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  1. Just wondering when it might be that both Iain L-G and Chris Faafoi might wake up to the fact that INZ and associated agencies are a complete and utter shambles. It really is becoming hard to know whether the fuckups and incompetence are intentional – designed to push back against policy and various criticism (Eurocentrism, under-resourcing, failed restructures, branch closures, et al), or whether some in there are still trying to show just who is boss.
    Perhaps one of the former CEO’s might be better off exporting meat at OSPRI rather than importing meat by way of scamming the carcasses.
    FFS! Get it all out from under the Ministry for Everything, stop trying to automate it all and give it some proper resourcing before NuZull’s reputation really is turned to shite; exploitation and corruption gets even worse; and the least able to afford it are scammed even more.
    At the moment, a bloody lottery would be more efficient, although it might mean a second series of reality TV Border Force or Border Patrol might have to be canned unless there was even more creativity to the script writing.

    • Well siad Tim it cut to the core of our problems; but yesterday there finally was some sunlight shinning through the dark clouds; see the RAIL news of our precious Gisborne rail now being saved by the coalition Government.

      RNZ press release 17/12/19.

      17 Dec 2019
      Millions for Gisborne rail link restoration is justified – report
      11:27 am on 17 December 2019
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      Restoring the rail link to Gisborne is economically, environmentally, and socially justified, according to a new report.

      KiwiRail train on Napier to Wairoa line. Photo: RNZ screenshot
      The report commissioned by the development agency Tairawhiti Trust was authored by economic consultancy BERL and funded by the Provincial Growth Fund (PGF).
      It estimates it would cost between $30 million and $36m over 10 years to restore the line and make it more resilient.
      “Reinstatement of the Tūranga ki Wairoa rail line is feasible from an engineering perspective, and there is sufficient freight for five trains per week,” Ganesh Nana, BERL’s research director, said.
      There was also potential for tourist train services.
      The Napier to Gisborne line was mothballed by KiwiRail in 2012 after a storm caused slips and washouts. It was partially restored as far as Wairoa and re-opened in June after a $6.2m grant from the PGF.
      Nana said the Wairoa to Gisborne section of the line would need one-off spending of between $20m and $23m to become operational, with another $10m to $13m to improve its resilience to bad weather, and upgrade bridges and tunnels.
      The benefits of reinstatement are seen as promoting social and cultural wellbeing, reducing heavy truck use of the state highway, reduce accidents, road maintenance and carbon emissions.
      Freight likely to be carried on the line would be logs, fruit, meat, and processed timber products, with benefits for local exporters from greater convenience and connection to the national rail network.
      Nana said more detailed commercial feasibility studies would be needed but the case for reinstating the line was proven and doing nothing would hold back the region.
      “A shift to higher-value land uses with increased productivity and processing is already under way. This shift could be delayed or deferred, or the necessary investment deterred, given the ongoing prospect of limited transport options facing potential business operators or investors.”
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      • East Coast
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  2. Hmmm… So, what was the basis for all those raucous media calls for Jacinda’s head over these allegations? Will any of them, those media hooters and howlers, take any responsibility? Apologise to Jacinda? At very least they were creating a public nuisance imho.

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