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  1. Death by a thousand cuts. This seems to be what the UK is aiming at with Julian Assange. The advanced civilisations of the UK and USA seem to be rotting at their bases. The much vaunted rule of law and the set of principles as to the treatment of people in general and those in particular who have incurred the displeasure of the lords of society and their bureaucrats also appears to be full of holes. Amazing that this should happen in the advanced, educated part of our human progress, or is it a Bell curve set-up where we are OTT and in regression.

  2. This from the post on housing from Auckland Action Against Poverty via TDB. The points made below are true, and impossible to overlook or deny. So get your finger out Grant Robertson, ruffle some of the feathers of your predatory capitalist friends. Be a brave fat cat, even if you end up looking unhappily like the feline in the Captions site.

    “With a record surplus and low debt the time is right to invest in public infrastructure. We are urging the Government to prioritise the needs of those without a home and to better resource the building of state housing in the upcoming budget.
    Investing in more state housing to provide a home for the 14,500 households waiting for a state home will help reduce costs in other sectors such as healthcare, by ensuring that children and the elderly are not suffering from preventable respiratory diseases due to their poor housing conditions.

    (Kindly highlighted by this volunteer political analyst!) I note that the present state of inadequate housing is not an example of good management by either the government, or the free market, so I say again get on with it government. The ordinary people are sick of being an experiment in being first in the world to beggar ourselves voluntarily.

    Also stop the stupid rigid, swingeing tenancy laws that protect tenants who couldn’t be trusted to look after a tent, much less an expensive house. The sort of laws being magicked out of the brains? of soppy bureaucrats and weepy-wet politicians aren’t fair to landlords, and echo stupid past ones that have been tried and found to be counter-productive at times of housing need in various countries. One was in England in the 1960-70’s. Because a landlord couldn’t request a family to vacate before finding another suitable dwelling, it ended up with landlords refusing tenancies to married couples, even when they had no children. (Getting a dwelling would be an incentive to have a child and so gain almost permanent residency.)

  3. Can a major Maori entity please immediately start agitating for smoke alarms, connections to police stations, and fire-righting water piping to be installed in important public buildings. Too many Maori buildings, places for gathering, and places for taonga thought to be secure have been lost. Society is becoming more unstable and angry, and vicious. And losing precious buildings does not help one bit, neither for the angry, the careless, the bitter and hopeless. Special government funding should be made available first to protect identified buildings, then to rebuild where there is no alternative, so some areas might have present buildings modified if the local hapu and iwi consider the site appropriate.
    Mr Wills said after the tavern and other social spots closed, the hall had become a local hub. I
    “The complex is the heart of the Tangiteroria community. The hall was used for regular fortnightly dinners where the community came together, it was also the base for sports activities.”

    I’m remembering the Otaki historic church, which was rebuilt. But the taonga cannot be replaced.
    The people had lost all to someone whose mind was scrambled, ill and destructive.

    NZ in the future can not afford to allow arsonists to be freed to carry on their obsessions. Isolation in a stone jail for life may have to be the solution.

    This story which appears factual, from 1871, illustrates the problem of an obsessed person with a grievance turning to arson.

    More recently:
    Christchurch 1988 –
    ARSONISTS : The elusive loners : fire lighting starts in childhood for most : $30m insurance claims : Addington, Sydenham dilemma

    Schools 1992 – School fires cost $7m (from NZ National Library)
    Date: 6 Apr 1992 From: Dominion (Wellington, N.Z.), By: Williams, Murray, INNZNA Description: The number of school fires for the financial year rose to 56 with two more arson attacks during the weekend.

    Wellington 2014 –
    Christchurch 2012 –
    Christchurch and Greymouth 2019 –

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