The Daily Blog Open Mic – Wednesday – 11th December 2019


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  1. Fuck the climate, I am human, and make MY OWN climate, within my air-conditioned SUV:

    SUV registration numbers in Germany are well up, SUVs and cross country vehicles are about a third of new cars in Germany now, running on fossil fuels, do they ever tell you about this when clean green activists praise Germany?

    When are you lot starting to burn the major problem?

  2. Kiwis are mostly petrol heads, they breathe the fumes of petrol and suck up oil and petrol from their mother’s bosom, that is as ‘environmental’ most Kiwis are, driving everywhere and polluting the air, contributing to the destruction of the global climate balance.

    When they talk about clean and green, I call them out as hypocrites. Welcome more cruise ships and airplane loads of tourists to afford a lifestyle on borrowed time. Go to Hell.

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