Moral of the story? Don’t ever do a favour for Jason bloody Kerrison 


Poor old bloody Chris Faafoi, trying to help a mate in a situation he’s personally aware of is unfair and what happens? The mate he’s trying to help turns on him and in a tantrum looks like he’s handed over all their private messages to the media.

What a dick move.

Some are claiming this is evidence of preferential treatment for c list celebrities, others cry out it’s an enormous lapse of the Cabinet Manual, personally I see a mate trying to help another mate over a situation that is unfair with Immigration.

This isn’t the great scandal National are pretending it is, and when you consider the egregious abuses of power National embarked upon in their 9 years of power, it’s barely even mentionable.

The moral of this story is don’t ever do a favour for Jason bloody Kerrison.

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    • Rodel – I googled him for you dear. He sings in Op Shops.

      That’s nice – so long as he’s not providing a distraction for other people to come in and steal stuff. They take it and sell it on Trade Me. You wouldn’t believe what goes on.

  1. Who or what is Jason Kerrison ??

    C list celebrities says it all !

    ” This isn’t the great scandal National are pretending it is, and when you consider the egregious abuses of power National embarked upon in their 9 years of power, it’s barely even mentionable ”

    Amazing how short some memories are eh.

  2. For sure mosa.
    It is becoming hard to believe in the words of anyone today especially the right wing side.
    when I grew up during the 1950’s our word was our bond but nowadays, we cant rely on this any more.
    Kris Faafoi is a very good soul and decent human being so I feel his ‘friend’ was doing wrong here.

    National would always “exploit any negative issue to damage the Government no matter what went on, so as the saying goes; – “take their words with a pinch of salt”.

  3. The moral of the story should be that individuals should not be lobbying their ‘mates’ in immigration in the first place for special favours!

    If immigration stuck to the rules, instead of allowing so many variations and people coming here who are bad for the country aka those that quickly or are already criminals or lie on their applications or use it as a Ponzi to bring more and more people into NZ, then maybe the NZ government would be spending our taxes on people already living here that need help, providing the houses and health care and transport for people already here, and not adding more people into NZ that are a burden to society, all to help the private love interests of ungrateful, entitled family members, like Jason Kerrison or slave driving or people trafficking employers here… and he’s far from the first one to do this!

    Meanwhile the honest migrants who meet the criteria miss out or have to wait a lot longer as lawyers constantly push through stupid cases that often also get residency here and once here can’t be removed easily!

    AKA the 79 year old migrant who came to NZ as an aged parent, got lonely, got on the internet and within 11 days of emailing (and $10k to herself) was able to bring her 60 year old spouse back to NZ! Lawyers working for Immigration and the rules themselves are so hopeless that immigration could not stop it even when they tried.

    We have an ageing population and immigration rules are making this a lot worse, not better!

    The amount of senior Asian NZer’s is expected to be more than the number of aged Maori and Pacific Islander’s combined within a decade!

    “The number of Māori aged 65+ will more than double (from 48,500 to 109,400) between 2018 and 2034, as will the senior Pacific population (from 21,300 to 46,700), while the number of senior Asian New Zealanders will almost triple (from 59,500 to 171,900).”

    Be aware that anyone coming to NZ

    The holder of any resident class visa is entitled:[1]

    to stay in New Zealand indefinitely
    to work in New Zealand or in the exclusive economic zone of New Zealand
    to study in New Zealand
    to receive free or subsidised health care at publicly funded health services.[2]
    to free education at state-run primary and secondary schools, and subsidised fees for domestic students at private schools and tertiary institutions.[3]
    to enrol and vote in elections (after one year of residence).[4][5]
    to receive a social security benefit (after two years’ residence for Jobseeker Support, Sole Parent Support and Supported Living Payment; after ten years’ residence for New Zealand Superannuation; varies for other benefits).
    to sponsor a partner, parents or dependent children during their visa application[6]

    • saveNZ – While individuals should not be lobbying their mates for political favours, take a look at this:

      “Singer, songwriter and celebrity TV judge Jason Kerrison is turning his talents to local politics.
      The musician, who now lives in Northland’s Kaitaia, is standing in the Te Hiku Ward of the Far North District Council elections.
      He faces a crowded field, with 15 candidates competing for three seats.”

      So, can a wannabe politician be regarded as an “individual” like the rest of us ? No.

      This is all politics, albeit, dirty politics, the accepted modus operandi of the Nats. Jason Kerrison, who many of us have never heard of, has decided to be a politician. He joins the list of pebbles, in this land of little grey pebbles, who have decided that being some sort of ‘celeb’ qualifies him to represent others.

      Any sort of publicity is good publicity for a wannabe. The fact that he asked a mate for a favour which never eventuated, then goes bleating off to a simpatico media person seemingly in a fit of pique because he was unable to get a politician to pull strings for him, suggests to me – as more of a classical sort of buff – that rock’n’roll singers – or whatever he is – who expect politicians to provide behind-the-scenes favours for their mates, is simply not the sort of person who should be in politics himself.

  4. What nonsense you write. No decent Kiwi bloke would do this to another unless he was a small-minded creep.The media must have stolen it.

    But like Rodel said – What is Jason Kerrison? Is it that game that the Scots play pushing things around on ice ?

    That man in the photo trying to cuddle Chris Faafoi is Jason from ‘Coronation Street ‘.

    I expect that if this whinging Jason Kerrison is a real person, then he must have gotten his name from ‘Coronation Street’. I’m sure he could do worse and may. I’m surprised he even watches television at all.

    • DennyPaoa – T*v* could sing it. Topless on the beach at Pt Chevalier. Free bags of Paula’s herbs for everybody. Simon dishing out his usual treacle and begging perving school boys to be Nat candidates in the next election. This could be the apex of Jason’s career. And Simon’s.

      They could do the old people’s homes too. For Christmas. Topless. Free bags of Paula’s herbs. Could be the apex of Jason’s career. Again.

      They could do the Wellington bus stops. Topless etc. Could be another apex for the above mentioned.

  5. Jason was standing for councillor on the FNDC.
    Not elected, but it does show how those with a nefarious agenda will do all they can to achieve their goals.

  6. You are guilty of comparative ethics Martyn.
    Because National are a bunch of crooks, this isn’t that bad.
    Head over to no right turn to get an honest assessment of theach situation, which is that Faafoi should be sacked.
    Aside from that, Labour have shown themselves to be every bit as capable of dishonesty under Adern as the National party. Adern simply doesn’t have what it takes to lead people.
    The only party (if you can call it that) demonstrating ethical behavior is ACT and given that, I am pretty sure I will be abstaining next year.

    • Jays ” Faafoi should be sacked.” I had read NRT, but I can make my own assessments, and disagree here. Faafoi gave a mate to understand he’d do something for him, and didn’t deliver.

      This is Kiwi bloke stuff. They can be totally hopeless where ‘feelings’ are involved. Some years ago, I lost a good friend when I refused to do something dishonest to help her adult child. In retrospect I could have handled it much better than I did, but I was caught on the hop, blew it, hurt someone I valued, lost a friend.

      Politicians, especially straight forward honest ones, need training in how to deflect unexpected and difficult
      customers. Not everyone is a John Key, or capable of instant chicanery.

      Ardern cannot be blamed for Faafoi being a goof here, that’s what he was, and nor should she or he
      been dragged into the love life of some rock star’s mum; if those people were old enough to make the decisions which they did, then they are old enough to fight their own battles with frustrating bureaucracy the way other people up and down the country do every single day. That, alas, is life.

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