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  1. Something is not right when firms that had been going for 21 years are now closing down!

    Engineering business closure comes as shock

    And they seem to have joined the ‘NZ trend’ to get overseas labour which is cheaper but didn’t save them, may even be part of the problem, who knows, when you don’t bother to get any real in-depth analysis anymore for NZ journalism.

    If anybody tries real journalism, lobbyists are offended, police start searching their houses with bogus warrants from specially selected judges aka Nicky Hager, and now real statistics and opinions are now racist and xenophobic to somebody who is profiting from the current situation!

    No wonder when Granny Herald who laughingly has a moniker “Access NZ’s best journalism’ – lets have a look at NZ’s best journalism

    Also works great in a trend like paid for advertorials and click bait, now the new, news…

    Steve Braunias: The dead come to life on The Bachelorette
    Reality star shares insane five-day transformation
    The Bachelorette NZ: Lesina’s life in travel
    Alanis Morissette announces NZ show
    Back to basics: Lydia Ko reveals new swing coach
    Realities of a Tauranga bike ride when you’re middle-aged\

    Anti COL propoganda
    Political Roundup: Labour, Greens behaving unethically?
    Barry Soper: PM can’t forever remain blind to what’s going on around her

    Fist pump for Simon
    Simon Bridges sets sights on ‘your back pocket’

    Obligatory 2 stories about the royals
    Photo of William reveals Harry’s family heartache
    Royals left red-faced after porn gaffe linked to Harry’s charity

    found some real news buried… More redundancies (which is pretty much encouraged in NZ as there are no strict redundancy laws and penalties , you just have to follow a process… )

    Waihī mining jobs axed: OceanaGold cuts 17 mill processing positions

    Apparently we still have such a massive worker shortage they keep bringing more temp workers in that generally get to become permanent residents and can assess welfare in 2 years…

  2. I keep an eye on Scoop for good NZ reporting.
    Gordon Campbell on 4 Feb drew attention to the cost of over-runs of budgets for highway delivery to the vehicle drivers there; ‘highwayman’ has a new meaning these days. And interesting that we are following the approach of spending on infrastructure that they are. It reminds me that we ought to look elsewhere for the genesis of any new initiative that our pollies introduce – I think little is based on work from our own planners and economists based on our needs and priorities – it’s just copy the others.

    We pay a lot to run this country that ironically has piled on the fat after the by-pass operation of leadership from government to business which was supposed to cut out our ‘fatberg’ and make us lean and enterprising. I fear that business wishing to be bigger and better in all things has indeed succeeded but in blocking NZs commercial and social arteries; the clearance of neolib economics will be a massive task. Probably never get done, the common response from the middle-class advantaged is a shrug of the shoulders, remarking ‘That’s how it is these days’.

  3. This is not a follow on from an earlier comment. Fiddling around on the internet I came across this story of the Russian astronaut stuck in space when the Soviet Union underwent changes. Can you hear me Major Tom stuff. And echoes of Babylon 5’s interactions with Earth’s dictates.
    Four months earlier, Krikalev, a 33-year-old flight engineer, had set off for the Mir space station from the Soviet Baikonur Cosmodrome, which is located in Kazakhstan. Krikalev’s mission was supposed to last five months, and his training had not prepared him to be in space longer than this…

    And affect the space industry it did. Krikalev was told there was no money to bring him back. A month later, he still got the same answer: mission control was asking him to stay out there a bit longer. Another month passed, but still the same answer yet again. “They say it’s tough for me — not really good for my health. But now the country is in such difficulty, the chance to save money must be (the) top priority,” Discover Magazine quoted him as saying.

    In fact, he could have left. There was a Raduga re-entry capsule onboard the Mir, which was designed specifically for making the return to Earth. But taking it would have meant the end of Mir since there was no one else left to look after it.

    “I wondered if I had the strength to survive to complete the program. I was not sure,” he said. Muscle atrophy, radiation, cancer risk, the immune system becoming weaker with every passing day—these are just some of the possible consequences of a protracted space mission…
    In Krikalev’s case, the mission lasted twice as long as originally planned. He spent 311 days, or 10 months, in space, unwittingly setting a world record in the process. Over this time, four scheduled missions were cut to two, and neither of them had space for another flight engineer.

    Russia, which at that time had major money problems due to hyperinflation, was selling other countries seats to the space station on the Soyuz rocket. For example, Austria bought a seat for $7 million, while Japan purchased one for $12 million to send a TV reporter there. There was even talk of urgently selling off the Mir while it was still in working order. All of this mean that other crew members returned to Earth, while Krikalev, the only flight engineer, could not. Locked up there in space, far from home, he asked them to bring him honey in order to raise his spirits. But there was no honey, and instead they sent him lemon and horseradish.

    Lemon and horseradish. Perhaps there is an element of farce in everything we do to aggrandise the human race. The man deserved a medal, and I hope he received one. This somehow reminds me of Martin Cruz Smith’s book centred round Chernobyl, and his incisive investigator Arkady Renko in Wolves Eat Dogs.

  4. The link for the ONE- Only Natural Energy was a good read. Thanks for the link Marc.
    Others I saw there that had something good to say: 
    Carbon emissions being used a new way.    Might be a breakthrough!

    Large populations in countries like India trying to find solutions, make changes, for a betterclimate change outcome – even small changes can have big effects.   This could be an example of chaos theory showing its power.

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