Trump just gave a right wing fanatic who claimed the Christchurch atrocity was a “leftist false flag” conspiracy the Presidential Medal of Freedom!!!


Trump’s shamefully jingoistic State of the Union address had too many appalling examples of intellectual and philosophically bankrupt hatred to list but surely the moment that should shock every New Zealander was Trump’s astonishing decision to hand Right Wing Hate monger, Rush Limbaugh, the fucking Presidential Medal of Freedom!!!

He has just been diagnosed with late stage lung cancer, (personally I’m cheering for the cancer) and he is the far right radio host who claimed that the Christchurch atrocity was a fucking “false flag” leftist attack…


Radio host Rush Limbaugh promoted a false flag conspiracy theory about the Christchurch, New Zealand, mosque shootings that left 49 people dead while speaking on The Rush Limbaugh Show on Friday.

“There’s an ongoing theory that the shooter himself may in fact be a leftist who writes the manifesto and then goes out and performs the deed purposely to smear his political enemies, knowing he’s going to get shot in the process,” opined Limbaugh, without providing any evidence for his remarks or even a source for these claims. “You know you just can’t — you can’t immediately discount this. The left is this insane, they are this crazy. And then if that’s exactly what the guy is trying to do then he’s hit a home run, because right there on Fox News: ‘Shooter is an admitted white nationalist who hates immigrants.'”

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…giving a psychopath claiming the Christchurch atrocity was somehow a leftist false flag the fucking Presidential Medal of Freedom is a slap in the face to those who died, those wounded, the first responders, the people of Christchurch and the people of NZ!

The American ambassador should be dragged into Winston Peters Office and read the riot act on how utterly offensive this is to New Zealanders.

Trump’s unique brand of malicious spite has managed to find a new low.


  1. From what I have read about the Presidential Medal of Freedom, it started out honestly enough – rewarding people for good service to the American people.
    But it quite quickly became like our system of knighthoods has become – rewarding political cronies for their loyalty to the president or loyalty to the establishment.
    It is just the latest way for Trump to give the American people the middle finger and show how much he cares about them.
    Why should we get all bothered about it, I doubt whether many Americans would even care.

  2. “Why should we get all bothered about it, I doubt whether many Americans would even care.”

    It’s exactly how the right in New Zealand think. It wouldn’t make any difference if a left Government were successful with everything they promised, the Right would always despise.

    You see if I was to say that it was a double bluff…

    “There’s an ongoing theory that the shooter himself may in fact be a Right Wing fanatic acting as leftist who pretends to be a White Supremacist who writes the manifesto and then goes out and performs the deed purposely to smear his political enemies”

    Now, this has just as much credibility, so where’s my medal. Like Rush Limbaugh’s False Flag it isn’t evidenced based. Trump is truly a certified idiot.

    • My point was that anyone with at least half a brain knows that Rush Limbaugh is a narcissistic dickhead and take no notice of him. The rest think he is God. The question is: what proportion of Americans have the necessary amount of brain?

      • Rush Limbaugh and Alan (infowars& self confessed psychotic) Jones -two deranged nutters who in no way represent typical American thought. Revered by some equally sick retards in the 350+ million population and of course the unstable genius Donald Fuck.
        Wouldn’t wish cancer on anybody but can’t find any sympathy for Limbaugh hater.

        • Instead of saying “take no notice of him” I should have said “don’t take him seriously”, that would have been more accurate.

    • Any evidence that those who lean to the right in NZ would generally think like that way Bert? Would those left minded fanatics in NZ not despise any Nat government even if it were doing the right things? Your head seems to be stuck in a dark place with no windows Bert because you can’t see the wood for the trees.

      • I did not denigrate the right with extreme language however you proved my point by denigrating the left as “fanatical”. Right wing have no trees to see through, just roads and oil. Time to keep up with the world New view, yours is outdated.
        I was interested that your Leader could not orate at Waitangi in Maori given he and his deputy leaders self promotion of being Maori. What is that all about?

  3. “Trump’s unique brand of malicious spite has managed to find a new low.”
    Don’t be surprised though if it hasn’t yet reached the ‘lowest’.

  4. This act smears all holders of this award.

    Principled holders of this award should hand their medal back in protest.

  5. Yeah… not shocked or surprised, to be honest. Trump could stamp a kitten to death on the White House lawn and people would be like, “Oh yeah, he does that sometimes.” He’s normalised being a dangerous, ignorant lunatic. He just happens to be POTUS.
    And the less said about that walking colostomy bag, Rush Limbaugh, the better.

  6. Oh boy, a bunch of whining Kiwi lefties who haven’t a clue about REAL Americans. Rush has an audience of 31 million people, and over 30 years of very successful broadcasting. Compare that with any two-bit NZ radio personality or “journalist” you can think of. The USA rules the roost, and Trump IS the most powerful individual on the planet. Keep bitching and insulting Americans, those with short memories. You entertain this red-blooded Yank with your communist fantasies. (Revolution? LOL you pussies wouldn’t know the shooty-end of a scary looking thing called a RIFLE! Easy pickens this whole country would be to a few good ole boys) My Kiwi wife was treated like royalty in the USA, made life long friends, and has a healthy respect for the Greatest Nation on the Planet, bar none. NZ has WAY too much disillusionment as to what degree their influence is in the wide world. Most people overseas can’t even locate NZ on a fuckin map! Now, some more “revolution” talk from the likes of Castro? Real tough guy NOT! I’ve got guys tougher than you in my stool.

    • Cool. Now if you’ve finished waving your flaccid penis around and embarrassing yourself, can we get back to the topic at hand?

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