Who are the most psychotically happy journalists in NZ?


The most psychotically happy journalists in NZ are those who write for NZ Herald’s ‘One Roof’ property propaganda.

They breathlessly cry that Property prices are booming, rents gleefully skyrocketing and that it’s NEVER been a better time to buy.

Fox News is more balanced when covering Hilary Clinton than ‘One Roof’ when reporting on the property market.

It’s not an ‘investment’ – it’s a home for another human being!

If speculators refuse to allow tenants in a housing crisis, tax Ghost House owners until they bleed, yet the perspective from One Roof is that property speculation is somehow on par with healing the sick and organ donation.

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Meth dealers have more scruples than the journalists at ‘One Roof’.


  1. Does anyone have any clear, reliable numbers of the homeless in NZ?
    Normally a google search will turn up info on just about anything. But for this? Wiki has none. Census figures are for 2013? Where can we find some reliable figures, does anyone know?

  2. My partner watches HG TV a lot of the time. It’s full of house flippers, love it or list it, barnyard renovations and similar shows. It’s essentially pornography for property investors. I say to her occasionally, “Imagine you’re a solo mother on the bones of her arse, desperately trying to make the rent and feed the kids each week… and you’re subjected to this cavalcade of misery.” Hideous American screech-bags howling, “Oh my God! Only three bathrooms?! Brad and I simply can’t cope without a minimum of four!”

    It really does make you sick.

  3. … ”Meth dealers have more scruples than the journalists at ‘One Roof’…

    Yes I’ll take the hookline to get things started, and yes indeedy , the meth dealer is thinking in short term material gains,… whereas the landlord, the Australian banks and the NZ govt and mortgage brokers are thinking in the long term entrapment of fellow New Zealanders…

    What else do you wish to know , Martyn?

    • These mum and dad investors give up other treats to be able to afford these houses so they are not dependant on the state. It may be a surprise to you that some people like to make their own future. These people you frown on probably did not have more children than they could afford would have worked hard as they had commitments and take care of their investment..While there are bad landlords the mum and dad owners are not likely o be amongst them as they know what it like to struggle as a young family.
      Until the state gets it act together and builds the home desperate needed the rental market will need these small investors to keep the others in check

  4. How about incentives to help tenants with a rent-to-buy option. At below bank rates. And land-bankers to be publicly flogged. And all residences to be nationalised if the owner has not lived in NZ for 5 years. And get the Army to pitch tents for the homeless in our pretty public parks. And instead of hassling people for renting out garages, just make sure they are liveable. It’s better than being on the streets, right?

    This IS a “crisis” right?

  5. State loans to NZ citizen first home buyers at rates that will work for them.

    This used to be a state function with State Advances Corp plus a State owned insurance company.

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