Call for New Zealand to be forthright in rejecting “Deal of the Century”


 The Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa is calling on the New Zealand government to reject outright the US’s so-called “deal of the century” which claims to bring peace to the Middle East.

The sheer absurdity of the US proposal is astonishing.

Among other things it proposes to

  • Accept illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian land
  • Approve Israel annexing (stealing) most of the occupied West Bank for
  • Approve the ongoing brutal military occupation of Palestinian land and the siege of Gaza
  • Refuse Palestinian refugees the right to return to their land and homes
  • Legalise the on-going ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem

The deal is based on injustice, theft, race-based brutality and denial of human rights to the Palestinian people.

It seeks to overturn numerous UN resolutions and turn international law on its head.

The “deal” is rejected by Palestinians, progressive Jewish groups in Israel and around the world and by the vast mass of humanity.

In the 1980s New Zealand did not accept white South African attempts to maintain its racist oppression of black South Africans. Instead we intensified out efforts to boycott the South African regime till the pressure became unbearable and apartheid in South Africa was abandoned.

We must take the same successful path to force Israel to abandon its racist, apartheid policies towards Palestinians.

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Intensifying the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) campaign against Israel is the only viable way forward.




  1. Agree. The Palestinian situation is so awful that sometimes it seems unfixable. That is the aim of the Israeli State of course–to wear people down–“Incremental Genocide” is one way to put it.

    The Palestinian people are brutalised, neighbouring Mid East peoples that should be offering support are threatened and brutalised by Israel and the US, and even international solidarity supporters like Kia Ora Gaza offering humanitarian are brutalised. So one effective, practical thing available to everyone is BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions).

    • If the Israelis are committing genocide then they’re not being very successful at it.
      After the Yom Kippur there were about 700,000 palestinian refugees yet now there are about 5 million of them.

  2. Hear here! Turn up the heat on the government.
    Its an election year and ole Winston is a ‘Friend’ of the foe.

  3. I reject these two con men and their racket. Palestine isn’t theirs to sell.

    PS: I love the American, Israeli and Palestinian peoples

  4. The bastards are here too…
    Trialling a more abstract method of occupation by stealth than the brute force they drop on Palestinian adults, kids and their animals.
    In Palestine, they test and trial new weapons and urban warfare strategies on the demonised and vilified Palestinian population. They tell the world that we must hate and fear the Palestinians to make the illegal israeli occupation more palatable for us to swallow and to make it easier for us to ignore the terrible things they do to the Palestinians. (Sorry. I’m a big sentence guy.)
    Here, they’re trialling a new, more polite means of the acquisition of the wealth of others and occupation by stealth while they lay waste to all opposition by psychological means.
    It’s called ‘Banking’ and the greed of [them] is normalised by what was once our mainstream media. A media [they’ve] come to own and operate.
    Anyone seen Yankee Doodle psycho jonky-stien lately?
    I wonder what he’s up to these days? Slithering around in the urban undergrowth somewhere no doubt. Tugging ponytails, dribbling poison, ‘making good coin’.

    A wet Sunday afternoon. A nice cup of tea, a ginger nut biscuit now curl up with this charmer.

    Israeli arms dealers .

    Happy New Year @ JM and whanau. x

    • It’s called ‘Banking’ and the greed of [them] is normalised by what was once our mainstream media. A media [they’ve] come to own and operate.
      Anyone seen Yankee Doodle psycho jonky-stien lately?

      Careful dude your anti semitism y fronts are showing and Bradbury has assured us that there are literally no anti semites in the NZ Left.. so you’re in danger of being disowned.

      • Ha.

        “Careful dude your anti semitism y fronts are showing”

        Are they now…
        A German film producer once said to me of, thankfully, someone else.
        “Azumptions are ze mozzer off all fook oops.”
        So don’t go assuming re my undies mate.

        • Dude you’re peddling the standard anti semitic tropes of Banks… they own them… Media… they own them too… Greed… check… and jonky stein making good coin.

          There’s no assumptions. These are your own words and thoughts… revealed to be utterly contemptible.

          • Thats no excuse for punching down on Palestinians. On the left we say a lot of dumb things about Saudi Arabia but the incidences of islamphobic reporting is way less than reports of anti Semitic behaviour, but you want Bibi to have a free pass to make Pakistinain lives worse.

            Either you’re touched in the head or just plainly a psychopath for thinking what Isreal is doing to Palistine is in anyway ethical.

              • Any criticism of what Isreal does to Palistinians is attacked as anti Semitic which is just gutless self loathing and selfpitty. I’d actually like you to defend your anti Palestinian position.

                • I have an anti antisemitism position. Such racism should be called out as soon as it rears it’s ugly head. Countryboy is clearly an antisemite judged by his own words. I’m frankly staggered that you’re defending his toxicity. Are you an antisemite too?

                • I would remind you that New Zealand went to war against Nazi Germany and covered ourselves with in many glories. And you shouldn’t confuse the colloquial critics of a trusted UN allie for antisemitism. Such racism is brutally punished in New Zealand that this feeble need to report any utterance from the lowest levels of the Internet is just shame and gutlessness tricking you.

          • Orangemanbad: ” I have an anti antisemitism position. Such racism should be called out as soon as it rears it’s ugly head.”

            Palestinians are a ‘semitic’ people who often have Islam as their preferred religion.
            The Israeli government is indulging in ‘racism’ – oppression, scorn, abuse – for Palestinians. (As well as wholesale theft and disenfranchising.)

            I’m not sure what position one takes while squeaking, ‘Oooh, look! A squirrel!” I hope it’s more effective than amusing.

            Let it occur to you that there is an unholy alliance between American Christian evangelicals (of many races), American political parties (comprised of many races) and the Israeli government (also of many races and multiple varieties of Judaism) which moves them severally and together to acquire more leverage, power and control internationally. That’s ‘part of the mission’ for each of these groups.
            Just because you ‘woke’ to notice a squirrel and called out doesn’t actually promote rational thought or enquiry where it’s needed right now.
            Messrs Key, Netanyahu and Trump are devious blokes regardless of their race, religion and nationality. They each need a dose of strong sunlight on their ambitions and machinations.
            Too many people suffer otherwise.

            • “It’s called ‘Banking’ and the greed of [them] is normalised by what was once our mainstream media. A media [they’ve] come to own and operate.
              Anyone seen Yankee Doodle psycho jonky-stien lately?
              I wonder what he’s up to these days? Slithering around in the urban undergrowth somewhere no doubt. Tugging ponytails, dribbling poison, ‘making good coin’.”

              So you’re defending this too? Staggering that so many anti semites get flushed out so easily.

            • Orangemanbad. We say these things because the Kenesset wouldn’t allow Israelis to live under the conditions that Palestinians do but think it’s fine to starve them anyway. If you believe that starving civilians is a legitimate mode of war then you can’t be is our squad.

                • No Orangemanbad. You’ve done your best to avoid answering the question by resisting being an honest person. So I’ll give you one more chance to answer the question of I will refuse to speak to a dishonest person. Now do you think it’s ethical to use hunger and starvation as a mode of war? I’m not looking for no bloody Israelis and no bloody Palestinians, and bloody antisemitism. I’m simply asking a question…., do you think hunger and starvation can be used as a routine mode of war, yes or no?

  5. The ‘deal of the century’ is between Trump and Netanyahu crafted by Trump’s Jewish son in law with no input from the Palestinians. How dumb do they think we are?..or perhaps they know how dumb we are.

  6. How can you have any faith in a peace agreement that directly affects the Palestinians when only one side ( the Israelis ) sign off on the deal.

    How utterly absurd this whole thing is and a waste of two years of work.

    This was never about the Palestinians and their enforced imprisonment , human rights violations and theft of their territory this is all about Israel and what serves its interests with the pretence of wanting peace only on their terms with American support.

  7. I doubt the US will ever condemn Israel for anything it does.

    Not whilst Israel has the greatest number of nuclear weapons on the planet and is only an almost ‘stone throw’ from Iran, Iraq and other oil rich countries in the Middle East.

    Trump needs Israel so he can conduct his war-games on say Iran. Israel needs America and Trump for money. For Trump and Israel it will be a win/win situation for them and a lose/lose situation for Palestine.

    • For Trump and Israel it will be a win/win situation for them and a lose/lose situation for Palestine.

      A Crime Against Humanity
      “A whole book could be written about all the ways the Trump Plan for the hapless Palestinians contravenes international law.”

      On Tuesday, an American president being impeached for abuse of power announced a historic plan for Israel-Palestine alongside an Israeli prime minister who was just indicted for bribery and corruption.

      The plan was drafted by a team allegedly led by Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, who has no real government position and is a far right wing Israel nationalist, in consultation with the far right wing Likud government of Israel, headed by PM Binyamin Netanyahu. The Palestinians declined to be involved in what was obviously a crooked and fixed process that gave away their East Jerusalem to Netanyahu before it even got going. Read more at Juan Cole – A Crime Against Humanity

    • Kushner put this piece of shit plan together

      “Jared Kushner is essentially an Israeli squatter on Palestinian land in the West Bank, and so it is little wonder that his plan for Palestinians is that they should continue under the Israeli jackboot and that a third of their territory in the West Bank should be given to Israel.

      “The arrogance of this filthy rich privileged Jewish American dismissing dispossessed and disprivileged Palestinians as dumb as rocks for not bending over for him on command is breathtaking.” This Cole article of 31/1/2020, from Common Dreams

      … links through to this NYT article of 7/1/18 by Jesse Drucker, titled: Kushners Financial Ties to Israel Deepen Even When Mideast Diplomatic Role

      Last May, Jared Kushner accompanied President Trump, his father-in-law, on the pair’s first diplomatic trip to Israel, part of Mr. Kushner’s White House assignment to achieve peace in the Middle East.

      Shortly before, his family real estate company received a roughly $30 million investment from Menora Mivtachim, an insurer that is one of Israel’s largest financial institutions, according to a Menora executive.

      The deal, which was not made public, pumped significant new equity into 10 Maryland apartment complexes controlled by Mr. Kushner’s firm.
      The Menora transaction is the latest financial arrangement that has surfaced between Mr. Kushner’s family business and Israeli partners, including one of the country’s wealthiest families and a large Israeli bank that is the subject of a United States criminal investigation.

  8. The frightening thing is many puppet govts will agree to it without consulting their voters and get away with it.

    Politics happens behind closed doors and big money call the tune.

  9. At last, a US president who recognises the reality on the ground. The Arabs gambled on defeating the Jews and they lost. End of story. This Deal could mean prosperity and peace for the Arabs, but you can bet their leaders will betray them as they have done a previous 8 times, condemning them to further penury and misery. Even Arab states are lauding the Deal this time, fed up with the Palestinians and their infantile resort to more violence as an answer to everything. It is commendable that Trump has made it a condition for anything they get from the deal that they recognise Israel’s right to exist and end their terrorist campaign. Good also to see the antisemites beating their heads against the wall as Israel goes from strength to strength. Not a single Arab dignitary attended the recent Holocaust Memorial. They think it’s fine to murder Jews. A recent ADL poll demonstrated that the Palestinians are the most antisemitic people in the world. No surprises there!

    • The problem is that President Trump is one of a long line of Presidents who have recognised the reality on the ground. The only difference is that this time, quiet collusion for dubious reasons has given way to a total disregard of the opinions of most nations and international law. Along side this, Trump demonstrates a complete lack of humanity, has no qualms about ignoring rampant murder along with unlawful mass imprisonment on the basis of race and he supports land theft. The whimsical notion of ‘antisemites beating their heads against the wall’, is pathetic. By your apparent definition, not only people who abhor the excesses of the Zionist infused Israeli government but a large body of Jews who respect internationally laws and accepted of social behaviour, are antisemitic.

      • Your sad answer to the truth comes as no surprise. Using words like ‘garbage’ simply reveals your lack of convincing rebuttal.

    • Rewriting history, are we? The Arabs acted upon an invasion of Zionists, some of those being terrorists, like Menahem Begin.

    • I think gabby meant to say the usa has a president as racist as the right wing ethno nationalists running Israel ….

      Israel is a overtly racist state with hate crimes against non jews occurring at a level approximately 20 times that of the Usa.

      With their laws against inter marriage ,,,, let alone mixed schools …. they are like the southern usa in the 1950s ….

      Just more murderous ………….. 26 mins …..

      “Inside Israel’s Race Wars” ,,, by David Sheen

  10. When the ADL’s Silicon Valley social media fusion centre is up and running dissent on these issues will no longer be an issue for the US government.

    Guess who is pushing the narrative here that it is needed? Look at who is funding the fusion centre, and who is funding hate speech and misinformation and disinformation think tanks, protests and articles here. One and the same.

    Wake up, lefties.

  11. The Guardian’s take:

    Martin Chulov Middle East correspondent The Guardian, Tue 28 Jan 2020
    “Where once there was fury, Palestinian issue now stirs up apathy”

    For much of the last 70 years the cause of Palestine stirred the Arab street. From Yemen to Morocco and all points in between, laments were sung in song and enshrined in poetry as the decades mounted without a Palestinian state. Regional statesmen built careers by standing by a people without a land. Wars were fought and lost in their name.
    After the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq, that slowly began to change and by the time Iran became the preoccupation of the US and its allies in the region, the Palestinians were cast into the unfamiliar role of playing second fiddle. Then came Donald Trump, and ever since the once-overarching cause of the region has barely been given a seat in the orchestra pit.
    The unveiling of the US president’s much-delayed Middle East “peace plan” has generated neither enthusiasm nor anger – only apathy – in a region that no longer views the fate of the Palestinians as a lynchpin, or – in some cases – even a cause worth championing loudly.
    So far has the pendulum swung that ambassadors from Oman, Bahrain and the UAE were present when Trump unveiled the plan in the White House. This was no longer whispered support from the shadows – instead it marked a very public endorsement.
    Even in Jordan and Lebanon, which are more tied than other countries to what may come next, the lead-up brought little outrage. As Trump spoke, south Beirut, long a bastion of resistance to Israel, was adorned with posters of the slain Iranian general, Qassem Suleimani and Lebanon’s Iran-backed Hezbollah said the US plan would not have happened without the “complicity and betrayal” of several Arab states. The rest of the city felt weighed down by its more pressing concerns – how to outride an economic meltdown.
    Riyadh, which once drew much of its regional clout from defending the Palestinians, was mute as the hour drew near. So too, Abu Dhabi, which shares its larger neighbour’s focus on Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood, and rails at the latter’s links to the Palestinian group Hamas. In Cairo, a bedrock of the earlier years of Palestinian struggles, there was little talk of a plan set to shred the scope of deals put to earlier leaders.
    There was to be no return to 1967 lines, only a hint of Arab control of part of East Jerusalem, Israeli settlements would be annexed and the Jordan Valley kept under Israeli control. There were suggestions of land links between Gaza and what was left of the West Bank, and the remnants of Palestinian control could be called a state; but no Palestinian leader could, or would dare go for it. “It’s like being invited to Christmas dinner after only the bones of the turkey are left,” said Raad Ghandour, a 36-year-old Palestinian from the Sabra Shatila camp in the Lebanese capital. “It’s shameful to propose such a thing.”
    Despite the enormous shift in what the US tabled in 2000 at Bill Clinton’s Camp David summit and what it is prepared to do now, there was no pushback among its allies – all of whom had been briefed ahead of time. Saudi Arabia, in particular, had been an intrinsic part of the lead-up process; the country’s crown prince is on warm terms with Trump’s son-in-law and adviser on the Middle East, Jared Kushner, who put the plan together. The pair had come to share many aspects of a worldview, particularly the thinking that drove Trump’s transactional mindset.
    The Palestinians had become a burden, financially and politically, and were no longer worth the investment, the Saudi heir to the throne had concluded. There were bigger fish to fry in Iran, after all, and Israel could help them do that.
    Improved relations with Israel over the past three years have aimed to condition the kingdom to the change in approach – and foe. Over the weekend, Israel allowed its citizens to travel to Saudi Arabia for religious or trade purposes. Gulf states, too, are relaxing travel bans on a country that was long seen as the obstacle to regional peace, but is increasingly being viewed as a partner.
    Where this leaves the Palestinians, or a cause that had galvanised the region for so long, remains of great alarm to many who see no enduring peace as long as grievances from the declaration of the State of Israel in 1948 are left unaddressed.
    There will be pro forma protests from the countries that have underwritten such a profound historical shift, and claims that a two-state solution remains essential.
    But this announcement seems very much like the death-knell for the formula once envisaged by Trump’s predecessors. The conversation has now moved so far in one direction it is likely to stay there. And those in the region who once championed the cause do not seem to mind.

    • There seems a fair amount of weaseling on Palestine from people that never really supported the struggle anyway.

  12. Here is a thought that has just crossed my mind in regards to this “agreement” between Trump and Netanyahu.

    We all know Trump hates anyone who is Arabic. In fact he is probably jealous of the Arabs in the oil rich countries that have more money than he ever will..

    He is treating the Palestinians with the same open contempt he has towards ALL ARABS.

    He wants Israel to be the strongest country in the Middle East mainly because it(Israel)has more nuclear weapons on its soil than the US. Trump will never want an argument with Israel because he needs that country to be the launching pad for his military attacks on say Iran.

    Also so many years on I can only guess Trump wants to be the 21st century version of Menachen Begin and Anwar Sadat with Jimmy Carter standing nearby clapping.

    Trump is too self-serving, arrogant and obsessed with looking like a big man. But he is mentally unstable and probably will throw the Palestinians(even those living in America)under the Israel war machines when it suits him and his agendas.

  13. Meanwhile, a report reveals that Israeli leaders will now be brought before the International Criminal Court.

    On December 20, 2019, the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court announced her intention to open an investigation into war crimes committed in Palestine from June 13, 2014.

    The Trial. Who is Responsible, what are the Crimes?

    Regarding Israel: the highest political and military leaders.
    The crimes: premeditated killings of a non-combatant population, the bombing of civilian targets, use of prohibited weapons (phosphorus, depleted uranium, cluster shells, dart shells, explosive bullets, nerve gases), the crime of colonization, unlawful siege, displacement of populations, etc.

    To a lesser degree, Palestinian Authority officials may be held accountable for crimes that have occurred mainly as a result of “security cooperation” with the occupying power in the West Bank (torture, death in detention), and participation in the unlawful siege (power cuts, reduction in civil servants’ salaries as well as the amount of pensions). Gaza’s combatant armed forces, Hamas and Islamic Jihad will be accused of war crimes (essentially sending rockets without a geolocation system and therefore at risk of reaching civilians).

    In that event, it will be interesting to see how the judges construe Article 31c and d of the Rome Statute. The latter specifically envisages asymmetrical conflicts in which one of the parties, far less armed than the attacker, may have to commit war crimes in order to ensure the survival of combatants or the protected population, and would then be exempt from criminal liability.

  14. “Tens of thousands” of protestors are out in force on the West Bank and in Gaza:

    Tens of thousands of Palestinians have rallied on Tuesday evening in the besieged Gaza Strip and in the West Bank, to protest against the announcement of the US ‘peace plan’, known as ‘deal of the century’.

    Palestinians in Gaza Strip observed a general strike on Wednesday. All the shops were shut down, while government and financial institutions did not open to business, and schools and universities suspended classes. Videos and more at this link

  15. You obviously think it is fine to murder Palestinians if you support the corrupt peace plan proposed. If you knew history & the violence used by Jewish groups from before 1917 to independence in 1948 you would understand why Palestinian groups had to use the same methods to seek equality in their treatment. It is clear that both sides have blood on their hands but the undisputed cause of the conflict is the unwarranted Zionist presence in the land & their unjust methods in union with the European powers then the USA to constantly reduce opportunity for the Palestinian people.

    • I know the history all right, but clearly you don’t. Arab violence against Jews well pre-dates 1948 and was the reason the British issued the White Paper in 1939, denying a refuge to Jews who subsequently perished in the Holocaust. Both Hamas and Fatah state in their respective charters that their goal is the annihilation of Israel. They have duped gullible people like you, who actually perpetuate the conflict, by demanding a ‘state’ when that is, in fact, the last thing they want. Their only aim has ever been to destroy the Jews who have an inviolable right to live in peace in their ancestral homeland. President Trump has called them out on their groundhog day antics, refusing a state of their own 8 times and ratcheting up the terrorism instead. Even their fellow Arabs are sick of them.

      • Your full of Zionist lies Gabby …

        Heres an honest Jewish man with 1000 times the integrity and knowledge than Gaba Troll ….

        Miko Peled , ‘ the generals son ‘

        For real information and the real history of Israel he is one of the best

        “Peled insists that Israel/Palestine is one state—the separation wall notwithstanding, massive investment in infrastructure, towns and highways that bisect and connect settlements on the West Bank, have destroyed the possibility for a viable Palestinian state. The result, Peled says is that Israelis and Palestinians are governed by the same government but live under different sets of laws.
        At the heart of Peled’s conclusion lies the realization that Israelis and Palestinians can live in peace as equals in their shared homeland.”

  16. Well John, there is some good from the weekends (Jan-Feb) Arab League of Nations emergency Hui. At last, some unity between the Arab Nations! Theyve rejected the “deal of the Century!”
    So Dumb & Dumber will have to renegotiate with themselves what theyre to do next. Meanwhile, hopefully, the Arab Nations start to pull their collectives fingers out of their arses and push forward the two State Plan based on 1967 borders.

    • Another one who is historically ignorant… there were no 1967 ‘borders’, only an armistice line from 1949. Under the British Mandate, LON, San Remo, Jews were always given the right to settle in Judea/Samaria, which is historical Jewish land. The only ‘occupiers’ were Jordan, for 19 years, during which time no squeak from the Pals demanding a state.

      • Gaby “Jews were always given the right to settle in Judea/Samaria, which is historical Jewish land.”

        Explain yourself, Where my ancestors lived hundreds of years ago certainly gives me no “right” to invade and occupy. What right are you talking about.
        Yiddish branch never had blood connection with the land so does your “right” extend to them also.

        Chosen people – what are they, superior to all others or just more deluded.

      • Your history is as warped as Donald trumps gabby ,,,,

        Your Zionism could be summed up ,,,, ‘ as a state of bad faith ‘.

        Not surprising really ,,,when you share so much in common with the christchurch white supremacist and his wank manifesto ,,,

        miscegenation …. A silent holocaust ,,,,107 mins

        ,,, and 30 % of holocaust survivors are / were living in poverty in Israel 105 mins ,,,,

        The Palestinian members of their parliament moved to increase holocaust survivors pensions ,,,, Not the corrupt right wing Netanyahu ,,,

        he’s to busy making excuses for Hitler ,,, as documented in the Video link above

        “Netanyahu’s New Normal” , ,,,David Sheen

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