‘First step in right direction’: World reacts to talks between Libya’s warring parties in Moscow. 

Oh My Goodness!  Even BBC report this event.

Libya conflict: Warring sides meet in Moscow for talks. 

So, it took Russia and Turkey – and tag -along Mercurial Merkle, to consummate a peace process.

Why was this necessary?

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America and its NATO allies abused a no-fly concession by Russia (during a domestic uprising against Ghaddafi – which followed the 2011 Arab Spring season), and took out Gaddafi.

Until that point, Libya had the best health care in North Africa and per capita income in the country of more than US $11,000, the fifth highest in Africa,

However, implementation of another step by America to deliver democracy to the world, resulted in total chaos – civil war and mass exodus of people fleeing to Europe.

[Perhaps you’ve noticed this justification for unlawful invasion and occupancy of foreign sovereign states, a number of times?]

The NATO intervention created the “unwanted illegal immigrant” conundrum especially for Italy and France but also Germany where Merkle had (initially) an ‘open door policy’.

Merkle’s ‘open door’ policy lost support- big time, with the emergence of Nationalist politics in Germany (again), putting Merkle’s party under threat.

In politics, there is nothing like the sight of the guillotine, to compel recalibration of policy.  Hence (I suggest), the reason for Merkle tag-along with Turkey’s Erdogan and Russia.

In this peace process, America and its poodle UK – you may have noticed, are nowhere to be seen.

Ross Meurant; a former high-ranking police officer, former Member of Parliament, formerly with commercial interests in Syria and Iran and  currently Honorary Consul for an African state.



  1. “So, it took Russia and Turkey – and tag -along Mercurial Merkle, to consummate a peace process.”

    Yup. No surprises where Russia’s concerned. As for Turkey, it claims to have no imperial ambitions, though there’s scepticism about that. Merkel is, I guess, pursuing German interests in halting the flow of migrants across the Mediterranean. Russia may well be able to restrain Erdogan from Turkish military excesses.

    “America and its NATO allies abused a no-fly concession by Russia (during a domestic uprising against Ghaddafi – which followed the 2011 Arab Spring season), and took out Gaddafi.”

    The US and NATO behaved appallingly and unforgivably over Libya. So many lives wrecked as a result. It would be something by way of justice for the suffering innocents, were the principal actors to be brought before the International Criminal Court; but that’ll never happen.

    • Francesca: “”Lessons have been learnt”???
      I don’t think so”

      Indeed. Being hauled before an equivalent Nuremberg trial would be a salutary experience for them. But despite the hopes of many of us, that’ll never happen. At least, not in the world as it currently is.

  2. Nato acting for the world bankers took out the most progressive state in Norther Africa, a state that instigated satellite communication for much of Africa
    But Libya was setting up an African bank so had to go.
    From a stable state with many very progressive social policies, to another looted landscape with deep CIA scars.

  3. Mr Meurant, you have a useful perspective on a particular form of corrupt behavior distinct from self enrichment, that isn’t much discussed in other quarters. I suggest your views, would be quite informative to the current commission of inquiry into persons abused in state care. And those affected well served, if you sought to make representations. Even if you just raised the public consciousness to that type of corrupt behavior, would in itself be worthwhile. It seems bureaucrats who have turned a blind eye in these situations never get called to account, and certainly never risk penalties. If there were consequences, then maybe such wide scale abuse would diminish. But since there aren’t, past wrongs get repeated. In another 25 years there could be a new inquiry into abuse of those currently detained. The State Services Commission, the Ombudsman, and HDC have no teeth. Why have so many organisations to provide oversight, if in the most egregious cases, none of them will actually do it? What are they there for? Perhaps bureaucrats could be given a zap from an e.c.t machine, to jog their integrity. These goings on wouldn’t have been out of place in Auschwitz. You can be fined 200k for collecting the wrong size oyster, yet torturing children gets swept under the carpet. And the powers that be, who turned a blind eye, balked, delayed, obfuscated, and blustered for years – would now hide behind the passage of time, and take no responsibility.

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