Wait – what? So Jian Yang ‘s Office, the National Party MP accused of being a Chinese Spy, has been broken into?


News that the National Party Auckland HQ has been broken into…

National Party office in Auckland burgled in ‘sinister start to election year’

The National Party is hinting at sinister political motivations behind a burglary at one of its offices.

Over the weekend, offender or offenders unknown jimmied open a window at the party’s northern regional office on Great South Rd in Auckland’s Epsom and stole three laptops containing sensitive election material.

“On the surface of it, it looks like a disturbing and sinister start to election year,” National’s Epsom list MP Paul Goldsmith said on Monday morning.

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…the suggestion from National Party staff and MPs is that this burglary is a politically motivated, which is deeply concerning, but notice how the lead here gets buried…

Goldsmith and fellow list MP Dr Jian Yang, who has been the subject of controversy because of his role in training Chinese spies, have their electoral office in another part of the building.

…so this is not just the National Party Auckland HQ, it’s also Jian Yang’s office who has been accused of being a Chinese spy???

So that means it could be the SIS, ASIS, CIA, MI6, CSIS or Christ forbid, the Chinese security system itself.

The problem when you have an alleged Spy in your Party is that everyone and anyone can suddenly become suspects.

If you haven’t had the chance to yet, please sign my petition asking for the National Party to remove Dr Jian Yang from the Party list.


  1. The plumbers must have been bought out of retirement for this one.
    No one has been caught in the act like last time so they have learned from their mistakes.
    Great south gate is upon us.

  2. Dodgy sounding innit,… like the Trades Hall bombing and the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior,… in which case in both incidents innocent people died.

    We are not immune to political skulduggery in this country. Not by any chalk.

    And then there was Paul White as well…

    The Rolling Stones wrote a song about ‘ Ruthless people’… its always good to keep that in mind to remember there are those types freely running amok in our society.

  3. Why do national even bother having an office in Epsom? Isn’t that being hypocritical?

    I smell a rat given they went straight to the “it was political ” line.
    National party dirty politics at it’s best.

    • Yes,… the thought does cross ones mind,… what better way to cast the opposition in a poor light coming up to an election than to create an incident… one never knows with ruthless people.

      The plot thickens,… watch this space.

    • It’s hilarious that National are saying it’s dirty politics – logically this would suggest they broke into their own office 🙂

      Actually now that I think about it, would we put it past them to indulge in a little false flag activity?

  4. Q. When is a spy no longer a spy?
    A. Since the first principle of being a spy is look like you aren’t a spy, you never know.

    • Well we in the Fveye’s don’t do honey pot traps because the target of which information is being exported can just as easily go screw you and tell his wife he’s been screwing under aged girls on meth Epstien styles or how ever information is extorted. But all oxtortiin rackets involve finding an angle or leverage over someone and squeezing them. In Fveyes our go to is sanctions where as nations like Isreal and Russia use honeypots extensively and Anne Marrie Bradey has documented espionage carry outed by Beijing. And all Ost every nation large enough to do so run assassination programmes including New Zealand. And naturally every nations wants to run counter intelligence to hide what they’re doing. Funny thing is, there are 3 National Party laptops with proprietary information on em in the black market just looking for a chance buyer.

  5. Some things about this don’t add up.
    Computers that would presumably have some “pretty important stuff” in them can be lifted in a wink and a blink by jemmying the door? No other security? And no probs with passwords or anything? Is all that even possible without it being some sort of inside job?
    And the timing…

    • Heather Roy’s article (DefSec link above) considers what’s needed “to build and maintain a resilient democracy”. Of particular note is that we “need a fearless media prepared to speak out”. She references raids on journos and a media office in Aus, as well as on Nicky Hager over here. (No mention is made of what was done to Martyn/ TDB, one of the main left wing blogs in NZ, but… the wider media had already turned a bit of a blind eye to that.)

      My concern is that we are in danger of losing that vital component of a resilient democracy, a free and open media.

      Many political news items are now paywalled at the Herald. It is not just the $$ cost, though $250 or so a year puts that info out of reach for a significant number of people within the voting population. Of even greater significance is, – the personal rights you must sign over to them, if you are to access that information.

  6. Honestly, what are these burglars going to find on National Party laptops…

    Dick pic’s sent to another MP, she being the latest squeeze from some redneck electorate in the lower South Island

    The lastest Dirty Politics strategy

    Emails slagging off Simon Bridges

    Slush fund accounts

    Overseas payoffs

    Paula’s plans to dispose of Bridges and Collins.

    Investment housing portfolios

    In other words, everyday shit that no Nat MP could possibly be ashamed of!

    • Honestly, what are these burglars going to find on National Party laptops…

      Well from somewhere in that particular office, wouldn’t there be some of the emails leading up to Simo’s trip to China? …emails to and from China perhaps, and discussing who would be the ‘people to meet’, and why, and whatever topics could or could not be discussed with those individuals etc? And emails of introduction, to and from them?

  7. Here is some background context for relevance and reference.

    Anne Marie Brady has recently been referred to in the news once again. Prof Brady is no longer merely an obscure political science academic from Christchurch. She is now a widely sought after world authority on the CCP, on China’s political reach. Ref this article from just a couple of days ago: academic-in-global-demand-for-insight-into-chinas-influence

    When Simon chuffed off to China in September it was Prof Brady who first raised serious concerns about that visit. In particular, it was Simon’s meet-up with Guo Shengkun that prompted her to speak out. She described Guo as being “in charge of China’s secret police”.

    Simon snapped back at news reports of this, describing Guo as just one of the top leaders and “their justice and law and order spokesperson”. He rounded off by scolding the media, saying they needed to “be responsible”.

    Yet here are the facts [ref at this link ]
    Guo was appointed as party secretary of the Political and Legal Affairs Commission of the Central Committee in late 2017, a role which as the South China Morning Post noted at the time put him “in charge of China’s massive security and intelligence systems, which have been ramped up in recent years as the government tries to prevent social unrest and what it sees as a threat from violent extremism – especially in the far western Xinjiang region”.

    Simon was asked about Xinjiang, the region of the vast “vocational education” facilities, and whether he had questioned Guo, or anyone else about these. He just sort of stuttered and stumbled and tried to plead ignorance (sort of). (Ref article linked above.)

    In marked contrast to the Nats, the Coalition Government has raised these questions with China. government-raises-interference-concerns-with-china

    Here is the round-off from the first linked article:
    Few people, apart from the most hawkish of China watchers, are suggesting that we should cut ties entirely – but many foreign policy experts and politicians see cause for caution in how we interact with the Asian superpower, and striking a balance between economic gain and our national values.

    Whether out of naivety or deliberate strategy, National under Bridges appears to be taking a markedly different approach – and it is little wonder a foreign policy academic is expressing alarm at the chasm between the Government and the Opposition on how to handle China. foreign-policy-divide-on-china

    • Tears for Fears choruses…and a bridge.

      Acting on your best behaviour
      Turn your back on mother nature
      Everybody wants to rule the world

      Of freedom and of pleasure
      Nothing ever lasts forever
      Everybody wants to rule the world

      I can’t stand this indecision
      Married with a lack of vision
      Everybody wants to rule the world

      ( bridge bit )

      Say that you’ll never, never, never, never need it
      One headline – why believe it?
      Everybody wants to rule the world

      All for freedom and for pleasure
      Nothing ever lasts forever
      Everybody wants to rule the world

      Now , whether your black or white , left or right,… there’s always these freakshow’s who want to rule the world and all the people in it. F@ck em. They don’t rule me, and they don’t rule you. Make sure they don’t. No matter what political party they belong or adhere to , – f@ck em. And if they play dirty little games to influence a voting populace – treat em with scorn.

      We pay these miserable bastards a handsome salary to execute OUR WILL , – not theirs.

      Keep on reminding em of that.

      Never let them forget it.


      They shit , burp and fart just like you do.

      And that makes them your equal.

  8. Considering the Nat/CCP are a clueless bunch devoid of any worthwhile policies,
    the thieves won’t find much. They’ll be available on Trademe or down at the local boozer this Saturday evening.

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