2pm today Magic Talk Radio – Simon Bridges vs Sean Plunket vs Damien Grant vs Bomber


2pm today on MagicTalk Radio



Simon Bridges vs Sean Plunket vs Damien Grant vs Bomber

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  1. Good entertainment coming today. Wipe the floor with Simple Simin Bridges please Martyn and ask if “he will kill regional rail as his boss John Key want the rail lines as part of his “great NZ walking tracks”

  2. I havent and didnt listen. But, fuck’em! I’ve been writing submissions for two whole days and have had 2 beers today and its hot, sticky and cold beer works…. what did they say anyway?

    • what did they say anyway?

      Well, here’s my version:

      Simon went on and on and on, and on, for more than half an hour, about the evils of Trevor Mallard and how he is definitely a danger to all the poor vulnerable snowflake menfolks out there… Really must resign… And by the way, where were all Si’s usual attack-dog media in all of this? Really really not doing their jobs – shame on them. One one mention of bad boy Mallard anywhere that he could find (whistling, whistling loudly.. “C’mon Rover! C’mon .. Mush! Mush!”

      Okayyyy… Maybe not quite the word-for-word transcript 🙂 🙂 But the general pic should be there…

  3. Mostly disappointing. Too much majoring in the minors. Simon’s colloquialisms are starting to pall (still at least 8 months more of them!); Damien seemed a bit all over the place; Sean kept on telling us about the news he broke and people he outed (wow, what a journo! Really???); Bomber was a bit off-mic but on-song with most of his comments. Be fascinated to hear what the trio in Auckland studio talked about during the ad breaks. It would have been better than the mostly trivialities they said on-air. Will Plunkett give the same opportunity to JA? With the same softly, softly approach he gave Simon? Probably not – it is Fox Radio, after all!

  4. and Simon’s couple of cheap shots at Martyn he can take back.
    .. what , makes him qualified to talk about who’s ‘pretty’ anyway .. don’t be stupid Simon.

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