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  1. This from MBs comment on twitter feed. A professional is quoted who I think contradicts himself.
    Public shaming is not a new phenomenon by any stretch, but as Russell Blackford, a writer, philosopher and lecturer at the University of Newcastle explained, civilisations moved away from it “partly in recognition of its cruelty”.
    “These types of mobs are just devastating for people and I don’t think those who participate in them fully understand just how destructive they can be,” Blackford said.
    “One of the things that worries me is the sheer glee and cruelty that can be shown by these mobs when they’re out to destroy people.”

    It appears that ‘these mobs and participants’ do know it is destructive, and as the lecturer says, are full of ‘glee’ at being able to put someone down, despatching them with cruelty. We live in a strange time; there is empathy awash for some people, of whom no criticism will be brooked. But for others, certain people find it good to look for solidarity with negative people and the vitriol compounds. Though not physical, it can scar the soul.

  2. UK – likes yellow, hair and, egg on face.

    …The UK has failed to pass on the details of 75,000 convictions of foreign criminals to their home EU countries and concealed the scandal for fear of damaging Britain’s reputation in Europe’s capitals, the Guardian can reveal…
    The police national computer error, revealed in the minutes of a meeting at the criminal records office, went undetected for five years, during which one in three alerts on offenders – potentially including murderers and rapists – were not sent to EU member states.

    Authorities in EU countries were not informed of the crimes committed, the sentences given to their nationals by UK courts or the risk the convicted criminals posed to the public.
    Such is the scale of the scandal that the Home Office initially chose to conceal the embarrassing failure from EU partners.
    Minutes of an ACRO criminal records meeting last May – deleted from the ACRO website after the Guardian story was first published – state: “There is a nervousness from Home Office around sending the historical notifications out dating back to 2012 due to the reputational impact this could have.”

  3. Mike Williams, convict advocate, on RNZ conversation prog at 4, over the holidays concentrated on one topic at a time. Law and order. He talked very passionately, but increasingly he must have known in his previous role as seller of neoliberal Labour he produced the poverty that destroyed the poor and brown. It is as clear as day now, except for those who don’t look — or a good majority for National now, Mike.

    84: war on Maori.

  4. Trouble is all the protests will not address climate change and the disastrous consequences, a few billions will have to be wiped out. Will YOU be one or not?

  5. TDB offers NO solutions, just tidbits by vain MB, nothing else, we will face the destruction of billions of lives, does any body get this?

  6. Bradbury blocked so many comments here, he is a DICTATOR, lies, is full of BS and is a Trump supporter, he is anything but ‘left’, he is a BS artist.l

  7. By giving you free rein Marc, MB has done you in. He has allowed everyone to see the output of your brain and assess it objectively. I think less is more when it comes to you.

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