Political Caption Competition


This years ‘Dancing with the Stars’ is a tad intense.


  1. Siamese twins demonstrate their pre-surgical separation appearance.
    The procedure was successful but for the fact that, instead of being evenly divided between the two, only one twin received a conscience.

    • No, pretty sure the one on the right is Paula B with her mouth closed – Trotter doesn’t wear such crappy earrings – the one on the left could be Chris Trotter as a young man – or just a delivery guy – anybody really.

  2. Meghan and Harry look tired and shit ugly after their tough week. A permanent move to the Papuas might be just what they need

  3. “Have you met my long lost son! From my days working at a “Tattoo Parlour & Truckstop” in Toepaw years ago …”

    • michelle – You’re right – repugnant and obnoxious as she may be, it may have been a low blow implying that Bennett was as bad as Meghan Markle, or as contemptuous of conventional norms and boundaries, or as self-seeking.

      In fact I don’t think any NZ politician would (dis)grace a formal meeting in winter daytime London wearing a shiny satin skirt, with bare legs, and visible underarm sweat stains either, or be filmed poking her tongue out at the public on formal royal occasions – or laugh at an elderly man falling from his horse – and that’s just the small stuff.

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