We are proud to have helped contest the leadership of Tamaki Makaurau – Te Whanau o Waipareira


“We are proud to have supported John Tamihere in is hid bid for the leadership of Auckland City.

“We exist to advance the interest of vulnerable individuals and whanau.

“Auckland City Council under Mayor Goff’s leadership placed a cap on Social Housing on publiclyowned council land at a time of unprecedented need.

“Rates were increased that have knock on impacts for all people renting and in gouging out yet again the income of the working poor.

“Petrol prices were increased – once again adversely effecting vulnerable communities disproportionately to others.

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“We have never resiled from our right to participate in a democratic process. We will continue toassert our right to bring to the attention of those holding power, that they must be kept accountable for the adverse impacts of their leadership and their decisions on vulnerable communities.”

Raymond Hall
Te Whanau o Waipareira.


  1. Well, I think that a Mayoral candidate who speaks of women as ‘front bums’ did nothing to advance the standing of women, and may have rendered them more vulnerable to derision, for example.

    My first thought on hearing of Tamihere’s candidacy, was that female dignitaries having to formally meet a Mayor who thinks of women in this way, would be being put in a socially degrading position.

    Within Tamihere’s own social milieu, his attitude may be an accepted norm, but in this country where women are subject to horrific levels of abuse and violence, men in the position of being role models for younger males should consider the impact of their behaviour upon all others.

    Defining women by an idiosyncratic view of their anatomy is not good enough, puerile and disrespectful.It sickened me.

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