Trump Impeachment a circus with too many clowns and what I truly fear


The Trump Impeachment is a sad and torturous affair made more petty by Republican tribalism and Democratic impotence.

This will be voted down the second it gets to the Senate and Trump will parade it as baseless vindication.

No one on the face of the planet after witnessing the vengeance fantasy of Trump’s first 3 years in power could pretend with a straight face that Trump didn’t seek to gain personal gratification at the expense of sovereign interests. His public narcissism and intellectual absurdity are all evidence that he threatened the Ukrainian President for dirt on his political rival and while there has been no first hand evidence of the conversation, we all know he fucking did it with the certainty of returning home to a contrite puppy who has shat on the carpet.

The dilemma facing Democrats was to launch a crusade doomed to failure, will it vindicate Trump’s obsessive fan base and reward him with another term or will it turn Independents away in disgust and into the arms of Democrats?

I still believe Trump is on track to win the electorates he needs to win the Electoral College but Trump doesn’t scare me, he sickens and disgusts me.

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Trump’s greatest weakness is Trump. He is no Machiavellian genius with dark plans and a terrifying strategy, he is an egotistical fool absorbed by his own reflection. A dog chasing every car led by the lesser angels of his nature, a Fool King manipulating the politics of resentment.

His misplaced self importance and wilful ignorance represents all that is wrong about America.

But he doesn’t scare me.

What scares me is who is watching Trump succeed and learning from it. Imagine a politician with cruel design watching Trump’s success from openly playing directly to our worst natures.

That scares me.


  1. You scare me Martyn! Trump is peculiarly dislikable , But either he is terribly cleaver to get away with the gross misdemeanours of which you and the democrats accuse him, with the enormous effort they have put in since his election to get rid of him , or he’s not particularly cleaver , and quite inept, but is not a part of the deep state and the military industrial complex of which the democrats seem to be the political branch, and so is a threat to the establishment and to the swamp denizens . And the Russiagate and Ukrianegate impeachment debacles are a desperate attempt to prevent him exposing their corruption .One or the other.
    That so many people like yourself swallow whole the American MSM is what is scary.
    D J S

    • The Democrats are trying their best to get Trump re-elected.
      Your implication that this isn’t a witch hunt is off the mark. The Democrats have been calling for impeachment BEFORE Trump took office!
      This is a case of the boy who cried wolf!

  2. Jeeze wayne, i am no fan of trump but when our msm rnz included, are still breathlessly bringing us reports that the RUSSIAN puppet trump is about to be impeached WTF? Anyone who has followed this fiasco will know that this is NOT going to happen, as pointed out in your blog Martyn. The fact that the democrats rorted the selection process to try to install the unelectable killary seems to completely pass them by. Does anybody with normal thought processes truly believe that there would have been less murderous wars, arms sales to despots (saudi for transshipment to Jabhat al nusra and various other head choppers etc.) under the lovely killary???
    Let us not forget, that in the land of the free and the brave, any politician advocating social policies followed by most of the developed world, tax payed health care education etc. is reviled as a COMMUNIST.
    As the democrats seem to have managed to dispose of Tulsi Gabbard and Bernie as the only true left of center candidates, nothing will change even in the unlikely event of a democrat win.
    The scenario most certain to hand trump a second term would be a late run by killary and her party organizing buddies.

  3. Isn’t the most absurd aspect of this that Trump was asking Ukraine to investigate Biden for doing the same thing Trump is accused of doing? Why is no one talking about this?

    It’s truly a remarkable display of unity by the world’s media to not look into Biden’s activities while accusing Trump of the exact same thing. It’s also quite the display of unity to behave as if an impeachment is on the cards when, as Martyn mentions, it’ll never get past the Senate.

    It sure lends a lot of credibility to those claims that most journalists work for the CIA 🙂

  4. That would be Jinping “big daddy murder ethnic minorities in giant ovens and harvest their organs you thought Hitler was evil you ain’t seen nothin’ yet” Xi, Wokester 😉

  5. Donald Trump has yet to initiate a war in the Middle East….and unlike Hillary ( who initiated the racist imperialist taking out of Gaddaffi of Libya with the help of Sarkozy, Cameron and NATO) , who would have bombed Iran in her first week and taken on nuclear power Russia !….Donald Trump has largely practiced detente and the ‘art of the deal’

    Ask yourself which country in the Middle East hates him for this and which country in the Middle East influences and controls much of USA politics and the media?

  6. For the first time in 60 years, the US has less than 200,000 troops on foreign soil.

    The Swamp/Democrat Party plus some RINOs don’t like that.

  7. Earlier this week I was chatting to an American woman on a bus in Auckland. She had only been in Auckland a day and loved being here in NZ.
    We happened to get onto the subject of Donald Trump. She said he is a misogynistic womaniser. She did not like him one bit but she was full of praise of our Prime Minister.
    I then have started thinking about the now obvious fact Donald Trump hates females whether they be strong minded politicians like Nancy Pelosi, teenager Greta Thunberg or Queen Elizabeth 2nd.
    Trump prefers weak and compliant and obedient females like his current wife. If he cannot walk ahead of her then he will discard her like the previous wombs for his offspring.
    Now if Greta Thunberg was a young American male who said the same things we can all be assured Donald Trump will be ‘trumpeting’ from the hallways of the White House of what a wonderful example of American youth the ‘young man’ is.
    And so what that American woman said to me during the week is so true about Donald Trump.
    His arrogance and ego just shines through so well but then America got what they voted for i.e an insecure little man who thinks he is a big thing in the world when all he is is just a major joke and an embarasement to America.
    Trump is a bully who thinks bullying and denigrating others is the way to go. And it’s obvious most of his venom is directed at females.

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