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  1. The events at Flaxmere have pretty much wrecked me for the moment. Still trying to process it. The Most Severe Injuries Seen on a Child

    Pretending it didn’t happen? Not on.
    Sweeping it ‘under the carpet’? Not on.
    Saying it’s someone else’s problem? Not on!
    Calling it a rare event, an aberration? Lies!
    This is our problem. This is us, – all of Aotearoa, all of NZ.

    If “They are us” applies to anyone, it applies to the children of Aotearoa.
    If we cannot guarantee our nation’s children a safe childhood, with real justice where needed, then we are one of the worst in the world. And guess what, – we are. NZ is known for our child abuse, child murder stats, – one of the absolute worst in the OECD. Congrats, Everyone!! So hope you’re all very proud!

    Me, I’m deeply ashamed to be here and so to be a part of this ghastly ongoing crime, this unending pattern of child torture that continues in Aotearoa today.

  2. Learn to go bush, to live off the land, and to not rely on supermarkets, your work pay or benefits, real basic survival skills will come in handy, once the shit will hit the fan, with the global fossil fuel powered consumerism driven economy collapsing. I mean it, you can’t say you were not warned.

    • Learn to go bush, to live off the land, and to not rely on supermarkets, your work pay or benefits, real basic survival skills

      Totally agree with you, Marc!

    • Looking at some of the survivalist tips – the writers seem to be so paranoid that careful wariness of accepting their ideas and mindset would be wise! I don’t dare diss it too much though, as I have become wary of new people until I know more about them, and what makes them tick. I have decided that ‘balance’ is the ruling factor in everything.
      This forms part of one site’s advice for keeping safe:
      * Always be searching/scanning your surroundings and planning a way of escape in case something pops up.
      *If there’s a creepy guy (or girl) that seems to be a little too close to you at the store, plan out your action for keeping free of them

  3. Six more political sites on Youtube

    Richard Wolff, economic theory and society
    Thom Hartmann, podcasts and analysis
    Kim Iversen, background and commentary
    Peter Lavelle (Crosstalk), debates and inquiry
    Lee Camp, culture and comedy
    Richard Gizbert (Listening Post), media and news
    Joe Rogan, interviews and opinion (all subjects)

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