Is James Hargest College in Invercargill living in the 1800s?


What the actual?

Girls must talk to guidance counsellor before wearing pants/shorts to school

Girls who want to wear pants or shorts at a Southland high school have to see a guidance counsellor first.

James Hargest College in Invercargill is in the process of updating its uniform but in the meantime, girls who want to wear unisex pants or shorts must have it cleared by their parents. To do that, they are required to visit a counsellor.

Principal Andy Wood said the talk with a guidance counsellor first was to make sure they had “thought through the possible reactions of other kids” if they wore the pants or shorts. He did not expand on what those reactions might be.

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Wood and the board chairman Chris O’Connor did not answer Stuff’s questions about whether a guidance counsellor visit was necessary, if students would be asked about their sexuality, or if visiting a guidance counsellor was an attempt to pressure students not to wear a different uniform.

What sort of next level bullshit is this?

Why the flying Christ does a girl need to see a bloody counsellor about wearing fucking shorts or pants?

Who the risen Christ gives two shits about what anyone else thinks?

If a female student wishes to wear shorts or pants, then a bloody female student should be allowed to wear bloody shorts or pants!

As the father of a daughter, I would be outraged if after choosing to wear shorts or pants my daughter had to see the bloody counsellor for a discussion on what anyone else thinks!

Surely women have to run a billion dollar gauntlet every day from the advertising industry telling them they are ugly if they don’t buy this or wear that, why would any parent want that insidious mind fuck to be endorsed by the bloody school???

What weird timezone does Invercargill operate in? The 1800s?

Fuck. This. Shit!

Where the bloody hell is the Ministry of Education?


  1. Yes, dad you may be feeling upset and very protective of your daughter, but it really saddens me that you are unable to express your frustrations without resorting to the use of bad language and the use of the name Christ. It does not help your argument one bit and I would respectively suggest to you that you need to discuss the issue and not make personal and offensive comments

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