Northland Police boast their abusive war on cannabis DESPITE a referendum


Here are the Northland Cops boasting about their latest bullshit war on cannabis…

…that’s right, in an election year where the sale and use of cannabis is being debated by the people of Aotearoa, the punch drunk cops are out there still arresting people like a modern day King Canute trying to stop the Sea from coming in.

The misery the NZ Police have sadistically implemented upon the people of NZ for a plant that does far less harm to society than booze or tobacco has always sickened me and as we inch closer to amputating their abuse of power over the rest of us, watching the Northland Police boast about another meaningless and malicious clamp down should inspire the rest of us to double our efforts so we can win the referendum and stick it to the cops once and for all.

On that scared night when we have finally thrown the despicable politicians and their police thug mates under the prohibition bus, I fully intend to smoke the biggest blunt I can possibly roll outside the Police Auckland HQ in a silent vigil to all those NZers before us who had their lives blighted by the cops enforcing this malicious war on cannabis.



  1. Are you suggesting the police turn a blind eye to this law breaking enterprise. Never mind the misery and depression that will come if it found its way onto the market. The profit would doubtless finance other illegal activities. This operation is far removed from the casual user growing his own little crop. I believe the police have not arrested anybody at this level for some time but stand to be corrected . I wonder how much your dislike of the police clouds your judgement on the marajuana debate.
    Like alcohol for some marajuana is a relative harmless drug but both destroy lives and need control. At present we can quickly measure alcohol impairment at a car or work accident but can we do the same for grug use.

  2. Northland police received $4,000,000 in the last budget specifically to target methamphetamine use! Are they now wasting those funds by going after the wrong targets, and by promoting the “cannabis is evil” mythology?

    I hope they are keeping account of where their resources are going – The funding was meant to get rid of the METH scourge! …Where the real damage, the real harm is taking place. Herald June 2019 Budget 2019 $4 m for Northland Meth Project

    • Meth is everywhere in Northland. Having moved up from Auckland I was shocked at how much of it was around the place. Not to mention the damage it is doing to families.

      The Northland police need to get a grip on reality, or serious questions will be asked as to who among them is on the take from the criminals who push Meth?

  3. Again, police should be focusing their ‘substance abuse’ resources into ending the Meth epidemic.

    This from last September:
    Waste water testing suggests that every week New Zealanders consume 16 kilograms of the drug, costing them nearly $10 million, or $1.4m a day. It’s estimated methamphetamine use costs the country $20 million in social harm. Its use is rampant.

    The organised crime world is aware of the demand and is upping efforts to get the drug into the country. This year has been the biggest ever for meth seizures, with a whopping 1463 kilograms either stopped at the border or seized during police raids.

    Among that are some huge hauls; just under 500kg of the drug was found in a shipment of electric motors from Thailand this month. Last month, 200kg was found in the closet of an Auckland apartment – and earlier in the year, Customs caught two Australians carrying 100kg between them.

    “With four months still to go we’ve already had nearly 1500kg, or 1.5 tonnes, of meth either seized at the border or seized by police,” says New Zealand Herald investigative reporter Jared Savage.
    <a href=" 20th Sept 2019 NZ’s Rampant Meth Culture

  4. This was a serious well organized commercial grow in plain sight. Big money spent here. Why didn’t they pay a few more dollars( $10.000) on a Research license???? and save themselves a lot of grief? Such an in your face large scale operation is not going to be ignored.
    The fact is that Northland has always been about thousands of small scale family run plots. Larger the family the more plots. The meth is bad in Northland because 25 years ago when it started up here it was able to flourish on the pre existing drug distribution network. The NZ gangs are now and always have been since meth arrived the footsoldiers for the Triads. Our police force has always been dominated by small minded vision less intellectual midgets who do not listen to good advice. Their incompetence allowed the meth scene to evolve. And they still don’t give a fuck. can’t and do not want to control it. No one in Wellington understands it and our children are the victims even in aware healthy functional families. I speak from experience. Nowhere near enough is spent on drug education programs . THEY DO WORK>

  5. Imagine if cannabis were legal 20 years ago, we wouldnt have a meth problem here.
    But our police force constantly having it drummed into them how cannabis is a dangerous drug to society that needs eradicating saw and shortening of supply so the gangs turned to other drugs to market so in actual fact the meth problem here was caused by the police themselves.
    The other point is the police say cannabis is a dangerous drug but the pharma industry is making medicine out of it, it cant be both dangerous and a medicine right?

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