Soooooo when can NZ start taking the Wuhan virus seriously without being accused of Xenophobia?

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Oh look at that, Wuhan Virus could kill 45million globally – are we still playing the ‘this-isn’t-serious-and-you-are- racist-for-thinking-it-is’ game on social media?

Coronavirus could kill 45m warns top Hong Kong medical official

Covid-19, the name given to the novel coronavirus, could kill 45 million people worldwide and infect 60 per cent of the global population if it can’t be contained, a leading expert has warned.

Professor Gabriel Leung, chair of public health medicine in Hong Kong, made the comments while en route to a meeting of the World Health Organisation.

He warned that an “attack rate” of 60-80 per cent meant that even if the fatality rate was as low as 1 per cent, the death toll would be staggering.

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There is an argument floated by the woke that any criticism of the Wuhan virus is racist xenophobia and that it doesn’t kill as many people as other virus do, you dirty racist scumbags.

I’d humbly suggest this isn’t an Identity Politics issue as it is an economic and public health emergency.

Our response to measles was a despicable incompetence and it’s becoming glaringly apparent that our response to the Wuhan virus is equally farcical…

Scientists call for ‘urgent review’ of how NZ is protecting itself from coronavirus

Two University of Otago scientists are calling for an “urgent review” of how New Zealand is protecting itself from coronavirus.

Professors Nick Wilson and Michael Baker wrote an article published yesterday on Sciblogs, saying the country needs to introduce a “pandemic plan” to protect against the “highly uncertain” virus. 

“Now is the time for maximum proactivity. There is still time to upgrade the weaker aspects of the response and to maximise the chance of protecting the population,” they wrote. 

The researchers said the Government’s response so far is lacking in several areas and needs to be reviewed to ensure people are kept safe. 

They also criticised New Zealand’s 14-day “self-isolation” requirement for travellers returning from coronavirus-affected areas, saying quarantine supervision “may need to be markedly increased”.

“The nature of this quarantine…needs urgent review, monitoring and evaluation to ensure it is adequate to minimise the risk of disease transmission.”

New Zealand continues to allow citizens, permanent residents and immediate family back into the country after they have travelled to areas where coronavirus is still being actively transmitted.

The Department of Public Health professors said border controls also need to be reviewed to further limit the range of people allowed entry to New Zealand.

The coronavirus has now claimed more than 1000 lives with 42,638 cases confirmed worldwide.

…because China is an authoritarian communist regime that puts human rights behind grim cohesion and slavish devotion to the Party, we can’t trust anything they are telling us regarding how lethal this virus actually is and how many people are actually infected.

We still don’t know how its being transmitted, it looks like its gained aerosol spreading capacity.

Look, with so little actually known, shouldn’t we be on a far more heightened alert here for a virus we don’t have any natural protection to whatsoever?

Don’t take my word for it, take the bloody above Scientists word for it.

The demand to ‘not panic’ should not be greater than the effort to prepare us for a rapidly emerging pandemic!


  1. Great question.

    We’ve been led to believe yet another deadly virus has it’s epicenter at a diabolical Chinese wildlife market. Exactly the sort of market that sees Chinese diners view live animals such as wolf cubs and koalas kept in barbaric conditions and then request the animal being killed with a club or knife or both and then served up to them on a plate. Most of the world find this very common action in China appalling and reprehensible animal cruelty. It now appears this type of sickening action has been the catalyst for the Coronavirus which is being felt in dozens of innocent countries outside of China.

    I appreciate some Chinese are not feeling the usual love they feel from others but that is 100% understandable and has zero to do with racism and xenophobia. How dare people have the audacity to be worried, fearful, frustrated and angry how this situation has almost certainly come about.

    • I would suggest that the latent vector for the disease would be a species of rodent. Not so much the slaughtered animals in the market. I would suggest that at one point there was a leap of the virus from rodents to pork products, less wild game such as wolves or ‘ koala’s ‘.

      Pigs share a very similar genetic make up to humans, – as do rodents. Which is why rodents are used in labs for testing of drugs, vaccines and the like for humans.

      I would suggest that either pork products or live rodents were the catalyst for the leap to human hosts.

      I would say that between ‘porcine products’ and live rodents,… you will find your answer as to the spread of this viral disease.

    • My wife, who is presently in North China, says that the SARS outbreak occurred because the southern Chinese were eating possum, although possibly she confuses possums with civet cats (which have been mentioned before). She thinks it is a similar case this time.
      I doubt whether we could class her as racist against her own people, but she is quite forthright in her opinion that if the southern Chinese didn’t make a habit of eating anything on four legs that moves, this latest outbreak would not have happened.
      She also says it is not a case of poor people eating what they can get, the market for eating exotic animals is to supply the rich.
      Just about anything from the Chinese government will be b…s
      There are no diagnosed flu cases in her vicinity at the present but she showed me a video yesterday she took in her local supermarket. Now this is a big supermarket – a cross between the Warehouse and Pak’n Save with about four floors and is normally teeming with people most hours of the day.
      True, it is winter there at the moment and the temperature often drops below -20, but yesterday was a warm day in Changchun, about zero and her video showed the supermarket to be almost deserted. The loudest noise was the piped music and it was downright eerie. People are staying in their own homes and coming outside only when absolutely necessary. Anyone coming into a shop is scanned with some kind of medical device before they are allowed in, and if they are not wearing a mask they will not be admitted and are told to sod off.
      Interesting to have a view from the inside.

  2. Completely agree and the ‘measures’ the govt have take so far have been pitiful.
    People also need to get over their fear of being labelled racist / xenophobic, fear of these words is stifling open debate and is now also contributing to NZ potentially / probably introducing a virus that poses a very real and significant risk.

  3. Who cares about who calls who what?
    Close our borders NOW! TODAY!
    You want to leave? Go right ahead.
    You want to visit?
    Sure, we love you ( but we love your money more. The banksters who have us psychologically imprisoned insist we must love you more for your money. However, in this case, sorry.) but you have to prove you have a clean carcass before you come here.
    New Zealand’s new name ! The Ark Islands of AO/NZ?
    Once ‘They’ have the stats back from this scary virus’s spread including info on our ability to head it off and just how many people can be killed by it? Imagine the potential of a genetically weaponised version I bet ‘They’ve’ already built.
    Smoke a Blunt, ‘light a candle’, ponder Gwyneth Paltrow and watch ‘Contagion’ I dare you?

    Serious. No flights in, no shipping either until after passengers and crew undergo quarantine procedures.
    There can be no middle ground. This ‘situation’ must either be taken very seriously at the risk of being ridiculed for over reacting OR we’re fucked.
    Lets see…? Ridicule or Death…?
    “ Gone aerosol” aye? Jesus Christ!
    The tut-tutters and hanky wringers must be pushed aside on this one.

    • Modern transport is the problem and it has been for many decades.
      Sailing ships gave protection as it took much more time to travel and for viruses to become apparent.
      Similarly with horse and coach, plus far fewer people travel when it takes time.

      Capitalism has fostered mass movement of people which is entirely unnecessary and undesirable on many counts.

      • I think that horse has bolted. Pacific islanders and native americans were wiped out by strange viruses brought to them by Europeans, and the Europeans brought back syphillis to the old world. While movements of people far less than obviously the case now, we also did not have modern medical science and communications that warned of and protected against diseases. In the old days, a disease like coronavirus would have wreaked its havoc, without anyone knowing what the hell was going on.

        Capitalism has brought many benefits to mankind. Karl Marx acknowledged this, and saw it is a necessary phase on the road to socialism and then communism.

        • Yes Mark the complexities are real but so are the consequences we will have foisted upon us.
          European traditions lock our thinking into a feudal system which is ruled by a wealthy class exploiting those captive to their rule.

          The expansion of territory and annexation of resources enjoyed by various “kingdoms” was often based on power over others afforded by technology often in the area of metals and weapons.

          The expansive phase of human population has near ended and a shrinking population is not something we are well equipped to contemplate, but it will happen, prepared or not.

          So looking back to what we have learned when populations were much smaller, less resource consumptive, less wasteful and less demanding on the environment, as a basis for wider solutions.

          Many things we no doubt would like to retain, but resources and the energy required will mean many things just will not be sustained.

          Its a new envelope of thinking as to how we reduce energy consumption, Non Renewable Natural Resource consumption and restore what we can of the environment, not just exploit it.

          There are many deadly viruses humans have encountered and the main tool used to deal with them has been isolation of the groups or people affected.

          In parts of Africa Ebola is picked up from the forest every now and then over centuries. Hospitals tend to increase the numbers of victims. The tradition way was to completely isolate the family or group from the contact of a wider village population.

          You mention Marx who looks at economies and social structure.

          I find Mahatma Ghandi has a wider wisdom worth trying to understand.
          A resume looking at village life that is ecofriendly for ongoing sustainability and the control of technology so it doesn’t wreck long term social and environmental sustainability.

          India does need a state run old age pension provision so families can reduce child numbers.

          China recognised this many decades ago and its population is trending to peak in 3 to 5 years by design.

          That is a prediction independent of impending global collapse.

          • And when they ( China /India ) reach zero population growth they will endure the same sort of stagnant economy the west has seen, an example being Japan.

            This,… whole notion of discouraging population growth is a paradox,… while on the one hand creating more resources for fewer people , it does create a stagnating economic effect. Which means, that there are less workers compared to retired consumers for example, and thus a decline in the amount of workers that can support those in retirement.

            The Georgia Guidestones offers an interesting perspective, as does L A Marzulli on the subject of population control, – en masse.

            #13 – Georgia Guide Stones – Episode 13

        • There have been recent studies done that found that syphilis was not actually brought back from the new world at all , and while there was a less virulent strain in the new world , the local population seemed to be inured to it. The more virulent strain appears to have developed from somewhere in Italy. And as travel to the new world was constant, – it infected the Native American populations and devastated them.

  4. When?
    I’d say probably when there’s a hundred dead and several thousand in hospital all over NZ.
    The problem is you’re up against RNZ National doing shit like spending half an hour of prime time interviewing a fucking moron like Ilan Noy who minimised not only the virus but climate change!
    Wake up Martyn, it’s only mother nature’s wrath that’s going to stop this madness. Politics are irrelevant now. We are out of time.

  5. Interesting fact. In both Marco Polo’s time and in the 20th century, when the Chinese went against Mongolian shamans seasonal restrictions on hunting Marmots for their fur,… in BOTH cases ,… incidences of Black Death broke out.

    The devastating Black Death of the Middle Ages was caused by meat products of,- and more importantly , – demand for Marmot fur for luxury items by the Europeans. Thus shiploads of that produce were imported into Europe, and thus the Great Plague pandemic. Spread by traders to the far east.

    The Marmot is a rodent vector of the disease. In other words it is part of the transmitted disease cycle. Its well known now. In America, it is transmitted by its counterpart the Prairie dogs , – and other rodents. To which the ancient Native American shamans also placed seasonal restrictions on in hunting them. They were no fools. They did not have modern laboratory’s but they DID have keen observatory skills.

    And so it is with corona-virus.

    There will be a disease cycle and a vector. There will be a dormancy period , and an infectious period. Many bacterium and viral diseases leap species. Ebola is a classic modern example.

    ALL bacterium and viral species mutate over time, for some, they become benign regards humans, for others? – they usually reach a peak after devastating depopulation then wane… but still remain virulent. A good example is Yersinia Pestis ( the Great Plague / Black Death ) ,… which even now kills several hundreds of people every year in both America and China ,- and county’s beyond in the year 2020.

    Further reading : › bubonic-plague-strikes-in-mongolia-why-is-it-still-a-threat
    Bubonic Plague Kills Two In Mongolia Who Hunted And Ate …


    What stopped the plague?

    …’How did it end? The most popular theory of how the plague ended is through the implementation of quarantines. The uninfected would typically remain in their homes and only leave when it was necessary, while those who could afford to do so would leave the more densely populated areas and live in greater isolation’…


    Containment and isolation in absence of a working vaccine is the most practical form of minimizing an infectious, deadly disease. Nothing has changed since the Great Plague 700 years ago. And until a vaccine is developed, this is the standard operating procedure.

    • The Black Death was a combination of two main diseases (and possibly others): Bubonic Plague and Pneumonic Plague. The Bubonic Plague was the one transmitted by the marmosets but was actually not as bad as the other. People who contracted it who were otherwise quite healthy had a reasonable chance of recovering. The pneumonic plague was the killer – it attacked the vital organs, especially the lungs and it had a fatality rate of near 100%.

      • And then there was the septicemic version.

        However , all of them were caused by the rod shaped bacterium, Yersinia pestis. And the marmot,- along with other rodent species were the vectors. Whether initially by flea parasites , or harboring the bacterium in their own bodies once they were bitten by fleas.

        It is also interesting that old DNA from Y.pestis from the original 14th century plague victims have been studied, and it has been found to have mutated throughout the century’s,… yet it is still lethal today.

        And there is no getting around that fact.

        When you say one ‘was not as bad as the other’ ( the mode of using a vector ie; the rat flea ) what you are really saying is that its mode of spread and contagion was less efficient as the ‘coughed ‘ version- pneumonic plague. But it was still as lethal – taking most victims within 3-5 days. In the case of septicemic plague, death came even faster out of the three versions.

    • Just a matter of time now. NZ Government are dragging the chain on this. Seem to be putting Commerce before the health of our people.

  6. No surprises it’s been a completely lame government response so far, the coalition government are absolutely hopeless.

    It’s disingenuous of some people to equate this to flu:
    Although seasonal flu may kill some tens of thousands in America (where good statistics are available) a year, it infects up to about 40 million people to do it.
    Seasonal flu average mortality rate is 0.13 percent eg: it kills just over one in 1000 infected people.
    Wuhan coronavirus with the sketchy info at hand has killed around 1000 of the 40000 infected, a mortality rate of 2.5 percent or 25 people in every 1000 infected.
    More than twenty times more lethal.

    Yes more severe strains of influenza have killed millions after infecting the globe, but a new bug with no “herd immunity” that kills one in 40 infected people must be cause for caution.
    Do the math on this one infecting the globe.

    • Yes, agree. This coronavirus thing must be taken extremely seriously. Its not a xenophobia thing, because Chinese are also avoiding other Chinese lol!

      Comparisons with the flu are ridiculous. The mortality rate is many times greater than that of the flu.
      In any case, no one wants an additional risk floating around, adding to all the others we routinely have to do deal with.

      The self-quarantining thing is ridiculous and a lazy cop out by the govt. The other day it was estimated that only 1 in 20 arrivals from China have self-reported. It should be close the borders to people from the region. For those who have a legal right to enter NZ it must be compulsory quarantine. Other jurisdictions such as Hong Kong are already putting this in place, with those refusing being arrested.

      • 2019 80,000 died of the “flu” in the USA.

        China is doing a good job so far but could close down travel even more.

  7. Note that no one has criticized the draconian measures the Chinese govt has taken to contain this virus. Which is fair enough. As Abe Lincoln said, ‘necessity knows no law’.

    The fact is, I am quite confident that China’s handling of the crisis will be vindicated, and when the threat of this horrible thing, hopefully, recedes, her political system will also. It will also provide ample reason for them to severely crack down on the dark corners of Chinese culture (that in reality are only practiced by a minority of the population) that gave rise to this disaster. It often takes disasters of this magnitude to force shifts in public attitudes.

  8. The serious problem is that our hospitals barely cope with beds for winter flu patients (wards understaffed) and staff cannot be vaccinated for this new virus – so would soon have their ranks decimated meaning our hospitals would cease to function (people will die in their homes of either flu, other medical conditions left untreated, or this virus as they already are in China). And we know even infected young staff who continue to work with infected patients can die because of exhaustion (MD whistleblower in China). The only way for the system to cope is to schedule the infection of staff and give them rest and treatment (in quarantine) and then when immune they are ready for the later mass infection of the public – but who would dare apply this option?

    (Maybe a few medical and other support workers to immunity and who manage quarantineed hospital treatment centres – separate from the rest of the health system)

    The only other option is not to have it reach pandemic levels here, but limiting the numbers of cases – so which one will it be?

    The economic pressure will be to continue with trade – because a global recession would be prolonged without this, and which will make containment more difficult. Already the Chinese Ambassador wants us to follow WHO advice to let trade and travel continue.

    • Actually the Chinese govt has behaved really responsibly in stopping most of its citizens from overseas travel.

      Unlike the nz govt who did not give a shit about new Zealanders travelling to poor countries such as Samoa and killing 90 kids, proportionately equivalent to thousands of new Zealanders dying

      • You’re free to move to China tomorrow if you’d like Mark. Hit me up for a ride to the airport – it’d be my pleasure. I hear there’s some great deals on fares to the Middle Kingdom at the moment…

    • Simonm it may pay to check out Chinafile,com as just another Western based source of unbalanced criticism of China as well as being a platform to anti China propaganda.

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