The Chinese lie, lie and then lie again – why aren’t we immediately screening for Wuhan Virus at NZ airports?


Now the Chinese Government have admitted the Wuhan Virus can be spread human to human, why the hell isn’t NZ screening for it at the border???

A virus has jumped the species divide in the cheek to jowl back streets of the back blocks of China and the Chinese have lied about the lethality, how it spreads and how fast the damned thing is spreading.

As families tell of pneumonia-like deaths in Wuhan, some wonder if China virus count is too low

By the time the Chinese start being honest it will be too late.

Put screenings at our borders and the millisecond we have any idea of how lethal it is shut the borders to those areas impacted.

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NZ has seen the impact of our grotesque incompetence when it comes to measles, are our slack Health Officials going to let us down again or will a Government too frightened to anger China prefer to risk our collective health rather than infuriate our largest trading partner?

Wuhan Virus ain’t nothin’ to fuck with.


  1. The Government is inert about a lot of things such as border protections of all sorts. Why? Is it the bureaucracy, the government officials who have all been trained in how to protect their job prospects, and look for a steer from industry before moving. I like songs for carrying themes – this one: ‘Do nothing till you hear from me’! There was a jibe at ‘useless’ government in the days before business was enabled to rake over and demonstrate their theme of capability and efficiency. The joke was that a faulty space rocket was nick-named ‘Civil Service’ – it wouldn’t work and it couldn’t be fired. Now It seems that we have ended up in the same situation under Business Leadership!

    Using ‘ship’ as a theme, remember that it was regarded as a doable business proposition at one time to send rusty or overloaded ships out on the high seas where they would sink and an insurance claim be made. The crew would probably be lost at sea. Then the responsible authority brought in better regulations and the Plimsoll Line. I want to see responsible authority in control of our government’s timely decision-making, and I want it Now.

  2. Well, fuck China as a trading partner then.
    I’m all for non racist camaraderie and all that but the Chinese are almost as crooked and as exploitative as our own old fat white round eye scum bags.
    It might pay to ponder just who it was who sealed our fate to having to flog off milk to the Chinese markets just to keep AO/NZ solvent because those same scum fucked us on our traditional trading partners spanning years and years and decades.
    Turning clean, fertile lands into cow toilets out of desperation is bizarre in the extreme to this farmer.
    Look? We produce and export food, for fucks sake. And it’s of the highest quality too. So, why should we care what the Chinese think?
    I’m very much interested in who, exactly, it is who thinks we should, in fact, care?
    Perhaps TDB could penetrate the firewall that is dear old, beige old, damion o’conner and the natzo ball cuppers in fed farmers and go and find out from actual farmers themselves?

    • … ” I’m all for non racist camaraderie and all that but the Chinese are almost as crooked and as exploitative as our own old fat white round eye scum bags ”…


      I’m glad you always remind us of our own crooked scum. Indeed they have much to answer for in our little corner of the world. Its good you are here to constantly remind us of that fact. I’m sure the Chinese would not be that greatly offended if we did practice border screening to protect our own population as it would help to ‘save face’ for their own government without them having to foot any of the costs. Perhaps we could send the bill to those original NZ neo liberals who create the potential for all this in the first place?

      If the neo liberals want such porous borders in the interests of free trade and better profits for their bank accounts, I think they should dob into the hat to pay for the privilege, – what say all?

  3. You’re dreaming if you think New Zealanders’ lives are more important than flogging milk powder to China, Martyn.

  4. Agree 100% with Martyn’s comments’

    With the outbreak of the seemingly highly contagious Wuhan Coronavirus in China and with NZ receiving its fair share of visitors from that part of the world, it makes common sense to implement emergency precautionary screening procedures at our borders as soon as possible, in an attempt to contain the disease.

    So why hasn’t this initiative begun already? If it’s the cost of securing our border, then that will be a pittance in comparison to the eventual toll on the country should the virus enter NZ.

    And bugger if these protective measures offend China’s heirarchy. NZ’s health and well being is paramount first and foremost!

  5. Yes and in this modern day and age of sophisticated screening tests and the policy of isolation of infectious diseases what would be our response?

    I think its a fair call.

    You know those most vulnerable are those undergoing chemotherapy , the elderly and the very young. In the case of the Spanish influenza epidemic after WW1 , however , – it targeted the very healthy , – those fit and strong and in their 20’s and 30’s. A whole generation was decimated. And it took them fast – one week , a few days in some cases.

    So yes, why shouldn’t we expect top policy priority’s regarding this potential epidemic?

    Oh wait… they couldn’t even contain a measles outbreak.

  6. Waddaya reckon? Not knowing the economics I’d say we should keep our trade with a totalitarianism to 20 %? Everything else is endangering to our democracy. On the level of the ’84 coup in favour of the rich.

    • This our national health we are talking about here, – not your fixation with calling people racist at every opportunity just because you are a Chinaphile.

      If that virus lands here and takes substantial lives, – blood be on your head.

      Maybe you’d sit up if it took some of your own family. I have a few papers in microbiology myself , – and the methods used to contain infectious diseases. And while it may not be the ** Black Death / Plague / Bubonic plague ( Yersinia pestis which is a rod type bacteria ) , a virus is not something you can treat with antibiotics. And all bacteria and viruses mutate. The Black death came in three forms , the most deadliest in Pneumonic plague form. The original form has indeed mutated from today’s form but is still deadly. Significant numbers die from it in the USA and other parts of the world even today – including China , – in some case even WITH treatment with antibiotics.

      [ ** Infection in all forms can be fatal unless treated immediately with antibiotics, such as streptomycin. Mortality rates for treated individuals range from 1 percent to 15 percent for Bubonic plague to 40 percent for septicemic plague ].

      So please don’t get smarmy and try to accuse people of petty racism in such matters. You’ve already seen whats happened with the measles outbreak here in NZ and what happened when it trans-located to Samoa. One death is one death too many.

      Chances are this latest will die down, – but without not taking lives as it has already. It is common sense to practice isolation techniques and screening at our borders to prevent loss of life.

      Please stick to the issue at hand in future.

        • He also criticises USA and Israel….maybe what he says is justified and true!….think about that and answer his criticisms!….it is called critical thinking….otherwise you have Totalitarianism and all sorts of human rights violations

          New Zealand is an an open Democracy

          • I do too
            I’m sick of all this anti China stuff
            Its what neocons have said about Russia for years…
            “Its in their DNA to deceive ”
            I despise that kind of talk

            • overheard circa 1937:

              I do to
              I’m sick of all this anti-Nazi stuff
              It’s what the Jews have said about Germany for years…
              “It’s in their DNA to deceive”
              I despise that kind of talk

            • Francesca: “I’m sick of all this anti China stuff
              Its what neocons have said about Russia for years…”

              I’m heartily sick of it as well. As with Russia, it’s propaganda.

              • I am comfortable to say I am anti China so I welcome any light being cast on this murderous and expansionist dictatorship.

      • WK.
        And the farmers using antibiotics in their chickens and stock are building up antibiotic resistance in Kiwis as well as bacteria..
        The present range of effective antibiotics is shrinking accordingly.

  7. We have a disfunctional health ministry run by reckless leaders that do not care for citizens health and welllbeing.

    Ministry of Health fuckuped up the measels epidenic, remember?

    Now wmant to kill us with Chinese viruses so they need to go!!!!!!!.


    • Well the previous Gov’t fucked up services to the point we have ended up with run down infrastructure so if your going to at least be consistant, slam them. They also fucked up with novapay, Christchurch rebuild, the cow decease etc. And the previous useless National minister Coleman,well he was as useless as one jandal!

    • Cleangreen: “Ministry of Health fuckuped up the measels epidenic, remember?”

      No. It did not. Those at fault are the people who failed – or refused – to have their children immunised.

      The Ministry did its level best to raise the immunisation levels nationwide; it’s free at any GP, and other means of reaching people have been used extensively.

      I can remember when immunisation levels were much higher here than they are now.

      It’s parents’ responsibility to provide health care for their children. I’m infuriated by the fecklessness of many people. They put the rest of us at risk, as well as their own children. They need to remember that they don’t own their children: they have no business saddling their unfortunate offspring with the consequences of their inability or unwillingness to access immunisation. Or with the consequences of their cockamamie snake-oil opinions about the underlying science.

  8. In terms of spying, this is scary stuff

    China is probably streets ahead in terms of spying than Saudi, and how many messages from China are going to key NZ people with spyware on it?

    NZ government officials struggle to do even basic IT correctly and regularly leak information by accident aka Treasury hack, police gun data.. etc

    Can totally see all our politicians compromised!


    “One day earlier, The Washington Post, which the Amazon founder and CEO owns, had published a column by Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi that blasted the prince’s government, saying that “replacing old tactics of intolerance with new ways of repression is not the answer.”

    Four weeks later, on May 1, the prince sent Bezos a WhatsApp message containing a video in Arabic promoting Saudi Arabia’s telecom market.

    Inside the video file, according to a United Nations report released Wednesday, was a tiny, malicious piece of code that allowed the sender to extract massive amounts of information from the phone over the course of many months.

    United Nations human rights investigators have now concluded with “medium to high confidence” that an account belonging to Mohammed sent that infected video to Bezos, triggering a gigantic extraction of data and fuelling a concerted campaign against the billionaire, Amazon and The Washington Post.”

  9. Chinese influence of key NZ individuals continues…
    Southland mayor in China with ‘$100k donor’

    To finding out Lance O’Sullivan is in China, and seemingly not to worry about the coronavirus spreading…

    Wonder if Lance O’Sullivan is going to visit a ‘re-education camp’ while in China, or maybe a fairy god mother is arranging a new clinic/donation or what have you in Northland?

    The problem with accepting Chinese trips etc is that there is a subtle or not so subtle obligation going forward…. and it’s easy to show the best side of China and not the whole picture in a few days.

    Like Israel the strategy is to get influential people in other countries and invite them on propaganda trips…

    Chinese are becoming experts on this as well and it’s now hard to find NZ people in key positions who have not been invited to partly/fully paid trips to China or getting money as ‘advisors’…

    The problem is that then in Israel’s case the Palestinian situation is never going to be resolved and in China the re education camps are ignored by foreign ‘human rights’ individuals and government.

    • re “To finding out Lance O’Sullivan is in China, and seemingly not to worry about the coronavirus spreading…” ( good old NZ so called ‘expert’ Lance )

      Other expert virologists in China are however finding it terrifying:

      ‘ “This Time I’m Petrified”: Virologist Who Helped Discover SARS Offers Chilling Take On Coronavirus Outbreak’

      • @ Red Buzzard, “She’ll be right, mate” approach…have a lot of respect for Lance O’Sullivan… but is he clued up enough to understand that being in China, is also being a pawn of China?

        Worked for our race relations, learning Te Reo, who cares if he is not Maori

        The march to multiculturalism in NZ and resource distribution doesn’t sound very treaty like…

        A Whanganui migrant advocate has criticised an iwi leader for saying the city should house Māori before it takes on refugees

        “Multicultural Council of Rangitikei and Wanganui president Pushpa Prasad said Māori should work on helping themselves get out of poverty rather than worrying about a small number of refugees.

        “We are chucking money in a leaky bucket or in a bottomless pit,” she said. “Never mind how much you dump in there it still won’t be enough unless people stand up by themselves and go and start fixing things for themselves or looking after themselves.”

        (Note apparently that comment was ok, even though a complaint was sent to race relations).

        Now first point of call for the race relations is to repeal the Africa and Middle East refugee policy… Wonder why,

        We are told by the neoliberals that human population growth can go on indefinitely as money, share markets owning world resources, free trade and globalism can fix ‘everything..

        Like any Ponzi, looks good initially, but eventually destroys most people in it, apart from the instigators who end up very rich, based on taking other people’s resources for themselves while using false accounting to show their way is successful.

        Worrying about climate change and preparing for it, is also put on the back burner as getting rich by business based on consumerism, is prioritised by governments, while those ripping off legally and illegally others for natural resources, get more powerful. Aka palm oil deforestation and worldwide international plundering of natural resources. Then indigenous people being shafted and get consolation prize of becoming a woke conference and middle class PHD of wringing hands, while more local resources and real terms voting rights, go international into the ether.

      • RB I found that article big on emotion and small on fact.
        It seems more concerned with Chinese actions not the pathogenicity of the virus.
        I’d love some good clear scientific information to understand the situation better unfortunately I’ve yet to see any!

  10. I am interested to note how many of your commentators want to stop trade with our biggest market for what ever reason are at the same time wanting more for those on benefits. They need to realize we need to make money before we can spend it .
    W H O has just said it is too early to panic so let’s not get too up tight yet

    • Excellent point. Martyn has never told us what his plan is for New Zealand’s economic prosperity.

      And NZ ultimately stands to benefit from some form of globalism, given its small size. Countries like America, China, etc could almost become an ecosystem on their own. Not NZ

      • Perhaps you have been conveniently AWOL when Martyn has outlined the measures to be taken , in the context of climate change.

        And no , NZ has not stood to benefit from globalism as large numbers of homelessness and poverty wages testify to. Have you been living in a toilet for the last 35 years?…

        We don’t want , did not ask for , – your globalism or your neo liberalism. It was foisted upon us by an anti democratic belligerent pair of consecutive govts , first Labour , then National.

        • Those measures – which ones will advance prosperity?

          How much of the stuff does NZ, as a first world nation, uses and enjoys right now, could we make ourselves?

          Could we make high end computers, could we make drugs like herceptin, how many of our own cars do we make? Under any sort of economic regime, we have to be able to sell shit to make money to buy that sort of stuff.

          Now what plan do you have for NZ to be able to continue to earn the readies to buy the goodies off the rest of the world?

          “We don’t want , did not ask for , – your globalism or your neo liberalism”

          Well New Zealanders sure did seem to want it as they voted for almost 40 years of governments who implemented it.

          And by the way, ‘globalism’ did not start in the 1980s. The non-white part of the world endured ‘globalism’ for centuries. That is what is called imperialism and it is what enabled the West to loot countries like China and India of their wealth. New Zealand was a direct beneficiary of that looting.

          New Zealand’s participation in wars against North Korea and Vietnam was NZ as part of the imperialist actions to keep non-whites in line and continue to loot the wealth of Asians and Africans etc

    • Russian apparently wanted to trade with us, but NZ did not do so for political reasons. These are the so called neoliberal who think all trade should be done no matter what but turn down Russian when they are desperate to trade with Saudi? Even to the point of paying millions for Saudi sheep farms and Saudi is not exactly linked to human rights… murdering journalists in cold blood and crucifying teenagers who parents are pro democracy.

      Crucifixion of teenager in Saudi Arabia highlights Britain\’s business deals with despots

      NZ government policy and strategy has become inconsistent, as well as being morally repugnant.

      • refusal of trade with Russia when we desperately needed it and Russia needed it , came under the jonkey Nact Government ….and John Key lowered the NZ flag to half mast when some Saudi King died who most NZers had never heard of ( but this King was a friend of Israels and the USA)

  11. I think that the tone of your comments was turned up too high MB – maybe keep some energy in reserve. The state of the world is so bad that just keeping up the earnest doggedness in examining the faults is doing well.
    And when we can do something to improve it we have the resource of grit stored up to actually get change for the better. That would be a fine thing. You could give Marc a short holiday too – that would be a positive change for a start.

    • Greywarbler: “You could give Marc a short holiday too – that would be a positive change for a start.”

      What do you mean by this? Banning Marc’s comments?

  12. or will a Government too frightened to anger China prefer to risk our collective health rather than infuriate our largest trading partner?

    A lot of countries have put measures in place. Chinese have not said anything or indicated they are offended. Where do you get your information from Martyn.

    In fact China has already sealed off a number of cities itself, and North Korea has completely closed off the country from foreign tourists with not a word of protest from China.

    In fact China has urged Chinese citizens to comply with temperature checks at international airports and a women from Wuhan has been shamed by both netizens and the Chinese embassy in France for sneaking out of Wuhan to travel to France.

    As for New Zealand’s response, agree the government has been slow to act, but they always are. Its not out of fear of offending China —in fact it is the National party who has raised a stink over the tardy response:

    Should get your facts in order first Martyn.

  13. ‘The Real Umbrella Corp: Wuhan Ultra Biohazard Lab Was Studying “The World’s Most Dangerous Pathogens”‘

    ‘ “This Time I’m Petrified”: Virologist Who Helped Discover SARS Offers Chilling Take On Coronavirus Outbreak’

  14. I don’t think China would lie about something like this, but mistakes can be made, so I think we should take precautions at our own borders.

      • …or did the virus escape?…or was it deliberately let loose from some other source ?…to try and pin blame on Chinese wild life markets?

    • Red Buzzard: “Did China Steal Coronavirus From Canada And Weaponize It’”

      Gawd! Surely you don’t believe this stuff? Zerohedge…..ha!

  15. You are a liar too Martyn.
    I see you as a double agent, and FRAUD.
    1)Please explain/reveal WHY you support late term abortions.
    Please tell us that you as a man (aren’t you a “father” also”?) advocate a Law change that will allow kiillng of pre -birth /post birth infants?
    Please do not insult ones’ intelligence by pretending ignorance.

    2) Please explain why you advocate that those of immaturity be allowed to vote?
    Again : Do not pretend that you can’t fathom reasonable answers.
    I maintain my conviction that you are a FRAUD.
    P.S .
    I accuse you of being a duplicit FRAUD
    I know for real that if placed in a debate with one such as Candace Owens,
    (Who uses Logic & Reasoning-Unlike you.)
    -You would be exposed as Fraud that you are and CUT INTO PIECES.. Within 10 minutes!
    Even I coud do so.
    But no one ever gets to challenge you and your selective- but amazingly flawed reasoning

    You think you are king (But of a small pool of dummies).
    Lets face it NZers are NOT KNOWN for intelligence.
    Average IQ on your Blog- Below 100.

    • NZer’s not known for their intelligence?? Hmmm?
      1.Ernest Rutherford 2. Archibald McIndoe 3 William Pickering 4 Colin Murdoch 5 John Britten 5 Bruce Mclaren
      6 AJ HAckett 7 Bill Hamilton 8 Keith Alexander 9 Ray Avery 10 Janet frame
      Just a quick list of original thinking kiwis whse influence and inventions and outright brilliance has changed the world.
      But you’re so ill informed Cassie you wouldn’t have an effing clue who they are or what they did.
      EVERY child a WANTED child Cassie.

    • Cassie: “You are a liar too Martyn.
      I see you as a double agent, and FRAUD”

      Er…what has this comment of yours to do with the content of Martyn’s blog post? I’m not seeing the connection.

    • Agreed. He is not the only one to jump in before information is well sources and reported.
      It can be hard to retract a premature opinion.

  16. This Labour government is useless, this proves it, money more important than people’s lives, STOP THE FLIGHTS FROM CHINA, show some leadership

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