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  1. ‘Psychologists say playing Christmas tunes on a loop can damage shop workers’ mental health.’
    I can sympathise with them. Fancy being stuck in a place where the music is the same every day, and not even ‘good’ music that can be appreciated. Jingle bell, oh to hell, would be the result of repetition, then hopefully the mind would reject and not hear it any more. The sort of music that is played throughout the year in some places, usually with some female warbling tunelessly and endlessly is very off-putting to someone who really likes music.

    At Christmas I can hear ‘I saw Mummy kissing Santa Claus’ only a few times before I tune out. Actually, just thinking, it could be a fundraiser for poor families Christmas gifts; pay to turn the music off or on. Everytime there was a change, you would know someone had contributed, and be reminded to give something yourself! Great idea eh, out of frustration innovation is born. Unto us an idea is born, tra la la la!

  2. More than a hundred doctors have signed a petition to the Aus govt to bring Assange home.
    SBS link here.

    The doctors are gravely concerned an Australian citizen’s survival could be endangered by a foreign government obstructing his healthcare.

    “It is an even more serious matter for that citizen’s own government to refuse to intervene, against historical precedent and numerous converging lines of medical advice,” the letter says.

    The doctors agree with the United Nations’ Special Rapporteur on Torture Nils Melzer that Mr Assange has been psychologically tortured.

  3. Also from Aus, What people are prepared to spend on Climate Change and what that would get.
    An overall -minimum- amount that Aussies were prepared to spend was set at $200 per person a year. This totals $4 billion.

    “For comparison, the Federal Government spends less than half that on cutting greenhouse emissions and almost 10 times that on defence… Just one Attack-class submarine is expected to cost at least 6.6 billion.”

    Or, for that amount of money a chief economist says that around a million homes could be fitted with rooftop solar, eg. [More options and possibilities at this ABC link.]

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