The Daily Blog Open Mic – Sunday – 9th February 2020


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  1. Third go at putting up a protest about Radionz and a youf music channel and opera to be presented like muzak.
    The machine mind – this is an example. Youf is in, must show relevance to those who don’t know that they don’t know. The high art of opera and musical machinery is passe’. But why can’t there just be a music channel? Opera mostly mid-afternoon, youf running rampant the rest of the time. A Bohemian Rhapsody.
    The absence of a decent political system for running the country for thinking, discerning citizens who have holistic approaches.
    The constant changes that peel away systems of value for some ephemeral thinking fashion which everyone who wants to be employed must adhere to. Conformism, your ideas must ‘fit’ and you have to think about your next job. Do things ‘right’ here, according to the lore, and you will be seamlessly slid into your next role of disruption.

  2. Wow what a mess.

    Well, we will have to make lemonade with our lemons (I like Meyer myself). Disaster tourism, that is what we can specialise in. Rugged NZ – fighting the elements – see the warm-hearted, brave, resilient, resourceful people battle for a living in these Pacific Islands formed on the lip of two giant tectonic plates from the Age of ancient Gondwanaland with constant just perceptible tremors and regular earthquakes. Bring your own glass water bottle and bush safety blanket, thermal underwear and locator beacon with fresh batteries and dried food enough for a week, along with small cookpot with folding handle.

  3. Harry and Meghan attend exclusive JP Morgan event in Miami

    Nice to see JP Morgan doing well and getting legitimacy from the next generation of billionaires… sarcasm.

    “The purpose behind credit derivatives was to enable JP Morgan to circumvent regulatory capital requirements. The company successfully convinced regulators that it could use credit derivatives to shift risk associated with the loans it made. Therefore, it did not need to set aside capital to cover losses in the event that borrowers defaulted. With credit derivatives, JP Morgan not only succeeded in shifting risks off its own books, but created a rapidly expanding market which raked in billions in fees for financial institutions. A journalist covering JP Morgan in the 1990’s commented:

    “They thought they were the smartest guys on the planet. They had found this brilliant way to get around the rules, to play around with all this risk. And they were just so proud of what they had done.” [4]”

    As usual the guilty get rewarded while their victims got nothing or lost everything when the taxpayers bailed them out!

    I don’t think we are as bad as we are painted as far as racism goes. We may be slow to shout down someone who comes out with statements that are attacking, rude, harassing, defamatory etc. But it doesn’t mean that we all think the same. We do have some very uncivil, and half-mad people here (80:20 men to women I think – people with a drug and alcohol problem for instance. And they can be vicious and unpleasant. The ethics of NZ are deteriorating for sure. But to say NZ’s are this or that based on a few particular happenings is wrong. The idea should not be generalised – the incidents should be reported, also if people around have objected, but there shouldn’t be a dump by media.

    It would help if the PM and the Race Relations Conciliator keep making statements about how viruses are being activated by climate change, and carried by high tourist travel numbers. (By people who have accumulated excess money to their needs which should be spread around the poor people who are underpaid producing the goods and services they buy). What doesn’t go round in money, shows up in enhanced risks to life and health.

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