Dow Jones crashes down 603points on Wuhan Virus fears and the grim reality of Trump’s Amerika


Dow Jones crashing down 603 points on Wuhan virus fears, Trump’s fecklessness, Sanders radicalism and the market realising Trump’s China deal was meaningless.

No one knows the impact of quarantining vast parts of the world and the fear of the unknown coupled with suspicion that China still isn’t telling the truth about the Wuhan Virus have led to an enormous meltdown as the grim reality of Amerika rips the Emperors clothing away.

The fecklessness of Trump’s Amerika, be it assassinating foreign officials or the insanity of his Impeachment defence, combined with the possibility Bernie Sanders might win and the reality that Trump’s China deal was hollow all point to a crisis of confidence that can easily derail consumers buying to keep the Global Economy afloat.

As overpopulation and environmental exploitation reach levels where novel animal virus can jump species with ease on top of catastrophic weather events, the ability to continue the capitalist fantasy of never ending economic growth may have met its peak in 2020.


  1. At least Trump took on China over trade,intellectual property theft and currency exploitation, otherwise they would be more reliant and more exposed to shocks originating in China.
    Trump was the only one with the balls to stand up to them.
    We should diversify our economy away from just a few big players ourselves.(not going to happen of course)

  2. The possibility Bernie Sanders might win? There seemed to be about a thousand standing. Most have fallen by the wayside. As the process goes on more ring-barking will go on. By the time candidate selection arrives ring-barking would have given way to savage chopping. By the time of the election enough decimation would have happened, no-one who’d been near the forest will be trusted and the inevitable result will eventuate.

    The Electoral College system isn’t the only part of the process that’s suited to a cretin getting the job. Everyone wants the perfect candidate who’s perfect in every way with perfect ideals. There’s only one who’s got a band to think that’s possible. And cretins ride in on the back of other cretins.

  3. Hooray! Overpopulation gets a mention at last. Now that people are beginning to grasp that , all things being equal, if population falls by half CO2 emissions will also fall by a half … and we are saved! Now all we need is 4 billion volunteers.

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