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  1. Question; Who in today’s NZ media are covering the COPS 25 Climate change global conference meeting in Madrid Spain this week?? – We do have Government officials there we are told?
    Not TV one.
    Not NZME
    Not Radio NZ.

    So where has NZer’s ‘climate change concern gone too’ – ????????
    Jacinda please get that free to air TV7 type non – commercial public affairs channel media platform up and running so we can have a voice and you can counter the National Party propaganda war ‘fake news media all going on right now please!!!!

  2. Jacinda’s rejections in the latest Q&A episode highlights how arrogant ignorant, and out of touch she is.

    Yes, things were bad under National. However, despite Labour’s efforts (which Jacinda claims was/is a significant investment) they haven’t done enough to turn things around, hence things have snowballed and become worse.

    Thus, the comment from the head of the Christchurch City Mission claiming things were better under the previous Government.

    Yet, instead of new action announced, Jacinda merely rejects the criticism.

  3. The reality is that our systems in NZ are not up to keep up with the world’s criminals coming to NZ often with fake front jobs and businesses like ‘cleaning companies or shops’!

    Even when catching criminals the police somehow let the dual residents escape!

    Guarded prisoner Uditha Punchihewa escaped from hospital toilet

    NZ resources are not up to potentially 300,000 new people per year to keep under control while also controlling the local criminals at the same time. They local and internationals criminals link up and create international criminal links! It aint just the infrastructure, schools and hospitals that can’t cope with our degregulate residency visas to all and sundry, it’s the police and corrections and justice system too grinding to a halt under the strain and complexity!

    Another criminal this time fraud, escaped to their home country, no doubt back soon with a new identity to continue to commit crimes in NZ!

    Ex-Harcourts real estate agent Gurpreet Singh Grewal fined and censured after fleeing to India

    No thought for the victims and legitimate local businesses going under with all the fall outs from scam labour and businesses operating here.

  4. “CEAC – PM must attend COPS 25 Climate Change Conference.

    Citizens Environmental Advocacy Centre Incorporated (CEAC)

    Press release 3rd December 2019.

    PM Ardern must attend COPS 25 Climate Change Conference beginning today in Madrid with 125 other countries.
    CEAC is encouraged to see our Government who is caring about climate change and
    are, actively being considerate, inclusive and responsive to citizens’ concerns about our future with the potential effects of Climate change now impacting to our citizens.

    The silence from our NZ media today about the COPS 25 Climate change conference beginning today shocked our organisation with no coverage for this important event at all from breakfast time today.

    As the latest CB political poll yesterday has promoted more reactions from negative comments of government, while others call for climate change CO2 emissions to be lowered even more.

    All this; – while we saw a weird reaction from the National opposition party and others claiming that we need to build more roads.

    Why more roads?

    Our response to the call for more roads; – is this;
    We need instead;

    • To use less road transport, – and less air transport.
    • We now need to switch to using shipping and rail to move us and our freight around our country.

    This must be stated over and over again to change the mindset of the oil companies and their pundits, who only promote use of more road transport and air passenger service only for increasing profits for oil companies from increased oil use, which will make our future weather worse.

    We will benefit from increased collusion with the 125 countries who are attending the COPS 125 Conference now beginning today in Madrid Spain.


  5. Former Vice President of Bolivia on the rascism that drove the coup:

    “In the case of Santa Cruz, they organize motorized hordes with sticks in hand to punish the Indians, those that they call ‘collas’, who live in peripheral neighborhoods and in the markets. They chant “the collas must be killed,” and if on the way, they come across a woman wearing a pollera [traditional skirt worn by Indigenous and mestizo women] they hit her, threaten her and demand that she leave their territory.”

    Its the same dynamic that drives the coup mongers in Venezuela and cant stand that the Indians are being brought to equality. But then thats the whole history of the invasion of the Americas by Europeans.

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