TV REVIEW: Breakfast TVNZ – Jacinda flushes away election & defends right wing experiment in welfare


Jacinda was on TVNZ Breakfast this morning and astonishingly stated that she wouldn’t consider doing an electorate deal with NZ First and the Greens.

Cue shocked reaction now.

After Bridges ruled NZ First out, Labour has the strength to negotiate a far better deal with Winston, and watching Jacinda simply throw that realigned power dynamic out suggests two things.

1 – She believes the current murkiness around NZ First donations is an issue and she’s putting distance between her and them.

2 – She doesn’t understand the strategic importance of what Bridges has gifted her.

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Put that to one side, the truly appalling part of the interview was her slavish devotion to the right wing experiment in Social Welfare that is Oranga Tamariki. The latest report is out showing armed police involved in the theft of Māori babies and highlights a despicable orgnaitsion using lies, manipulations and naked racism to steal as many babies as they can get their hands on.

Here is what is utterly bewildering to me.

Oranga Tamarki is a brown-washed right wing experiment using Big Data to decide future crimes so as to step in and uplift a child before it costs the State too much money. It has limited the legal rights of parents, it streamlined the 0800 number using gossip as evidence and it removed the parents right to legal aid to challenge the State when they steal babies and remember there are NO checks or balances whatsoever in this fucking process.

Why the fucking Christ is the Prime Minister of a Labour Government prepared to die in a ditch for a right wing experiment in welfare???


The most coercive power of the State is their ability to kick in the door and steal your child in front of you.

Brothers, Uncles and Fathers bleed and died on foreign beaches to stop states with that kind of power.

How dare the Prime Minister defend this!


  1. No. Hullo some fresh, new , on the ball party …. that listens to the people of New Zealand and implements the majorities wishes and directions for this country. Democracy.

  2. Bomber the more time goes on the more you see Adern for what she is a neo liberal career politician a product of Tony Blair’s ” third way ” smiling free market social democrat too be polite.

    The issues you post on TDB just keep reminding us that there is no escape or salvation from the evil empire that is the New Zealand economy and the people who control it.

    September 19th like all the elections preceding it since 1984 are of no consequence and sadly have become a choice between the devil and satans son.

    And the neo liberal establishment that wields so much power that it sucks in even well meaning souls like the Green party into its inescapable web preventing them from pursuing the promises it made too its supporters and therefore slowly destroying any party that opposes the status quo.

    After the elation of Adern’s accession of the Labour leadership after the terminal Mr Little i fooled myself that she would be different after the horror show of Key and his henchmen but it is just another smiling Blair or Key with a slightly different game plan.

  3. I did love how, on RNZ this morning, Jacinda made mention of the fact that Oranga Tamariki is ‘just 3 years old’ (or something to that effect)…as if the organisation and its staff were just the new kids on the block, trying to get their heads around a situation they new nothing about, learning the ropes as it were..ah, the magic wand of a name change!!
    Cleans the slate, clears the conscience, and allows for years of further procrastination..

  4. Maybe its the flip-flops shes wearing? It given her a plastic toxic shock! She doesnt know what the fuck she is thinking let alone saying!
    She might even think Labour can win this election on their own!

    I do think their is a nekminit coming ….

  5. Lots of hand wringing here about armed cops being used to rescue babies from a cesspit of addict gang members. Don’t you think the social workers deserve protection too?

    Jacinda has been advised that if they don’t take these kids, they will die, just as plenty of others have in the past. It’s that simple. She also knows that is no way to win an election.

  6. So time for some new political parties perhaps? Why not stand yourself? Personally I could never vote for the current govt or the opposition. I’m tired of blanket neo liberalism and want a return to the kind hearted practical Socialism that once made NZ great.

    With regards to Labour my instinct tells me they will get back in but I doubt they will see a third term and in my opinion its their own fault. The public told them what they wanted and in my view they failed to listen.

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