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  1. Where is the ‘transformational’ change that Jacinda talked about? We are still largely exporting milkpowder, logs and so, there are almost exclusively fossil fuel powered cars on the roads, plastic is everywhere, no settlement is reached over Ihumatao, and nothing is done on many other fronts, after endless ‘working groups’. Beneficiaries and working poor struggle as before, or worse, and so we are expected to vote the same lot in again?

    • so we are expected to vote

      I get that you’re expected to try and sow the seeds of discontent with the present govt. Been evident through your posts/ comments. Hey, keep tryin’ soldier. Or should I say merc. I wonder.

        • Stupid is when people wish for more than there is or can be, and keep complaining without trying to understand the situation Mike.
          And they say madness is to continue to do the same things, but expect better outcomes. I think you have been too long in the sun. It’s very hot this summer isn’t it!

  2. One movie that was nominated for two awards at the Oscars but missed out is Honeyland. It missed out in the Doco Feature category to American Factory and in the International Feature Film to South Korea’s Parasite.

    Honeyland is the story of one of Europe’s last wild beekeepers, who “uses ancient methods passed down through the generations for harvesting wild honey”.

    The directors say the film profoundly changed their lives. Honeyland has much to say about conserving nature, but its lessons are also about human life and relationships.

    Sharing to survive
    “Half for me and half for you” is Hatidze’s mantra, which she repeats as she tends to the bees on the mountain. But it’s a message which is in danger of being lost in the modern world.

    Hatidze lives in Bekirlija, an abandoned village with no electricity, running water or roads, where she looks after her ailing mother. The honey she sells at the market in the capital of North Macedonia, Skopje, is her sole source of income. She takes only half of the honey, leaving the rest for the bees.

    She lives by that simple principle. “Sharing with bees and with nature is the key to her survival,” says Stefanov.

    But then another family moves into the village. She welcomes them, and teaches them how to harvest the wild honey.

    And then the newbies want to harvest the honey for profit, and everything changes. THe new profiteer takes all the honey. The bees become aggressive and attack and destroy Hatidze’s hives. Human conflict erupts in the once peaceful village. Links here and here

    • The important part to take from this, is don’t trust people to have consideration for others, be wary until you know them well. And even then their children or other relatives may come in and over-ride their thoughtful practices. Greed is the way to go – the motto is ‘If you don’t take advantage, someone else will’. My belief for the future is that we need kindness and practicality which need to be in balance. The woman here was too kind. Gratitude for what you have, and knowing when you have enough, is not the way of Ayn Rand’s economic system that has been dumped on us. Damn those economists and their neoliberal theories that remake society in their own image. The Virtue of Selfishness lacks balance as much as selflessly giving and helping without discretion.

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