The horror of Trump’s toxic masculinity erupts post impeachment failure. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Some Men just want to see the world burn

The danger of the impeachment was always that it if it failed Trump would hold it up and use it as vindication.

The only chance Impeachment had of winning was if Bolton was allowed to testify, but the Republicans outrageously killed that off.

Now we have the grim reality of Trump’s vindication and he unleashed in a manner and fashion never seen before at the post acquittal press conference in the East Room and at the ridiculous annual Prayer breakfast…

US President Donald Trump unleashes fury at impeachment enemies    

US President Donald Trump declared the actions against him as “bullshit” in an extraordinary address from the White House after being cleared of impeachment.

Trump said the “witch hunt” started the day he and the First Lady arrived at the White House “and it never really stopped”.

“This should never happen to another President. Ever.

“It was all… bullshit.”

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He said his accusers had ruined lives. “People went bankrupt after people lost all their money.

“I came to Washington to… help. Bright-eyed and busy-tailed.”

Trump said his enemies had been “nasty” all the way through his election campaign. “We thought it would stop after the election. Little did we know we were running against some bad and evil people.”

Trump said the allegations against him should have been cleared up in a day but it had taken years. He said the address wasn’t a news conference or a speech, it was “a celebration”.

Trump, speaking to a room full of supporters and streamed live, declared the impeachment proceedings a “disgrace” and complained anew that it was “a very unfair situation,” echoing his broadsides hours earlier that stunned the crowd at an annual prayer breakfast.

“It was evil, it was corrupt,” Trump declared. “We went through hell, unfairly. We did nothing wrong,” he continued.

As Trump spoke, nearly every inch of the White House’s East Room was packed with supporters. Among them: Republican senators who cast some of the votes to acquit him, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Rep. Chuck Grassley, several Cabinet members, including Attorney General William Barr and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, and staunch House allies including Reps. Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes and Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

Earlier, Trump unleashed his fury against those who tried to remove him from office, a day after his acquittal by the Senate in his impeachment trial.

Speaking from a stage where he was joined by congressional leaders, including Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who led the impeachment charge against him, Trump shattered the usual veneer of bipartisanship at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington.

“As everybody knows, my family, our great country and your President have been put through a terrible ordeal by some very dishonest and corrupt people,” Trump said at the annual event.

His airing of grievances came hours before he was to deliver a full response to the impeachment vote at the White House surrounded by supporters.

“They have done everything possible to destroy us and by so doing very badly hurt our nation,” said Trump, who triumphantly held up copies of two newspapers with banner ACQUITTED headlines as he took the stage.

His remarks were especially jarring and whiplash-inducing coming after a series of scripture-quoting speeches, including a keynote address by Arthur Brooks, a Harvard professor and president of a conservative think tank, who had bemoaned a “crisis of contempt and polarisation” in the nation and urged those gathered to “love your enemies”.

“I don’t know if I agree with you,” Trump said as he took the microphone, and then he proceeded to demonstrate it.

…this is toxic masculinity at its most malicious and Trump at his most sociopathic.

It is raw, it is naked, it is hatred at its most uncivil and it will probably propel him to another victory at the end of this year.

Social media has allowed white men who might have been previously open to progressive politics to feel angry, alienated and resentful. Trump understands the politics of resentment as well as Adolf Hitler did and Trump will whip that resentment into political spite.

Tell white men they are the problem long enough, and they will become the problem.

In a cultural and political landscape dominated by identity politics, our inability to find common cause with each other, to build universal values and agreed truths has imploded under the weight of an ocean of cacophony all screaming wounded personal maxims into a void of subjective rage.

The delineation of power in a capitalist society is NOT identity, it is class. It is the 1% + their 9% enablers vs the 90% rest of us. If we refuse to engage in politics beyond our skin colour, genitalia and sexual orientation we will never find the solidarity to build the better unified future all human beings yearn for.

If as a woke activist your staring point is that all men are rapists, all white people racist and anyone standing up for free speech a Nazi, you might want to consider if you are simply providing hate merchants like Trump the ammunition he uses

Trump shows us he will utilise resentment for personal advantage in a way that makes micro aggression policing look like the alienating middle class fad it is.

Be afraid Brothers and Sisters, be very afraid.


  1. Everything Trump said makes sense to decent people. He had every right to a gloat of victory. The Democrats have handed him the next election on a silver platter because their spiteful, singleminded vilification of him has alienated and disgusted Americans, even those who didn’t vote for him. The charges against him were woolly and nebulous and never going to stand up in a court of law. Pelosi’s childish act of tearing up the POTUS’s SOU address showed all Americans, and the world, her petty-minded malice and obsessive hatred. The Dems forgot about the people to pursue Trump and the people will finish them off.

    • Ummm the GOP controls the Senate and illegally blocked Bolton from Testifying. You know real stuff not petty infantile blinkered blindly emotive irrational blather based on received wisdom ,Gaby. Just boring illegal stacking of the system by the Republicans like they do everywhere at State ,County and Federal level in Amerika’s broken system. You’re a fascist numpty Gaby.

      • The manipulation and lies are sick, but Gaby can’t see it of course.
        Right on Shona.

        They are all puppets.

    • Meantime, in other news, the Republicans of the Senateare still interested in pursuing a PRIVATE citizen – Hunter Biden for ‘misdemeanours’ despite Ukraine saying there was no case to answer. Plus an unelected consigliere in the shape of Lawyer Rudi who insists Hunter Biden should be investigated ‘100%’.
      The top court in the land avidly pursuing someone who is not a public player or a political opponent, who has been cleared, simply for spite.

      Do you wonder at all about the morals and ethics of such people?

      I know I do.

    • Gaby has been watching Fox “News”.
      She/he hasn’t a clue about the case and the timeline around the laying of the impeachment charges.

      In a court of law, King Con (aka President Piginwig) would have been found guilty on both charges on day one, it was only because the Senate sham-trial impeachment routine is a political dance that he prevailed.

      It’s rich that his supporters try to crow and cry foul at Pelosi dealing to the telephone book full of lies masquerading as a state of union speech. They make no mention of Con’s refusal to shake the Leader of the House’s hand.

  2. I thought Muldoon was vicious!!!

    This whole impeachment has been a farce.

    Trump was supposed too be on trial and they would not even allow witnesses.

    Usually when you are rich and influential you can buy off witnesses and have the best legal defence money can buy.

    Trump had more than that , his jury had already made up their minds with out even considering the evidence.

    And America is the shinning light of the free world and is the standard bearer of democracy that all nations should emulate.

    The stench of hypocrisy is unbearable.

    Trump Opens His Bizarre Victory Speech by Admitting He Obstructed Justice

    • I particularly love how they all swore an oath to be impartial jurors… and then did the exact opposite. Except for Mitt Romney. The only member of the GOP with both a spine and a conscience. Watch as he’s treated like a pariah for holding firm to his oath.

  3. Trump is right about the impeachment being bullshit. A republican senate was never going to impeach him and frankly leaning on the president of Ukraine to conduct an investigation into how Joe Biden did the exact same thing does not fit the definition of high crime and misdemeanor. It actually fits the definition of normal operating procedure for a US president.

    What is also normal for a US president is to conduct war crimes. Like every president since WW2 Trump has done that and could have been impeached on that basis but the people impeaching him were guilty of approving the same crimes so that was never going to happen either.

    Meanwhile the left have been caught up in this nonsense as the media breathlessly reported every detail of a trial that was never going anywhere.

    It’s time we got back to the work of building a better world rather than getting continually distracted by Trump’s shenanigans.

  4. I can’t believe how much type has been wasted on this farce which was always going to fail.
    Most people don’t care especially not in NZ. I don’t.
    Big own goal for the Democrats in America looking spiteful tearing up whatever TF piece of paper it was and yeah now Trump will say he’s vindicated and is even more likely to get reelected.
    What will the boring political officianados talk about endlessly now? Maybe something relevant.
    I’ll bet some lawyers got very rich.

  5. What makes you think Trump is any worse or better than any US administration? The TPPA was for example an Obama era deal and NAFTA came in under Clinton. As to starting wars there have been plenty from the Democratic and Republican governments over the decades.

    Its the same one philosophy (neo liberal) two party system we see here in NZ only more advanced and as a result uglier……

  6. God, I would have loved if Ardern had channeled some of this post-impeachment Trump after the Dew report of the alleged Labour sexual assault claims.

  7. How many knives were thrust into President Trump’s back by the dems?
    Nasty Nancy, and her cohorts?
    They are bad as each other.

  8. Yeah, President Pence will be SO much better, Wokester… and obviously Jinping Xi is fucking Churchill, Ghandi and Chavez rolled into one… NOT!

  9. Alarming ignorance of American politics throughout these comments. Have a little belief in humanity’s ability to set things right. Martyn, I see no evidence of “vindication” from the acquittal — a foregone conclusion. Nor do I see “probable” victory for Trump when a recent Newsweek poll put Sanders (by 9 points), Buttigieg, Biden, Warren and others beating Trump in an election.

    • The same polls that had Clinton at 98% certainty of winning?

      If polling has told us one thing lately (Trump, UK 2019, Brexit, Aus) is that they really do overestimate the support that the left holds in the real world.

  10. It was peak Trump. Like it or not:

    A bad tactical move by Trump in my view, but then that’s Trump all over. If he was craftier he could have pretended to be ‘Presidential’ and moved on, leaving the Democrats looking like the cocks they are.

    But what he said was absolutely correct. Politics in the USA has been nasty, childish and broken for a long time before Trump came on the scene. I have seen democrat controlled media attack Republican candidates right back to Reagan, so this is not a new thing.

  11. This was the Democrat’s plan all along. The republicans have played right into their hands. They knew the republicans would never allow Trump to be impeached and they would use dishonest and unethical means to prevent it. Expect the testimony from the witnesses that were never called to feature prominently in the election campaign.

    • Alan, you’re dreaming

      Trump will most probably be elected with a landslide result. The indications are already there: His approval ratings shot up after the impeachment failed and at this point his ratings are significantly higher than those of Obama at the same point of his period in office.

      Along with this I suspect several politicians have just reached their use-by dates. These include Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff and Romney.

      The fact of the matter is that Trump’s policies are helping working class Americans and if my sense of American politics is correct, the Democrats are slowly losing their base.

  12. As suggested by an earlier poster there appears to be much ignorance around the USA political farce. I guess because the ruling elite/governments have long understood the power of controlling the narrative and tech, complicity of the mass media and legal system have allowed them to confuse, suppress and divide at record levels.
    I also agree toxic is toxic its not gender/age based. There is so much I could say but not the forum. Couple things to note:
    Martyn – of course trump gloating – him, family and all associated have been lied about insulted from day 1 ( eg. steven colbert starts every show with 5 min monologue of insults then follows with procession of Dems like Schiff for more lies) not to mention the money they have spent on enquiry after enquiry and the vilification of Russia all for their political agenda and all this effects us too.
    Obama droned more people than all previous leaders together
    Impeach was about trying to take competitor biden out but the joke is impeach gave Dem senators the chance to stop trump running
    Pelosi had three copies of speech to rip up – one for each appearance that’s why he didn’t shake her hand
    Last but not least what really screams “broken” is while trump is impeached the allegation he makes about a corrupt vice pres are ignored and as for Romney having a spine – my god not only Biden’s son is implicated in Ukraine corruption – Pelosi & Romney & another high profile Dem’s son are/have also received huge sums for being on the boards of Ukraine companies and then there’s the Clintons ! – they are desperate to change the subject
    How the world allows such a farce to shape the “free world” is so sad. As for having faith – when we have a twat in a pink cardy ask what’s my driverless car ? Assange in jail , dotcom’s ordeal and adern’s inviting Colbert, Key still walking free to touch hair, play with barrack I’m sorry but we r doomed

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