The predictable Gang war: Don’t fight symptoms fight causes 


Police warn they can’t guarantee gang violence won’t erupt again

Police warn they can’t guarantee gang violence won’t erupt again after two shootouts over the weekend.

Tensions between Black Power and Mongrel Mob gang members spilt over into violence in both Ruatoria and Taradale. 

Superintendent Tania Kura says police can’t guarantee gang incidents such as the ones over the weekend won’t happen again. 

On Saturday, shots rang out on McClutchie Road in Ruatoria after a gang clash. On Sunday, a 25-year-old man was shot in the face, head and torso in Taradale as 30 to 40 gang members brawled in the street. 

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The man is in hospital in a serious but stable condition. 

Couple of thoughts here.

I argued one of the threats to Labour this Summer was an explosion in gang violence, this confrontation between the Mob and BP isn’t that explosion in gang violence.

What we saw with the BP and Mob are the very predictable tensions being built by the new dynamics within the gang world between the domestic gangs and the 501s.

I’ve written extensively about how these new dynamics are fundamentally changing the gang scene and how much of a political danger that is for Labour, but what we are seeing in Ruatoria and Taradale is the very predictable public frictions you get when a tsunami of meth has flooded the criminal fraternity.

It is the 501s vs the domestic gangs that is creating the pressures that we are seeing here, and I fear that if we simply focus on the symptoms of these new dynamics we will miss the disease.

Strike Force Raptor is not a solution here.



  1. If the gun laws were so successful how come the gangs are now shotting each other. The police had 12 officers free to invade a private citizen in search of a weapon but leave the gangs alone

  2. Isnt that what some people want Trev the gangs shooting one another that way it saves the NZ Police the biggests gang in NZ from having to do it. Some of the media coverage on gangs is exaggerated and it plays on peoples fears like when they showed a few guys from a gang having a scuffle in Hawkes Bay.
    Also the national party and labour party didn’t care when they put me and my daughter in Pomare with mongrel mob as neighbours. As when I complained, they said I was adequately housed or do they only do that to us Maori Trev

    • No one should have to live next door to a gang especially if you have a child. Unfortunately Housing Corp have a policy that you do not matter as you need them more than they need you . If they turfed them out they would be told they were discriminating .
      Labour put the cart before the horse and rampted up the onorous conditions for private landlords before building adaquate state housing hence private landlords have had to raise rents and renters have no alternative but accept or move out .
      I feel sorry for all families in rentals now. You have been let down by both major parties and the pain will go on for years as everyone deserves a place to call home without it being a millstone round their neck be it rent or mortgage

  3. I live on the East Cape. Seen the gangs increasing in numbers in my housing corp suburb. What is there in society for the poor? The lowest 20 % are released from loyalty to society by laissez-faire. Why we have surround view police here in Gisborne. Recently in 20 minutes of driving I spotted 5 police cars. Gisborne, that was never entirely reached by the original social democracy.

  4. It will be Strike Force FA
    The Nat/CCP said they would wage war on drug and the gangs in 2009.
    Nothing of the sort eventuated
    Like their party, was all glitterd bullshit

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