Jacinda promises to save Concert FM, but let’s not forget the speed Boomers went to kill off a youth station

I love wanky Concert FM more! No I love wanky Concert FM more!

Jacinda is rushing to the rescue by promising to dust off the old FM youth frequency and give it Concert FM so Helen Clark and the rest of the elitist boomers get to keep their bloody Concert station on FM.

My understanding is that the frequency was decommissioned so if Jacinda is happy to spend some money on recommissioning it with an infrastructure upgrade, then we have a solution, but let’s not for one second forget the speed and backlash boomers caused to knife a youth station here.

On the one hand the boomers screamed, ‘the fucking kids don’t listen to radio’, while in the exact same breath pointing to ZM and The Edge as proof positive those audiences were already being serviced.

So what was it you fucking boomers? The kids either did listen to radio or they didn’t?

The second young people were going to gain something, even at the expense of putting your precious barely listened to elitist wank on an AM station, and it was the end of Western fucking civilisation as we knew it.

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This was going to reverse the Enlightenment, obliterate the Renaissance and cats and dogs would start living together, so apocalyptic would this be to the Arts.

How about a little less Government subsidy to fucking Peter Jackson’s pension plan and more for public broadcasting?

I was half expecting Helen Clark to claim putting Concert FM on AM was a cultural genocide akin to the burning of the Great Library at Alexandria.

10 000 signature petitions, expensive lawyers, grumpy former Prime Ministers, Jacinda with sad face – EVERYTHING and ANYTHING to stop young people being respected with the exact same privileges that adults wallow in when it comes to giving young people  commercial free media space that adults possessed.

The speed with which boomer privilege was immediately acquiesced to is a reminder that the housing crisis, the climate crisis and the equality crisis are all political choices not impossible dreams.

Imagine if the government could get off its arse and react with the speed they did here for the rest of the media broadcasting industry and not the pitiful Kris Faafoi go nowhere do nothing TVNZ-RNZ merger review.

The lesson here is never get in between boomers and their fucking privilege. The naked contempt they showed young people trying to gain the same rights as them shouldn’t be forgotten as the electoral demographics change in 2023.


  1. …and the speed with which she got rid of the CGT… Jacinda Key? Hardly any difference if you’e at the bottom of the heap… you should try it, Wokester 😉 Oh, but you’re “class” Left, eh? LMFAO

  2. I’m sure its been pointed out Bomber that Concert program is about 80 years old. That means at least 4 generations of a youth cohort have learned to love it before becoming ‘elitist oldies hostile to youth’. It never occurred to me to try to get the Concert program on my tinny radio, but I used to play 33s on the sound system in the school hall after school. Its not about generations, its about capitalist cost cutting. Let’s all agree to fight for a fully funded decent youth program and stop any fancy footwork to sell off RNZ. @anticapitalism @climaterevolution

  3. The Labour Manifesto said Concert FM would continue – were young voters supposed to just take the transfer of the radio station and trust that promises made to them in 2020 would be kept?

    • If that was Labour Manifesto OK but this is a coalition govt not a FPP Labour govt. Promises and policy are not the same thing. Promises are a post election myth used by many to denigrate Labour.

  4. ” Imagine if the government could get off its arse and react with the speed they did here for the rest of the media broadcasting industry and not the pitiful Kris Faafoi go nowhere do nothing TVNZ-RNZ merger review ”

    Hear hear.

    And not just broadcasting when their changes will be totally inadequate but the other cataclysmic problem of the climate , affordable homes , entrenched poverty of so many kiwis working and receiving assistance , a decent fair tax system where EVERYBODY including the rich and corporates pay their fair share of tax ,
    strong labour laws , confronting the neoliberal public service and New Zealand companies plundering our marine and natural environment , reversing the huge profit loss too Australia via the banking system that has shown those Australian banks too have engaged in serious corruption.

    I think the board of RNZ badly handled this entire decision badly as they have managed to alienate the current concert audience by not adhering too the charter for a start.

  5. Most people came to the position of “why not both?”

    It’s perfectly legitimate to question what relevance a dinosaur technology like FM radio will have in the future for yoof. There’s nothing more pathetic than a bunch of public servants trying to get down with the kids.

    So there’s no contradiction in saying “Save Concert FM, give the kids a channel if there’s a demand. Is there even a demand?”

    • There have been many comments on the net with people claiming young people do not listen to radio, the other side of the coin is that the radio available is such garbage that it is not worth listening to. I expect that if RNZ produce what the audience wants commercial free that young people will listen. It is good that both stations could be available although this issue just proves how difficult it will be to get society to act for the good of all

  6. Orangemanbad: You’re such a sophist. You’re like the teenage boy who claims that the porn stack under the bed is just his friends.

    You came out pretty hard against a few regulars claiming antisemitism and now you claim a new bunch of deviants are being pathetic. Your explanations are truely heroic.

    If you have any counter arguments I’ll be happy to hear it.

  7. Love how the media have also stopped mentioning the 18 redundancies from RNZ too. Media are now just reporting the taking of the radio frequencies!

    Weird because when the neoliberals give away water bottling rights to the Chinese to increasingly offshore private business interests, it’s all about jobs, jobs jobs!

    When they close the specialist libraries down with a loss of jobs at university and burn/destroy the books. Government has nothing to say. Even the Greens who went to that university!

    It seems cultural interests, jobs don’t count for jobs. Only exploitative jobs count as being worth somehting, in neoliberal NZ. If you can’t kill people with coal, oil, or diabetes from bad fast food, or pollute the environment’s air, water and land, then forget it!

    NZ loves to make experienced people redundant and hire mates and inexperienced people so that that the neoliberal agenda can continue and that more people can be topped up with government welfare top ups like WFF, Accomodations supplement, etc

    Meanwhile those made redundant pay taxes on any money they get (if they even get any redundancy which government has no regulation on). Win, win, sarcasm. More cheap workers who don’t know what they are doing being topped up by the state and more experienced workers being made redundant topped up by the state.

    Yay more people’s wages now being paid for by the state equals more profits for business and less informed people in the world to stop it!

    It’s even better when the left are so blinded by ideological identity discourse ahem, Bomber on this one, they fall for it and don’t look a bit wider about what is going on.

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