Wait, what? Simon Bridges now says he could work with NZ First? National is all over the place


Wait, WHAT?

NZ First saga: Simon Bridges leaves door open for future cooperation with Winston Peters

National leader Simon Bridges won’t rule out working with Winston Peters and NZ First in the future and isn’t yet calling for him to stand down over the NZ First Foundation saga.

He is now calling on the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to confirm that she trusts Peters, in the wake of yesterday’s news that the the NZ First Foundation donations have been referred to the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) by police.

Bridges also called on the SFO to make a decision on whether to investigate Peters before the election.

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But Bridges stopped short of saying Ardern should stand Peters down during any investigation. 

…this is a Simon Bridges all over the place.

He went too early with this announcement, but now he is undermining the boldness of the move with this measly mouthed back-pedalling.

What in earth is Simon doing?

Clearly the backlash amongst his own Caucus has forced him to reconsider, but this is terrible messaging by Simon.

He has blown any of the value of this strategic move.

What spooked him? He looks weak and disorganised.

Winston stared him down and Simon blinked.


  1. “He went too early with this announcement, but now he is undermining the boldness of the move with this measly mouthed back-pedalling.”

    Self adulation is the highest form of weakness. In the same day 3 of his caucus announce their retirements. Seems like Seymour may not be the only one man party. Bridges 5 % and dropping but at least he has policy on roading(but nothing else).

      • Brilliant Trevor…”Bridges getting better all the time”..Hilarious.

        But better at what? Better at being a latrine rodent. 100% agree.

      • He needs to get better quick then Trev otherwise he will suffer the same fate as his old mate Bill and he will be a gone burger. Perhaps he needs to take a chill pill after listening to his interview with Corrin Dann on RNZ this am he sounds a bit neurotic.

          • Fact is, he ruled out working with Peters in a media frenzy fan fair , now he said he may work with him in the future. Power above anything else. Nothing he has said makes Bridges statesmanlike. No policy just constant barking. However there is still time for Judith although if more Nat MP’s get pissed off with Bridges leadership, Judith wont’t have much to work with. National have only one option, Chris Luxton. Bridges can then go back to what he does best, in fact what he’s still doing( an attack dog).

  2. ” What spooked him? He looks weak and disorganised ”

    ” Winston stared him down and Simon blinked ”

    Nah some of their donors had a meeting and ” whoa we support the same direction , Nasty National or Labour lite ”

    Protect the status quo at all cost as some of the boys fund the Natz as well as NZF.

    This stinks too high heaven and it is time too STOP BIG MONEY INFLUENCE in New Zealand politics.

    We need a Bernie Sanders too shake up this corruption free little country in the south pacific.

  3. Either Simon knows Winnie is going to get away with this, or more likely Winnie has the dirt on Simon and is keeping Bridges (tiny) balls in a little jar on his desk.
    Weak from Bridges.

  4. Chinational prove once again you can’t trust what comes out of their mouths.

    You can’t have more water bottling plants if you’re stuck friendless in Opposition now, can you Soiman?

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