland.
    After attending Kings College, he gained a BSc 1969 and MCom (Hons) 1974 from the University of Auckland, in addition to an MBA from Stanford University.
    Appointed to the board of Fletcher Holdings in 1978. He has been a non-executive director of Fletcher Building since 2001 and was chief executive officer of Fletcher Challenge, the forerunner of today’s company, between 1987 and 1997.
    Stepping down from the board of Fletcher Building, the company his grandfather founded more than 100 years ago, at the end of the month.
    Remaining directorships include the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, Vector and IAG New Zealand (chairman).

    Sorry…? Wait…? What …?



    Ok. That’s from 2012 but still? I mean what the fuck !?
    A company known for arguably being a cartel has excreted it’s director at OUR Reserve Bank…??? WTF ?

    Oh, that’s just going to work out just peachy for farmers and the poor.
    Royal Commission of Inquiry please?

    Oh. And a word on the SFO? Don’t trust the fuckers. Don’t believe a word they twist.

  17. Where’s my previous comment I wonder…?
    This, on RNZ this morning.

    “80 percent of benefit sanctions against people with children in 2018 made against Māori”

    The ‘ thing’ we must remember to remember is that our Parliament is ‘us’. Not Them. Not the politicians we pay to do a job in our best interests.
    And when the politicians behave in a manner that can be easily identified as NOT being in our best interests ( See above ) then we have a say in that by using our right to vote. And they may lose their jobs.
    If they do illegal things during their employment by us, for us, they may not only lose their jobs but they might also go to prison.
    That, is why successive politicians have been very, very careful to preempt their premeditated wrong doing by acts of parliament that, by their very nature are designed to protect those perpetrators of their premeditated wrong-doing. Usually born of greed but sometimes for other reasons.
    Adern’s primping and preening in front of cameras is entirely cringe worthy. Her droopy-draws face hanging over that poor fucking Muslim woman’s shoulder literally gave me a disturbed night’s sleep.
    It gave me a disturbed night’s sleep because, to me, it looked fake as fuck.
    Adern should have declined to appear on Time Magazine out of respect for those she promised to help by ‘doing that’ and as yet, hasn’t. I mean, definitely hasn’t. And won’t. Because she can’t. Never mind that she might like to, who would really know?
    The bottom line is her rallying cry of “Lets do this! ” Has been derailed by her and her administration for reasons that I can only speculate. To offer on-going protection of a cadre of riche criminal elite would be my informed guess.
    But never mind all that.
    It doesn’t cost that much to be kind and generous to those now rendered most at risk by an inbred collaboration of trans-party crooks cupping the withered testicles of a business round table clique of bent spine’d cowards who are our ruling class only so because ‘They’, have our money. A ruling class that we neither need, voted in but certainly can’t vote out, nor want.
    So why do they do it, why does Adern make promises she never intended to keep?
    Because it’s all about power thus control.
    And it’s only we who can change that. They, are not. They’re too busy “Doing this!” Getting rich while they stand on top of us.
    I say ” Lets do this! ” Let’s switch that dynamic around?
    Lets do a Royal Commission of Inquiry please?

    Honestly? We could be twins separated at birth. I got a sheep farm that was, then wasn’t, mine and Bryce got an education.

    Vested interests in New Zealand politics are too big to ignore – we need a royal commission
    Bryce Edwards

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