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  1. Females being treated fairly without prejudice – where?
    Women scientists in NZ getting less money or opportunities than men.
    …Dr Brower and her team found that even when women did just as well as men, they were far less likely to be promoted to professor or associate professor.
    “Overall for all the universities, in all the fields, a man’s odds of being ranked at the top are double the women’s odds, with the same research performance score.”…

    The findings also show that current hiring practices will never close the gender gap in most academic fields. The study was published today in the journal PLOS One.
    New Zealand was the only country to measure this performance-based research data, and it is done every six years. The study looked at a decade of it from 2003-2012. While this was an international issue, Dr Brower said this data meant we had a world first in terms of analysis….

    Nov 2019
    Women medical specialists are paid 12.5 percent less per hour than their male colleagues, research commissioned by the senior doctors’ union has found.

    Fiji schoolchildren getting the old message that females job is to be decorative and to stand in the background and not speak up or take leadership.
    The book said women played a “secondary role” with no decision-making power and should be “passive” to men while not being too outspoken.
    It also stated girls should be “interested in [their] looks” and at 15, be married “soon”. There was an onus to take care of domestic duties and stay at home.

  2. …the Commons passed the PM’s Brexit bill with a majority of 124, setting the UK on course to leave the EU on 31 January.
    The EU immediately welcomed the vote as an “important step in the article 50 ratification process” but warned it would demand fair competition in exchange for a free-trade agreement with zero tariffs and zero

    Stripped of several commitments since MPs last voted on it, including promises on workers’ and consumers’ rights, parliament’s role in scrutinising the future trade negotiations, and protecting child refugees, the legislation also made it unlawful for the government to extend trade talks beyond the end of 2020.

    Johnson, who has also ruled out adhering to Brussels’ rules after the transition period ends, dodged accusations from the Irish prime minister, Leo Varadkar, that he was planning a “harder Brexit than we anticipated” which would aim to undercut EU member states on food, health and product safety.

    But as it emerged that London would co-host the next stage of the talks with Brussels after 31 January, the new European commission president, Ursula von der Leyen, said the UK should reconsider its refusal to extend the 11-month transition period.

  3. The equivalent of a NZ town go on the dole

    15,000 more New Zealanders are receiving social assistance than this time last year. Sepuloni has said she has absolutely no intention of increasing core benefit rates on her watch, despite $30 million in hardship food grants also being needed. I would suggest this is only the tip of the iceberg of despair, with many others going without or not bothering with the closet humans and bureaucracy at WINZ. I watched Sepuloni at retreat today eating good food and drinking fine wine paid for by the taxpayer, backyard cricket was played, smiles and laughter. Seriously, I really don’t give a puck about the politics of kindness about to be served up to NZers in the next nine months pre election, people can’t eat slogans and they can’t wait for another eighteen months before crumbs might or might not be offered to them.

  4. First the Trial, then the Evidence?
    Impeachment in Wonderland

    In a scene straight out of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the GOP-controlled Senate has refused to allow timely testimony from witnesses who had front row seats to Donald Trump’s abuse of power. The senators voted 53-47, strictly along party lines, to table any possible discussion of whether to allow witnesses and documentary evidence until six days of legal arguments and two days of senator questioning had occurred. That means the parties will argue the case and senators will ask questions before they ever get to see documents or hear from prospective witnesses. Marjorie Cohn’s article linked here

  5. Amazing.

    When I work in a grocery shop occasionally, I find the official safety rules irksome. Anything that is washed must be left to drain and dry naturally. Even a clean teatowel isn’t allowed to be used. And if it is humid and dry containers are wanted, probably a hair dryer might serve,

    The lack of interest by government and slack medium to big business in following simple rules for safety of real value to workers and consumers, compared to the OTT Health and Safety smorgasbord. is amazing. Yet we are supposed to be No.1 for ease of starting a business here. There is something Lilliputian going on.

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