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  1. Goodbye to EU says UK election

    Exit Poll says;
    Conservatives 368.
    Labour 191.
    Clear majority to Borros Johnson to leave the EU finally.

    • Corbyns advisors nee to be quietly walked out the back and executed. I remember Corbyn was keen to leave then as leader he was Luke warm about it. Terrible advice.

      • Can’t leading politicians lead with ideas from a mind of their own? If they can’t then sure they will lack credibility and firm belief. Of course they have to think their ideas through. Perhaps we need to have an algorithm that is a template for checking outcomes. The Leader will have to consider who the policy will serve, why, can it be changed to serve a wider population, is there more urgent forward-looking alternative investments needed in the area, etc.

        In the meantime lets see the Committee that runs the Party and advises the Leader up front and observable; I have just been reading C.P. Snow’s “Corridors of Power, and the whole book is about the machinations of the government, their advisors etc. It describes the practice and the lives of the pollies that the Yes Minister scrips refer to.

    • UK election results are based on First Past the Post system voting, by no means did the Conservatives have such a success as they claim, when looking at the overall votes:

      43.6 % for Conservatives, 32.2 % for Labour, 11.6 % for Lib. Dems, 3.9 % for Scottish National Party, the latter opposition parties, plus smaller parties, having MORE votes than the Conservatives.

      So I would not celebrate too much if I was Boris Johnson, and leaving the EU is one thing, what lies ahead may not be all that easy and better after all. The US will under Trump or another president want its advantages, so will not sign a deal that will necessarily favour the UK.

      Some need their heads read, in thinking Brexit will solve so much and leave the UK in Nirwana Land.

  2. RIP Peter Snell the famous NZr who was too good to be embraced by the sports leaders here in NZ. That’s the way it seems to me. He sounds like a nice guy and we should have seen him putting his expertise and good training into NZ minds. He was a high achiever.

    I think we have a negative approach to our own people here in NZ, to achievers, to people who think, try something different, and who don’t adopt conformity as the rule. They encounter put-downs, proactive judgment that tends to crush innovation. There is pleasure in dissing others and distrust of new ideas and thinkers and strivers outside the accepted meme and style. People follow the thinking of public ranters who criticise accepted groups, scapegoats and philosophies, in an urgent rejection of Pretenders to the Throne of Status Quo.

    NZ weird about achievers – Snell
    …Athlete of the 20th century says he settled in America because his homeland didn’t want to know about him…
    And he said he wasn’t the only sporting figure to be neglected.
    Sir Peter compared his treatment to that of yachtsman Sir Russell Coutts when he left to lead Switzerland’s Alinghi to America’s Cup glory in 2003. “New Zealand is weird in that respect.
    “They admire the results but they don’t want to help you out professionally. They do it all the time,” Sir Peter said….

  3. Burn, burn fossil fuel cars, burn them, before they burn the climate, all else is lies, lies and lies, Madrid is a total failure, same as Paris was, the UN has no answers, every nation and government thinks only of their own fears and interests and economic and political survival, we are SCREWED, but even here on TDB they are too scared to tell the truth, it is NO future for younger generations, but Darwin’s law, of survival, of the fittest.

  4. The Revolution will come from Latin America or Africa, NOT the shit better off world, not from hypocritical and lying NZers.

  5. Summary is, most NZers do not give a shit about what goes on elsewhere, to get any attention you may have to take a terror attack here, but who wants that leave the dumb idiots in their stupid slumber of dumbness.

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