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    • Btw….. haven’t forgotten about replying to your question of the other day @ SaveNZ (something like what to do about INZ AND associated agencies and the example given about the cardiologist that gave up pushing shit uphill)
      But the short version would go along the lines of
      – more worker bees in places that matter
      – less of the stereotypical blokeish authoritarian manager (and the new wave of bullying accusations that may yet come, since we’ve not yet reached “post-woke”)
      – a little more diversity (no brown washing, gender-washing, green-washing)
      – not letting the technophiles sales-talk those generic managerialists into a perceived nervana. – Those that would try to convince us that electronic voting was a good idea if they could – and I say that as a former Systems Programmer)
      – less bullshitting and spin from ‘comms people’ (that are often failed members of the 4th Estate, or who’ve taken on a mortgage a little too large for them to repay and maintain their lifestyle)
      – more serious consequences for the perpetrators of shitty behaviours (inside government as well as outside), and more protections for the victims of their behaviours

      And given the failures across our Public Service (often a “clear and present” matter of record), it’s not necessarily just applicable to MBIE – though I could make an argument for it being amongst the very worst.

      Merry Krylypse, and a Happy New Year (going forward, in this space – all with the benefit of hindsight, 20/20 vision and aspirational attitude, and any other key performance indicators you might choose to measure it all by – after consultation with various stakeholders of course, and in the fullness of time).
      I’m working on an algorithm to measure it all btw. Hopefully I’ll come up with something that’ll be able to rank ‘desirable and undesirable human character, soul and spirit.

    • Some ‘news’ is never ever really reported much on, only in second long bits, but swiftly moved on from to lead to the usual excitements in sport, leisure, consumerist lifestyle:

      Kiwis LOVE their cars, and almost all are fossil fuel powered, not much of a change I have recently noticed.

      So burn, Aussie, burn, we want to drive, so do others, and large countries also keep using fossil fuels, no matter what. Greenwash is the best that is being offered, nothing else.

      Merry Xmas.

    • My go to for anything Fukushima has always been Dr Helen Caldicott. She is a real scientist and physician, not bought by corporation, government or ideology. Any dumping would be a disaster. Just because you can’t see the irradiated contamination doesn’t mean we shouldn’t worry about it. The sea will not dilute it or contain it. Amateur night.

  1. Compliments of the season to all readers, contributors and the great team who put TDB together as a very good alternative news site. Take very good care and stay safe.
    Best Wishes

  2. TVNZ bashes beneficiaries again (it’s ok, Christmas was yesterday)

    In the latest Colmar Brunton poll, a thousand hot and bothered New Zealanders were given the leading question “Should benefits be limited for those not fully immunising their family”. Good grief. Wtf do beneficiaries have to do with the measles epidemic? And before you say “oh but the disease manifests itself in impoverished communities”, so what, that is symptomatic not causal, and this isn’t how unbiased, objective and worthwhile research is performed. The connection being made here between the willingness to immunise and mode of income is straight out of a National Party playbook; the disease doesn’t differentiate between demographics and ascertain ‘blame’, unlike TVNZ. This sort of rubbish poll will certainly not answer any questions about the disease. This question is a redneck problem looking for a scapegoat solution. I tend to think the measles epidemic was perpetuated by rabid immunologists and health professionals using the community like a lab experiment. The massive spread and severity of the disease was not caused by natural movement within society as shown by the differences between previous years and increased cases. All things being the same (e.g. migration) we have to look at reckless use of infectious disease as the cause. And TVNZ should do a poll on whether their biased propaganda should be believed.

    • Why didn’t the survey ask whether superannuitants or public servants should be sanctioned? Or anyone in the history of mankind who has received public money? And anyway is the Ministry of Health morphing into one of Orwell’s compliance bureaus?

  3. The .Englis’ among you will recognise your own arrogant colonial wrongdoing, now, f. you and get real, repay and recompensate, thanks.

    Jihad Nascheed

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