Dear Labour Party, put aside your arrogance and instead think of NZ and not your own selfishness



I appreciate you seem to believe in this bubble of positivity and the politics of kindness.

That’s neat.


The reality is that anger and fear motivate more in politics than kindness and in 2020 we run the real risk of a National-ACT Government.

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The idea of that combo utterly unhinged from any moderating influence whatsoever would be a disaster to all that progressives care about.

It would set climate change back 20 years.

It would be exceptionally cruel to beneficiaries, prisoners and beneficiaries.

We would see right wing neoliberal social welfare experiments like the deeply flawed Oranga Tamariki become the rule not the exception.

Every publicly funded infrastructure would be bled dry.

Mental health would go back to being the broken bastard child of health that it became under 9 years of Key.

The housing crisis would become acute again.

In short, it would be carnage.

In the wake of Simon Bridges ruling out NZ First, Labour MUST resist its hasty decision to rule out electorate deals to ensure NZ First and the Greens are returned to power.

The math in Northland favours a deal for NZ First with Shane Jones:

And the math in Auckland Central favours a deal for the Greens with Chloe Swarbrick:

Not only would electorate seats guarantee both coalition partners returning, you also knock off 2 National Party MPs.

This election will be very close and every effort must be taken to ensure National-ACT aren’t the next Government.

If all that is stopping Labour from using MMP strategically – as the Right do – is some bullshit misplaced arrogance, then you perhaps need to get the hell over yourselves.

Stop playing to be fair, play to win!

The country needs a returned Government more than it needs a National-ACT one and your pride isn’t a defence.


  1. Its depressing isn’t it.
    Just like the UK Labour Party that wouldn’t do any deals with the Greens, Lib Dems, or SNP to concentrate the anti-Brexit support.
    And the Tories sat back, laughed and let the Brexit Party do all the hard work of caning the Labour Party whilst they scored seat after seat in the former Labour stronghold of North England.
    National don’t have any qualms about doing “smoky backroom deals” (as Rob Muldoon used to call them). National would do a deal with the devil if they thought it would bring in enough votes.
    But the centre left seems committed to doing things the hard way!

  2. Martyn I think your opening statement was very close to the mark:

    “you seem to believe in this bubble of positivity and the politics of kindness”

    It’s relevant that Mike Moore passed away this week because he was the last Labour leader who knew what it was like to have a real job; one where you get your hands dirty.

    That’s the bubble they’re in.

  3. Good on you Martyn,…

    … ” The country needs a returned Government more than it needs a National-ACT one and your PRIDE isn’t a defense ” …

    Feed it to them.

    They need to know and realize and strategize.

    It is that imperative.

    If we go back to a National led govt with the bogus Act party coat-tailing,…the anti democratic spirit of that will be the least of our problems. We are giving you, the Labour party , an opportunity to make good on your promises of the politics of kindness. It is 3 decades overdue. It is time to make amends for the disastrous 4th Labour govt.

    Do it.

    Lets do this.

    Lets get in behind the Greens and NZ First and in doing so , support the Labour led COL. You cannot do it on your own. No one can under MMP. And rightly so. So go on and get in with your support party’s

    This is the only way you will win.

    By having friends and comrades,… ( that term, reminds me of a particular older gentleman who was a Salvation Army Officer during the 1970’s… we as sarcastic 13 year old’s would mock him,…. but as the years have rolled by… I now see why he addressed us as such )…

    And Labour needs to do the same.

    ‘Friends and Comrades’,… is now an endearing term to me in my older years.

    It is inclusive, it is respective of all walks of life, no matter the beliefs or creeds, … it speaks of respect and brotherly and sisterly love. Of those with infirmities and those in robust health. A lovely picture of inclusive humanity. Just people with all their ups and downs. All their failures and exciting achievements.

    Lets do this.

  4. Not arrogance Bomber it’s a lack of nous. Not the brightest of bulbs these centrists.
    Allergic to thinking a lot of the time and bereft of imagination. Boring bloody lot!

  5. “The country needs a returned Government more than it needs a National-ACT one and your pride isn’t a defence.”
    Absolutely spot on Martyn. It is madness that the electoral rort that is Epsom, isn’t met with similar from the left. What’s sauce for the goose……..

    If the Chinational criminals regain power, then whatever small sliver of hope there is for New Zealand’s future would evaporate quicker than a drop of VB in a bushfire.

    • i totaly argree 100 % but we also just need everyone to vote and that is harder voters have become very transient with address and who where alot harder to pin down these days i think bring polls to malls and supermarkets was a great idea a Mobil app would really get younger voters to vote. the biggest advantage nact scum has is tory scum tends to vote so yes for a deal but how about taking it further and have an integrated election strategy across party lines i do think climate change could get the younger voters out in numbers i would like see jacinda and likes Chloe Swarbrick targeting those younger voters those property owning boomers arent going to change there vote and even 1 or 2 percent increase in younger vote could swing the election

  6. All I needed is the $1,992.000 house in Grey Lynn example given free rent for one year. Such madness, this little plain house overvalued so much- what has happened to NZ to accept that this okay. Rents are killing young NZer’s (and others) full stop. There is nothing left to survive let alone possibly prosper.
    I fully agree with Martyne that Labour must play to win, including positive deals with NZF and Greens to win Northland and Auckland Central rather than splitting the vote – it is time to use MMP, as designed, to work together for the betterment of ALL NZer’s rather than the few as National will always do these past decades. Some times my heart breaks. Sincerely

  7. i think apart from these dead in the water electorate deals the only thing left on the horizon at the moment will be the budget announcement in May.

    While the budget itself never pleases anyone i will be looking for some crumbs off the neo liberal banquet table.

    They have the opportunity too be bold but i can’t see that happening under the corporate straight jacket that is imposed so it will be all about direction and highlighting the difference between them and the Nasty Natz.

    It maybe Winston’s last chance at some big NZF promises and the Greens may have a carrot or two.

    I still think we maybe in for an upset after September 19th and that Bridges may still prevail it will be incredibly tight.

    There are other possibilities like another party or the Maori group may become resurgent with Tamihere and the the ” who owns the water ” which has the potential too be just as divisive as the foreshore and seabed.

    I would not underestimate this as having the effect of throwing a grenade into the whole campaign.

    National will employ the same tactics that helped in the U.K and Australian results last year.

    Either way one thing is certain we will not get too have a say on those who control the evil empire that has so much influence as the faceless corporations and those who donate under the Waitemata trust umbrella.

    • You could be right? Labour just doesnt have the numbers (or friends) if you go back to 2017.

      2017: Nats 44.4% v Lab 36.9%

      Whats changed? Gweens are GoneBurger and NZF knows what leverage is especially when Labour hasnt got the Gweens.

      If NZF goes bye,bye as well … the Nat’s with Act and Tava’s Blue Greenies, Conservatives, and possibly the Maori party might be able to cobble a coalition together!

  8. I see the national party are up to here normal antics trying to take out J Ross they did it to Winstone and now they are at it again JR knows he was once a very big part of them so he knows what they are up to. And also if they cared about the women involved they would have sorted it when in their party not wait till just before the election. This is how national roll. You might say what does this have to do with the topic its them national that are selfish and arrogant. Also the PG fund has done a lot for our whanau up north and will do and is doing more. Railway will open this beautiful place up, making it more accessible the happening for our East Coast whanau and all NZers that live in these beautiful spots.

  9. This kind of strategic cooperation makes so much sense in an MMP environment. Labour totally should back Chloe Swarbrick in Auckland Central, and the Greens should give the nod to Labour’s Kiri Allan in the East Coast electorate.

  10. Just my impression. Jacinda and the LP are doing what Blair in the UK did, move Labour so far to the right as to capture former national Party voters and to be almost indistinguishable from National. Almost inevitable as they both adhere to neoliberalism. The red flag here was her refusal to levy a CGT on the speculator property casino of astronomical gains. Her so called government is wagged by the tail of the F.I.RE* sector certainly not by the ordinary kiwi. She’s a betrayer just as Mike Moore was. Poor old new Zealand long gone and buried. All the w(h)ile she grins flashing her pearly whites. And those so sympathetic HUGS!!

    * Finance aka Australian banks, Insurance getting bigger and bigger premiums, Real Estate big commissions on hyper inflated house prices

    • I forgot to mention the new parasitic industry grown up to assist the speculators in their Capital Gain quest: Property Managers. Why shld the honest speculator living overseas have to bother with our desperate homeless class! Spoil their rich high. With email and skype you can manage your portfolio of exploitative greed anywhere in the World! Thankyou so called government for the accommo supplement.

  11. The housing crisis would become acute again…crikey, I must have slept in and missed the bit where it became less than critical..

  12. You are all right.
    What we need is a return to sensible policies and get on with the job of running the country. Not jacinda jawboning about how much of nothing they have achieved.
    Yes a return of a national lead government preferably tomorrow.
    Two years of this experiment is two years to long

  13. Or…?
    Lets hope the Natzo’s DO get back in and make us suffer like never before.
    No benefits at all. If you breath? Then you can work.
    Prison until proven innocent.
    A camera in the rooms of every state house, especially in the toilet, bathroom and the kids bedrooms.
    Compulsory Christian teachings in schools and compulsory church-going on Sundays. And yes, there will be exams at the end of the year.
    No Maori language lessons in schools and no Maori to be spoken on The Media.
    Every city centre must have a statue of judith collins in a G string.
    Everyone to be drugs tested at any time anywhere.
    All state owned assets must be forfeited to the business round table and grahame heart must get first pickings, as usual.

    I could go on…
    Perhaps that would leverage us out of the brainwashed malaise of an evil spell they’ve cast over us for years.
    And lets not forget? Labour – National ? Same-same.

  14. Spot on countryboy
    I’ll go on for you…
    This beautiful stolen country is, and always will be, economically, a source of debt slaves and plunder for the East India Company, the parents of our so called “big four”. The evil spell was cast more than years, rather aeons ago.
    As bad as you predict the natzos to become, they’ll never match the Mad Purpose of Labour… (thanks again Bruce Jesson) If we hadn’t privatised, and sold all our forests, we would still have the cheap timber vital to build state houses in the huge numbers needed to house the destitute $$ slaves many our people have become…
    Kiwibuild was nowt but a bankers scam.
    Just ask the homeless!!!!

  15. Our housing crisis is the worst it has ever been. Rents keep on skyrocketing, as does poverty, hardship, homelessness and inequality. Kiwibuild was a failure as was Arderns nonsensical transformational, delivery and transparency promises. Frankly this government does not deserve to be re-elected. I am sick and tired of woke morons trying to defend darling Jacinda and her government, when factually they are no better and in many cases worse than National. Everyday you wank on about ending neoliberalism. But you wont admit that this will never happen under this current government, its a pie in the sky wish that no one currently in parliament is serious about changing. In fact this government has further entrenched neoliberalism in our society. How truly pathetic it is to vote for this incumbent government who achieve nothing, just because you falsely believe the other side is worse. We are no better than the right.

    • The other side IS worse. WAY worse. National has pioneered the dark art of dirty politics, harassing journalists, and persecuting academics. They are in bed with a Chinese spymaster FFS. They care nothing for the environment, seeking only personal profit. They increased GST with a regressive tax switch. They cut mental health funding and tried to destroy the Teachers Union. They evicted HNZ tenants on false pretences and then sold off state housing in the middle of a crisis.

      Yes Labour are a bit shit, but at least their policies aren’t actually malevolent.

    • I moved into a 4 bedroom rental in 2012.$360 a week. Today it is $360 a week so I call bullshit on rents increasing. What I see is greedy Landlords using media scaremongering to claim increases are needed. My landlord leaves me alone and I maintain his property. I am sick and tired of right wing moron scaremongering without facts. Where do you get your stats from re poverty,hardship,homelessness, inequality etc? Mark Richardson. There’s one thing to have an opinion yours is cunsigned for whailoil

      • Greedy Landlords, you ungrateful little toad,your landlord has gone out of his way to keep your rent down,Any idea what his increased cost have been,compounding annual rate increases,other government inspired levies. The reason house prices are so high is that it now cost $700,000 for a section. The only reason the section costs that amount is there is no more land available. That is solely a government policy. Would you build $100,000 house on a $700,000 section? You would never get a return on your investment.Now if you add in all the latest government regulations regarding tenants. It is just not worth owning a rental.It doesn’t matter what your political view is it’s just economics.

      • your blinkered view of what is happening under this COL is astounding. Evan MB sheds light on all the broken promises and half truths of this current go nowhere government

  16. Spot on Martyn you are correct here.
    Martyn said; “If all that is stopping Labour from using MMP strategically – as the Right do – is some bullshit misplaced arrogance, then you perhaps need to get the hell over yourselves.

    Stop playing to be fair, play to win!” well, said!!!!!!

  17. Do the deals.
    Get back in and then apply the recommendations of the Electoral Commission and drop the threshold to 4% and get rid of the coat-tails.
    Then, get gutsy and sort out the travesty of wasted votes where people’s votes get transferred to parties they didn’t vote for.
    And, make it a minimum requirement of 0.8% of party vote required for an electorate seat. Why? To stop the bullshit “adjunct party” game as played by Peter Dunne in Ohariu and could be done by others elsewhere with the kinds of compacts you’re advocating.

  18. I can see little difference between National and Labour and that’s the latter’s biggest shortcoming. Personally I no longer care who gets elected as its all neo liberalism at the end of the day.

  19. The coalition is what this country needs and wants until the shit hits the fan. We’ve got lots of nice popular policies and great social conscience but their record of action and implementing ideas has been dubious to say the least. A virus a downturn Brexit and money drying up will be a test indeed. Not to many governments get three years of good times. This one doesn’t need economic pressure leading up to an election but that is likely to be the case. By election time we’ll know who to vote for whether we like that coalition or not.

  20. I don’t know on what grounds Labour could be arrogant apart from psychosis. Which seems reasonable. Despite the luck-out of whatever the crap is Jacinda’s thing.

    Lateral writ large.

    All the intelligent Left are alienated. So, no foundation whatever except for Labour’s operatives. Or friends of the rich like Stevie Mills.

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