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  1. Broken Mt Albert sewer tunnel pipe: Costly effort to divert millions of litres of sludge

    NZ infrastructure repairs and upgrades are not working because they are often very poorly done and as fast as disruption is caused by upgrading pipe work, areas already upgraded in the last decades and should last, are failing, so both old and new pipes are no longer fit for purpose causing a double whammy of issues,

    “He suspected an installation fault was to blame, as this particular system was only installed in 1998. They were meant to last at least 80 years, he said.

    The network was built as a dual-pipe system that was meant to account for failures and maintenance but, in a “highly unusual” situation, both failed last week, Hutchison said.

    In December, a wastewater pipe collapsed in the CBD, which caused more than five million litres of sewage to spill into the harbour.

    The Mt Albert tunnel takes all the wastewater from Island Bay – about 100 litres per second of wastewater, Hutchison said.

    Asked whether legal action could be taken if installation was to blame, he said “we’ll look into that, but I suspect the length of time that’s passed means limitations are past pursuing”.

    “A similar repair, also due to a defect in the concrete in which the pipes are embedded, was carried out in 2013 and took about five weeks to complete.”

    This is all made worse by NZ government’s inability to halt new residents coming into NZ who don’t need to be here and obviously pooping and needing to use housing, roads, schools, hospitals, public transport, social services (mental health, physical health, justice, family courts, benefits and competing for the same resources with locals)! aka millions of tourists, hundreds of thousands on new temp work, study and residence visas per year and our infrastructure can’t cope.

    God knows what village idiot said that foreign students can stay in NZ for 3 years post study without working and bring over the spouse and kids and parents while they wait for their ‘essential’ skills “cafe, chef, retail” job to come through.

    Nor does it seem that the government can get rid of the temp residents who decide they don’t want to leave the country and appeal every decision to deport them as in the three years they have “settled down”, had kids etc or if they commit a crime in NZ or borrowed money for the fake schemes, they will be penalised to go back home.

    The government and officials seem to prefer to do nothing, keep doing the same old unskilled cheap worker of unknown quality and ignoring widespread educational abuses of quality with the neoliberal NZ paid degree for visas that are now coming home to roost as our workforce and workers are getting to be basket cases and nothing can be done that works long term like construction or roading.

    Same with construction, in the gold rush to build new houses, nobody is concerned that many are not fit for purpose and will need ongoing extensive work and repairs for their entire lives – starting with cladding only needing to be 15 years of life in construction – (and plenty fail before that) when in NZ old villas and state houses last 100+ years and in Europe housing is centuries old!

    All you need to know about Auckland’s Victopia apartment tower: shedding, leaks and defects

    Tauranga council broke own rules in Bella Vista

    230 High Street: Christchurch Council distances its engineer from unstable building

    Structural engineering review finds system-wide problems and ‘basic mistakes’

  2. Perhaps it’s just humour Daily log but. If not then such double standards daily blog because you allow Martin Bradbury to spew out his foul mouthed anti-Trump-Israel-or anyone who has the audacity to criticise the Labour Party. His articles verge on hate speech. It’s offensive and any good writer doesn’t need to be so vile to get their point across. So sad to see editorial standards have sunk so low

  3. TVNZ have good coverage of Rātana, including two videos.
    tvnz 24th January
    Ms Ardern said the Rātana movement “has always been people”.
    “We must keep talking about people, not just politics,” Ms Ardern said.
    “It is our people, that is what will continue to motivate us in 2020. It shouldn’t just be a motivation because it’s election year, because it’s why we’re here.”

  4. This is great – innovative and new – even though it’s actually been on the go for 14 years.

    When Gosia started Kowtow in Wellington 14 years ago, sustainability wasn’t something she could discuss with consumers. She’s amazed that it’s now front and centre in the fashion industry.
    The Rana Plaza disaster – in which 1,134 garment Bangladeshi garment workers died when a building collapsed – dramatically raised awareness of ethical fashion production, she says.
    “It has to start with the producers, it has to start with the raw material. And how are these people being looked after and cared for?”

    • You drew us in like a magnet Marc. If you will give some short detail about your offerings, links etc. it will aid the info flow back and forth.

  5. Too, too funny 😉

    Poor old Dunc is sounding quite desperate.
    He’s saying, in effect, “Please, please someone, someone out there… Give me something really hard hitting and baaaad about this present coalition govt?? Please? C’mon… someone must have something really negative to throw at them, that they started all by themselves and that can’t be thrown back immediately as launched by National? (Like that -heh – poverty n’stuff that we somehow gotta start really pretending like, we care about it… y’know? I mean, that in itself is a bit of pain, eh?)”

    Ahhh poor Dunc.

  6. Jet boat crashes injuring five. Queenstown.
    Go Orange company general manager Russell Thomas said the boat was carrying 23 passengers.
    Five people with minor injuries were treated at the scene and one was taken to hospital for further assessment.Thomas said the company’s boats will not run for the rest of the day.
    He said a full review will take place and the company is working closely with authorities.
    A Maritime New Zealand investigator is on the way to the scene of the crash. The investigator will inspect the crash site, gather documents and conduct interviews before deciding what steps to take next, a Maritime New Zealand spokesperson said.

    A nurse shared out some taxi chits to family. They were meant for patients. That was wrong. She has repaid the amount.

    Six-month suspension for nurse who shared DHB’s taxi chits with family, friends
    10:54 am today Sunday 26/1/2019
    A nurse who took taxi vouchers meant for mental health patients has been suspended for six months.
    Ekaterina Sinyukova was employed by the Waitematā District Health Board for three years, until she resigned in February 2018….
    In an email to the tribunal, she said: “I have no job, no house and no family due to the situation with vouchers – this is ridiculous considering that I was a top student for four years and had excellent people service skills.”
    The tribunal decided not to impose a fine, in part because of Sinyukova’s financial circumstances.
    She told the tribunal she had not worked for two years, because she was under investigation and she sometimes lived in her car.
    As well as the suspension, she has been censured and ordered to pay some costs.

    This individual is suspended for six months – has no earnings from her job to live on! The severity of controls and sanctions on the ordinary citizen and community group are too severe. In this case the business is favoured, and the worker (nurse) is punished by having employment refused. I think that stinks.

    • Greywarbler, I agree with you regarding ordinary citizens and residents are often being unfairly treated (in particular by worksafe and other government agencies) while big business or fraudulent behaviour leading to deaths gets little sanctions in relation to the outcomes aka multiple preventable deaths. (Pike River, CTV building).

      However in the nurses case, I think is is very important that high standards are met and honesty should be very highly rated in particular in the medical field. The nurse did not seem repentant and minimised her offending. Stealing off the mentally ill, is not a good look People in positions of authority with vulnerable people should have essential honesty skills, to remain in the profession.

      We just had the CHCH doctor convicted of murdering a teenager. He was caught drunk before had and kept his job by lying about his dead mother who was still alive.

      Lets not let NZ professional standards go down because where does it stop aka now we have newly minted doctors in NZ that murder and are ‘touching up’ teenagers and lying and drinking… then to save their skin murder some poor girl about to report him. Often people who get away with bad behaviour, just escalate as they get away with it.

      He aint the only doctor convicted of murder in NZ, either, aka Colin Bouwer.

      In the UK the biggest mass murderer ever convicted was a doctor, Harold Shipman who was murdering the elderly, and his crimes were only detected when he forged a will. So dishonesty crimes and much worse offending can go hand in hand and in the medical field be very hard to detect as nobody wants to do anything about it and challenge a medical professional.

      Standards dropping for teaching…

      This teacher was importing in Meth and got to keep their job. Partly it sounds like because she was repentant. Personally do not think it was the right decision by the teaching board, as drug smuggling in NZ is in epic proportions and this is aided by NZ justice and authorities pretty much minimising the offending and thus encouraging others to do it for extra cash. The social costs of Meth is massive and if someone is prepared to do that to get themselves some cash, then they should not be teaching.

      Teacher convicted of drug smuggling allowed to return to work

      • savenz
        I think this is a slippery slope argument. Let one minor fault pass and the gates are opened to the ravening horde that will pour in like those awful zombies that can be seen in one of the tv shows. Keeping evil under control is important. But recognising the levels of infraction is important too. We don’t need to have 100% equality in punishment. Perhaps if we always remember outcomes when we are passing judgment and punishment, and consider re-education classes (we think the Chinese are bad about this, but they thought it was necessary to change mindsets ie set-minds. Maybe they were right but went OTT). And that is something we tend to do; when we go all moral outrage, we often go OTT.

        • @ Greywarbler, Where does it stop, stealing taxi chits off the mentally ill, what about selling drugs mean’t for the mentally ill, or stealing money from the mentally ill… I think honesty should be upheld in particular for medical personal and government employees.

          I guess minimising and being flippant in her actions and lack of remorse did not help her cause. Being suspended for 6 months, repaying the $950 and not even getting a fine, does not exactly seem too punitive in my view.

          These days MSM are also awash with sob stories from minor fraudsters all minimising their actions and thinking the public/government should bail them out. Not much sympathy for any victims though.

          Apparently we are awash with jobs in NZ, so many that hundreds of thousands of people on temp permits are needed each year for all the “massive” work load and they can’t find anybody, so not sure why she could not pick up a Burger King job, apparently there is a massive “essential skills” shortage of retail and food workers, and they are not too picky. sarcasm.

          Of course living in your car while being one of the working poor is now common with our reliance of low wage economy… not the DHB’s fault that she could not find or did not bother to find another job during her suspension.

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