Political Caption Competition


Who wore the fragile masculinity best?


  1. Senior Natz pose for photo’s to appear in soon-to-be-published “Brutal and Misogynistic Sex: An Insiders Guide”. The author(s) remains unconfirmed, but one is rumoured to be domiciled in Invercargill.

  2. “You say two Indians,
    And I say two Chinese,
    You say Filipino and I say, “How’s Sarah?”
    Chinese, Indian, Filipino, Chinese,
    Let’s call the whole thing off!”

    (with apologies to George Gershwin)

  3. “Simon my esteemed loss-leader, it’s the fixer. I’ve secured that dodgy donation and it’s ready to be redirected. This is all legal right?”

    “Good boy Jami, ah yes it’s pretty legal. Just don’t tell Pugh, she’s effing useless.”

  4. If I clench my jaw and grit my teeth I might just be able to hold it in…ooh…argh, nope. Brrrraaaaaaaarrrrp!

    Jeez Soimun….interesting party trick, now you have it coming out both ends.

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