MEDIAWATCH: Of course Ani O’Brien is right about the Woke Left alienating voters in mad rush to crush #TurnArdern dickheads


Of course Ani O’Brien is right about the Woke Left alienating voters in mad rush to crush #TurnArdern dickheads, I said the exact same thing 8 days ago…

Dear Everyone, 66-year-old Canterbury bricklayer Colin Wilson has every right to his activism – don’t fall for the trap

Personally, I think turning Jacinda Ardern magazines and books around is a childish pettiness that is so juvenile in its spite as to be more a cry for help than political activism.

But we live in a progressive liberal democracy and if this 66-year-old Canterbury bricklayer wants to engage in a peaceful political protest of this nature, he has every right to, as petty and as truly childish as it is.

The real danger here will now be the tsunami of smug outrage and conflation of his actions to war crime levels, because it will be in the outrage olympics of who can be most offended by this clown that will provoke a Corbyn-esk backlash amongst the working class that identify with Colin Wilson…

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Michelle Duff, who wrote the book Jacinda Ardern: The Story Behind an Extraordinary Leader, wrote on the Spinoff that the Turn Ardern campaign was a result of a group of men feeling threatened by a powerful woman.

“Throughout history, attempts have been made to silence women. We’ve been drowned as witches, denied the vote, gaslighted in relationships, had our ideas stolen in meetings, had our voices and views disbelieved and minimised. We’ve been done to, not done by,” she said.

“Seen in this light, #TurnArdern is just another manifestation of this simmering hatred of women that lies just beneath the surface. It’s the kind most of us don’t even notice or have acclimatised to until it bursts into the public consciousness in ways that are impossible to ignore.”

…comparing your book being turned around to witch burnings, segregated voting rights and domestic violence manages to make Trump sound modest and Prince Andrew look well grounded.

The woke over reaction to #turnardern is empowering & legitimising Colin’s spiteful pettiness & risks triggering an unforeseen working class backlash.

Colin is engaging in a peaceful protest, it’s one I believe is petty, but to demonise him the way the mainstream media are risks creating a political Martyr that Simon Bridges will carry on his shoulders all the way to the Ballot boxes.

Bets on that Colin Wilson will be a guest speaker at the National Party Election Conference.

…the hilarious thing since Ani’s commentary piece went online is the enormous backlash by  those on the Left who hate Colin and whom can’t resist the pile on all having a go at Ani for critically analysing if taking the bait is counter productive.

I think on the Left we have utterly under appreciated how our social media use alienates potential voters rather than recruits them and how the right will goad us into over reacting and alienating voters.

I think if you read Colin’s timeline, you see vile sexist & homophobic language by a person who is clearly out of their mind with ignorance – he is to political insight what cancer is to good health, but allowing the Right to create a hero from woke over reaction is stupid.

He’s not the fucking messiah, he’s just a very lonely boomer bricklayer – let’s not give Simon Bridges a martyr folks.



  1. I don’t know why the MSM would even give Colin any oxygen. He had 200 followers in his movement I’m sure that will only increase now with his new rank of Team Leader…..please. Media loves this crap it’s great click bate. The only thing the story highlighted for me is that Michelle Duff is a man hating feminist. I’m not sure I would be to pleased with her sexist comments if I was Jacinda.

    • The MSM weren’t and aren’t giving Colin (whatever his name is) oxygen, it is ALL being generated by the hypocrites….. sorry the woke….sorry, lets just call them what they really are, shoot themselves in the foot dickheads….with both semi-automatic barrels.

  2. The idea that the “working class” identify with losers like Col is smug, patronising, and bloody ignorant. He represents a very small minority, the rest see straight through him like any rational person would.

    I’m just as sceptical about the idea that they care about us bleating about him on twitter. Ani only cares about advancing her deplorable agenda by attempting to discredit the progressive left, so you lose a lot of credibility by quoting and endorsing her.

    • +1

      Newsflash, most people don’t care about those clowns. If that’s the limit of their “political protest” then I feel sorry for them

      As for Ani O’Brien, she is the last person to be pontificating on issues like this
      She’s well and truly missed the point of the sheer sexism from Colin and his sad-sack mates. Hardly surprising considering her support for an openly transphobic group

      Fact is Martyn that most of us just can’t muster any deep-felt concern for this issue

      • Hardly surprising considering her support for an openly transphobic group

        I expect you weren’t intending to provide an example of Martyn’s phrase about “the woke left alienating voters,” but congratulations for providing such an excellent example. Here we even have left-wing feminists being subjected to the “tsunami of smug outrage” by people who only seem to be able to think in terms of bullshit slogans. It doesn’t fill me with warm feelings of comradeship for the leftists doing it, that’s for sure.

    • You sound as certain Waz as those predicting Brexit would fail and Trump wouldn’t get elected. The alienation of the working class by identity politics seems a far larger issue than you are pretending here. I note that Ani was in fact quoting and endorsing my original post on this issue, perhaps you should be warning her and not me.

  3. It looks more and more like identity politics is useful to the powers that be, just like abstract expressionism was during the cold war.

  4. Wonder how many of the ‘woke’ left are part of the dirty politics, paid for by the right, and infiltrating the left with stupid advice and volunteers.

    The Greens seem like big victims of bad advice from woke and influencing the Greens to be more woke which helps the right by pushing them below 5% and making them a laughing stock. While Labour follow their neoliberal advisers and look stupid and ineffectual.

    The public service is crammed full with right wing neoliberals that believe in free market overseas investment and nothing else and their decisions undermine the government with the public.

    Saying that that does not get them off, because the Greens had a chance to stop water bottling and blew it! COL seem more interested in giving an easy ride to polluters than stopping them, and that is not what people voted for and even worse when COL gives huge headline like climate change our nu lear free moment, and then the one of the biggest climate polluters has not been stopped drilling in NZ waters for oil.

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