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  1. Murderer fights murderer over murders on London Bridge

    It has been revealed that a man convicted for killing a girl in cold blood was one of the heroes who fought with the London Bridge stabber. The killer was roaming the streets of London unbeknownst to the family of the murdered girl. His motives for killing the girl in 2003 were described by the judge as a ‘macabre fascination’. Tony Blair’s motivations for bombing the Middle East in the same year were at the very least negligent but equally as repugnant, leading to the radicalisation and ideological extremism of people such as the London Bridge stabber. All three are heroes in their own world view; the psychopath thrill killer who maybe saw an opportunity; the extremist perhaps killing in the name of those lost to British bombs; and the politician striking foreign countries with weapons of mass destruction based on a false premise of the presence of weapons of mass destruction.

  2. Absolutely disgusting and despicable and the police in India seem to be a big part of the problem!

    Protests in India after woman gang raped and burned to death

    “India is the most dangerous place in the world to be a woman because of the high risk of sexual violence, according to a 2018 survey by the Thomson Reuters foundation. According to government figures, more than 32,000 rape cases were reported in 2017, but the real figure is believed to be far higher.”

  3. What happens to your country and your society when you sell citizenship to all and sundry and attract the criminals of the world. Sadly the innocent who speak out are the first to be silenced.

    Malta’s PM quits in crisis over Daphne Caruana Galizia murder

    Maltese passport and life as an EU citizen for anyone with £546,000
    Malta approves selling citizenship for 650,000 euros to non-EU applicants, giving people work and residency rights in the 28-member bloc


    CEAC wants funding for rail freight/passenger services
    Monday, 2 December 2019, 10:05 am
    Press Release: Citizens Environmental Advocacy Centre
    Letter to – Grant Robertson Labour finance Minister.

    Dear Grant, – Our NGO has represented the community since 2001 on issues of community environmental and residential public health and wellbeing; quote;
    “In association with other Community Groups, NHTCF and all Government Agencies since 2001.
    • Health and wellbeing.
    • East Coast Transport Project”

    Today 2ndt December 2019, the Labour Party has announced that a large infrastructure funding will get a big increase now.

    All of the press in in a buzz over the reported infrastructure funding boost that will be made here.

    Our east coast communities also now await the funding boost to our regional Gisborne/HB rail freight/passenger services that need to be made here.

    National had decimated our regions rail services during their time and had left these regions without rail services for 7 long years since 2012.

    We want to clearly state to you that;

    This press release below was sent out to you on 11th September 2019 criticising lack of ‘rail focus.’ during ‘Infrastructure NZ ’plea to Government for more funding.

    CEAC supports $6 Billion for infrastructure
    Wednesday, 11 September 2019, 7:44 am
    Press Release: Citizens Environmental Advocacy Centre

    Government must fund publicly owned rail properly as Kiwi Rail lacks adequate funding for freight handling and station marshalling hubs and the staff, locomotives and rolling stock to service all of our export regions to upgrade our export services and encourage rail freight services operations such as our Gisborne/HB regions now sadly need.

    QUOTE; Paul Blair; “Respondents overwhelmingly supported more tools for local and regional governments in order to unlock the full potential of our regions; – Three-quarters of the infrastructure sector have called for transformation, rather than incremental change, of the culture and incentives between central and local government to work together to promote national well-being,” says Infrastructure NZ CEO Paul Blair.”

    CEAC would be delighted to hear from (INZ) that rail was also part of that $6 Billion Dollar also, so we shall see.


    Meantime we would encourage active discussion now with Government as a long serving NGO for public health and wellbeing in HB/Gisborne over funding required for our lack of alternative transport options to lower the truck gridlocked roads we have in our regions and the residential truck noise vibrations and air pollution our residential communities are suffering from that are impacting on their families health and wellbeing and quality of life.

    CEAC encourage to see a Government who is caring, considerate inclusive and responsive to citizens’ concerns.

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