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  1. Playing up to the old, angry, Pakeha, white crowd, Simon Bridges launches an attack on the Maori Parliamentary Seats and the Waitangi Tribunal, calling for both long standing and respected New Zealand institutions to be abolished.

    Waitangi Tribunal should eventually go, Simon Bridges says

    National Party leader Simon Bridges has added the Waitangi Tribunal to the list of what he thinks New Zealand should eventually do away with.

    He said at Waitangi this week that he and his party believed Māori electorate seats should eventually go…..

    Simon Bridges is walking a well trodden path.

    Winston Peters has made a successful political career out of pandering to anti-Maori, anti-immigrant sentiments found in the Pakeha White Majority.

    Following down the same trajectory;

    What will we see from Simon Bridges next?

    An attack on Asian immigrants? 

    With National’s links to the Communist Chinese Government, this might seem unlikely.

    But not impossible.

    NZ is still a partner in the US led Five Eyes security network.

    If push comes to shove, in a dispute between the US and China, under US pressure, National would quickly abandon their new found friends.

    In this event, anti-immigrant race baiting will be fully embraced by the Nats.

    ​​​​​​​It worked for Trump.

  2. Even the other farmers are against setting the precedent to using the sea as your wastewater toilet in mega intensive dairy farms.

    “Oceania Dairy, owned by Chinese dairy giant Yili group, lodged six consent applications with Environment Canterbury for the construction of a 7.5km pipeline that would allow it to discharge up to 10,000cum of treated wastewater into the sea per day.”’-ire

  3. “Given there are 24 percent of New Zealand population who identify as being disabled and we have an aging population, I hope we continue to be aspirational around that target,” she told Newshub.”

    Astonishing statistic aka 24% of the NZ population is disabled, if accurate… also if it is not accurate, then it can also have the effect of making more seriously disabled get less services than they should be getting, aka housing.

    Personally think the severely disabled should be the priority for housing in particular if it effects mobility as it would be extremely difficult to get private housing for that.

    When 1 in 4 are identifying as disabled, something sounds wrong with that picture.

    (And if it is true that 24% are actually disabled, then you have to wonder what is going on in NZ, that we have such a big percentage of disabled people).

    All sympathy to disabled people as one of the most difficult things to manage.

  4. There is a shitload of bullshit artists commenting about the Bernie Sanders Campaign. First of all the Iowa Causas Chairs are deeply current and the DNC is deeply corrupt. And Warren, Biden and that Pete, are deeply corrupt.

    They’re just over there at the standard being rats. I was always suspicious of McFlock, SPC, Andre and the vast majority currently commenting but with so many in one place it’s now undeniable. They hate the, they’ve always hated the left and they’re doing anything to drag the left down.

    This is unbelievable how those wana be standard moderators could be manipulated like that. Old Mr Lprints bullshit behaviour algorithms was all a lie.

  5. “EDITORS NOTE: – By the way, here’s a list of shit that will get your comment dumped. Sexist language, homophobic language, racist language, anti-muslim hate, transphobic language, Chemtrails, 9/11 truthers, climate deniers, anti-fluoride fanatics, anti-vaxxer lunatics and ANYONE that links to fucking infowar.”
    The above list is evidently not comprehensive.
    People who make comments which fail to pass moderation are left wondering what the Daily Blog team find so objectionable about certain political arguments, for example, a study into the meaning of the words “Kawanatanga” and “Rangatiratanga” which refers to contemporary sources to elicit the respective meanings of the two words and concludes that Maori did not cede sovereignty in the Treaty of Waitangi.
    Seems that for the Daily Blog there are some very sensitive political issues that go beyond various phobias and unorthodox medical opinions.
    Could we have the full list please?

    • Well I’m not going to go into a full list but it was noted that kawangatanga meant governments and Tino Rangatiratanga means sovereignty or self determination. Now I don’t know what the framers meant by the treaty, maybe they meant immigration policy, maybe economics, maybe war, frankly it doesn’t make much hey thinking about it.

      If you want to be apart of Aotearoa-New Zealand then you’ll want to be apart of the Treaty because you’re making a compromise on certain freedoms of action because of the gains that come to you or to others, and not just to you. The same is true for sovereignty.

      National sovereignty in and of itself is of no value. E Ke the marae is nothing with out the people is a famous Māori proverb in so far as governance contributes to human welfare, rights, freedoms, privacy and so on.

      In this world the participantion of and construction of international agreements such as The Treaty of Waitangi for it to be a healthy one is a good thing for everyone not just Māori and tau Iwi. Not just us but anyone else who seeks safe harbour.

      So I don’t see any contradiction between Māori maintaining control over their people and resources and of there own politicking in fact Māori are trying to create control because they don’t have much control over the way decisions are made with in there own communities and nation and so on and so on and making our own decision to subordinate Māori into solidarity and unionism into crown institutions.

      To me there is no contradiction. To me it’s like the same choices you’d make amongst your own family or any or no bigger than that.

  6. Sam – first thought to mind. You have used ‘apart’ when you mean ‘a part’. It seems to me that these two word usages are polar opposites – and one blank space makes this world of difference. Isn’t that amazing. That is why legal documents have to be so carefully drawn up and I think they don’t put commas in at all or much. The idea is to be very clear with no compromise on meaning. So take care to ensure that you don’t drive us apart with your thinking when your intention is for all thinking and warm people to be a part of a great group working together in goodwill and to the same ends.

      • Well thats settled that then! “International treaty law states that where two versions of a treaty exist, in differing languages, it is the language of the group that did not draft the treaty which takes precedence. In this case, that is the Māori version (Te Tiriti o Waitangi). In addition to this, when I say the majority of Māori signed Te Tiriti – this is by no small amount – of the 540 signatures, 501 signed the Māori version.”

        • Te Tiriti like its English version has noble ideas but it’s fraught with dangers because there’s a lot of bad people out there who want to cater to the neoliberal elite. And those bad people do things that are only good for them.

          And our continues campaign here at The Daily Blog (I don’t speak for Bomber but Bomber is the example of) is to show you guys how all this stuff works, show you basically how the Treaty Infrastructure works so you can figure out who is screwing who. How not to fall for all the traps. How not to get sucked in by trolls as a citizen or a voter.

          And then the second thing we do is actually show people what voting is all about. So the first thing a social democrat has to do is make sure the underclass and disadvantage have a pathway to middle class. And don’t do all the stupid things like Weka does to hold back left wing middle class progress. Then it’s about learning how to take care of the downtrodden over time. But we will need a highly dedicated and highly skilled workforce and we will need to pay them well enough to want to take care of the humanities and social services.

          Martyn Bomber Bradbury has been providing all this information for free at The Daily Blog for close to 5 years which has all coalesced into Fortress Aoteroa. It’s literally New Zealand’s left wing manuscript for success. The reason why no one picks it up is because they make all the wrong mistakes to gain political power that they forget about the downtrodden until it’s to late.

          And there’s been major trends since 1984 namely Rogernomics that effect Māori, the closing of the railways and meat works and so on and so on effectively denying maori a straight shot to middle class which had significant consequences.

          The first thing is who owns all the markets? The markets is where all business is cleared. It’s where as soon as you exchange cash fo goods and services well over 95% that is cleared by the big four banks. So you have to know who owns what and the banks own the money, the crown is there bitch. That’s the majority of of how business works.

          So basically we have monopoly/duopoly and what does this mean for the Treaty and what do we think it means? It means putting a price on power. So using settlement acts and don’t forget the Treaty is a living document which means none of the legislation is set in stone. With the proper amounts of political coercion Iwi-leaders are able by a monopoly if they want to are able to control how the markets are set up, how players must operate and who is incentivised and who isn’t and other treaty parameters like this.

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