Political Caption Competition

I love wanky Concert FM more! No I love wanky Concert FM more!

“I love Wanky Concert FM more!”

“No I love wanky Concert FM more!”


  1. ‘We both have Third way Tony’s contact details, so there should be no problem pulling this election off …just keep it ‘steady as she goes’ , Cindy ”…

  2. ‘No, I hate Maori more, in effect’ , ‘No, I do’.

    Cripes, 36 years of real representatives of the people lost. And I’ve felt every grain of it.

  3. “You know, Hobson’s words have been rephrased to “We are all New Zealanders” by politicians who make pronouncements about Māori. In essence, this latest variation of the “one people” myth is a cultural put-down and a denial of Māori identity. It expresses our country’s deeply rooted commitment to assimilation as a solution to complex relations in a heterogeneous society ay Jacinda?

    The Pākehā majority is so convinced of the inspirational effect of this unilateral myth of oneness that it seldom occurs to them to consult Māori views. Recently, I came into possession of a document circulating among Māori, called “Being a Māori Is. ay?”

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