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  1. Not a good look when someone is now in hospital and the police fail to get witness statements and attack some of the victims of attack.

    Know two people who are brain damaged/unable to go back to normal life after being assaulted by groups of people (in these cases in Auckland) after trying to steal their van. Separate incidents. Random violence is escalating.

    Should be zero tolerance and mandatory house arrest for violent individuals and gangs that get into fights. Keep them off the streets.

    Father in hospital after late-night group assault on his birthday

  2. Who’d have thunk! New Zealand has regained its position as the least corrupt country in the world for the second time under this Coalition Government, says Justice Minister Andrew Little.

    The notions of transparency are all based on reports from people doing business and government presumably.
    And because we are such a screwed up country sinking into the mire at the bottom of the toilet at the bottom of the world, I suggest that it is time to adopt the Constanza method of grappling with the world.
    George Costanza Does The Opposite (

    So I suggest that we start offering bribes, get really practised at it; we can get things done faster that way, and perhaps rise out of the hole we are in. Not offering bribes is probably regarded by the rest of the world as naive and a bit stupid – and let’s face it That’s Us. If I did think that we were a great little honest nation I wouldn’t suggest it. But no. I think we are a lot of people who are not hard-headed, and who like the easy was of covering-up reality, the cloak of myth (like advertising to the world we are 100% Pure when anyone who informed themselves would see on the media that’s been disproved decades ago). We will spout our favourite sayings for as long as we can get people to believe them. That’s not honest; at best it is dissimulating.

  3. Smile – you’re on Candid Camera. (An amusing snooping set-up showing people’s confusion or other emotions when presented with a hoax situation!) That was decades ago but the USA never gives up.
    Mandatory face-scanning may be implemented across U.S. airports
    The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has proposed a new regulation that would require all travelers including U.S. citizens and green card holders to undergo mandatory facial scans when entering and leaving the country.

  4. Homelessness is now considered by some to be simply a “lifestyle” which people have chosen to live.

    Homeless people living in parks in Rotorua are about to be “processed” and moved on. The problem is that they have no-where to move on to. “They have nowhere to go.”

    This was revealed after some of the homeless people contacted the Rotorua Daily Post to say they had been told to move on. Then, certain council emails leaked to the Post showed that yes, there is a plan to move them on.

    The Post approached the relevant manager and asked him where those people would go. He said that council “did not have a specific place”. However he said that council would be working with “other agencies to make sure they’re connected to the right people to open those options for them.”

    The council emails from December discussed a “multi-agency approach” to “process” homeless people living in the city’s parks and reserves.

    One email included, “if they elect to remain in this life style [sic] then they will be processed…”

    • Perhaps the ‘processors’ are remembering the processed cheese advert ‘Good things take time’. So, not their worry, someone will have some homes being prepared in the background which will pop up soon all ready to unwrap.

      Jubilation homes – that can be the name for such erections. We could of course be building adequate little homes now, if we had the intestinal fortitude, ie the central and local governments. People have devised plans and methods but, wait there’s more meetings and conferences to be had about the matter, mustn’t be too precipitate, but there is definitely one to be held on April 1st, somewhere!

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