Dem Debate: Warren plays her woman card while insinuating Bernie is sexist – why Biden wins


24 hours after leaking an allegation that Sanders told Warren privately that a women couldn’t win as President (minus any context to this alleged comment), Warren used this allegation to frame a narrative that progressive Democratic women should dump their support for Bernie and Biden to support her because women can win (except for last time when one didn’t).

Warren had some set lines to attack Sanders with on this which makes the timing of the leak deeply suspect.

Warren showed she has the ability to throw a punch and set an opponent up while championing identity politics at its most tribal, so she won the night.

That Warren pulled back from shaking Bernie’s hand at the end will only signal all out war online between both factions.

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I suspect the Bernie Bros will be firing up at the Machiavellian tactics being employed and the mud throwing to paint Sanders out as sexist which of course will unleash a lot of Democrat feminists who are still bitter from the Sanders/Clinton primary in 2016.

Sandistas and Warrenites will turn on each other between now and the Iowa Caucus with a ferocity that makes the moderate Democrat voting block baulk and flock to Biden for safety.

Sanders vs Warren is the Class vs Identity Politics schism on the Left.



  1. It will take more than a “Liz tizz” to put Bernie off his game. This is the man who supported gay rights at the height of AIDS panic in mid 80s USA while Ms Warren was still a Republican!

    I guess Martyn is trying to take the wider view of what this scuffle could mean in a wider campaign context. Not sure it will amount to too much in the blur that the multiple debates have become-surely there have been 10 said Rolling Stone…nup, just 7 they concluded.

  2. I watched it – missed a couple of bits w/ Warren speaking, so was thrown completely when she drew back from Bernie at the end. It’s depressing and confusing. I’d thought they’d be on the same page.

    Gee, if only it had been Jacinda there, eh? She’d have given Bernie a big old hug 🙂

    • They were on the same page… right up until Warren thought she could knife him in the back and then step over his corpse. I think she’s miscalculated and let her ambition blind her to the larger picture. As misogynists/sexists go… Bernie Sanders doesn’t even register. Trying to paint him as such was both dishonorable and dishonest.

  3. I think Warren is grabbing hold of anything that might give her campaign some momentum as she just can’t match Bernie’s success.
    If woman buy into this approach by Warren then all it will do is make the similar position that her and Sanders have with their overall policies harder too achieve.
    I am all for a female POTUS if they are the right candidate but Warren is not that person.
    I do believe that Sanders will have a woman on his ticket and he has a number who would qualify.
    We will find out soon if there is fallout from this and the worst scenario is that the business as usual candidate Biden with his massive corporate fundraisers will win would be a tragedy.

    • If Biden becomes the nominee, the Dems will already have lost. Warren should drop out. She will get destroyed by Trump in a debate. Heck, she can’t even defend herself against Meghan McCain of all people.

      Still think Tulsi Gabbard is their best option but no, she’s getting smeared from all directions. At least she’s going all the way to the Convention. I think she will run again in 2024 too actually.

  4. Bernie Bros?..

    “Concerned citizens across the political spectrum are often guilty of wishfully thinking that, if they say something over and over (and over) again, it’ll magically become true. But new data from the Pew Research Center has refuted one of the most beloved political narratives of recent years. The research reveals that, contrary to popular belief, Bernie Sanders supporters are more female and less white than any of the leading 2020 Democratic presidential candidates. So much for the male, stale and pale Bernie Bro.”

    Warren is quite clearly starting some sort of ugly campaign…so quit with the ‘Bernie bros’ Hilary Clinton rhetoric…unless of course you’re feeling particularly brave and decide to call Warrens supporters something equally incorrect and sexist..idk..Warren Wenches?? Lizzies Bitches?? No?? Exactly.

    • Chief is just bullshitting her way to early retirement. Shes a terrible liar. Sanders or any other presedential candidate has no use for liars. The public can’t stomach them any more. Sanders will just squish Pocahontas.

      • Haha, I see who you’re calling Chief now. Faux-cahontas? Liawatha? She never even went to Standing Rock to lend her support either, unlike Bernie and Tulsi, who did!

  5. Has Ms Warren done a deal with the DNC? All will be revealed soon enough I guess.

    It is a shame she appears to have dropped her bundle, because a pact between her and Bernie could have seen the “super delegates” locked out if Warren and Sanders had 51% total delegates with their combined totals in the first round.

    Michael Moore, film maker & podcaster, knows them both and has suggested the one with the most votes would be Pres nominee and the other VP. Not a happening thing now.

    Ironically Bernie made the call to stand in 2015 after Ms Warren declined his urging to stand herself! Warren was a Republican until her mid 40s apparently, voted for Nixon and Bush Sen. Signs of inscincerity, minor on the face of it, have been there with Warren all along but many chose to overlook these.

    Anyway, business as usual, the dems would rather lose again than put up a working class candidate.

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