LATEST TVNZ POLL: National + ACT are the Government – but but but Bryce Edwards said Labour Conference was amazing?!?


LATEST TVNZ POLL is in and for those paying attention, it’s not a shock or surprise.

National + ACT are the Government.

National: 46%

Labour: 39%

Greens: 7%

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NZ First: 4%

ACT: 2%

But, but, but Bryce Edwards and the middle class journalists said the Labour Conference was a roaring success?!? (I didn’t)

Mungo no understand.

What is happening is that while the Political Class love Labour (because Labour are promoting middle class welfare to mainly middle class journalists), outside that class bubble many NZers are simply surviving, not thriving.

National has the highest opposition polling in NZ history and that’s being pushed up by the enormous 17% who have not made up their mind yet.

National are winning the propaganda war while Labour’s only strong counter voice, Willie Jackson, is left to punch back on TV3 and doesn’t have any wider platform.

Many NZers are still waiting for Labour’s transformation and they aren’t seeing it.

Sadly the gun fiasco and free speech idiocy is fuelling a resurgent ACT Party while the Māori Party threaten to pull one Māori electorate away from Labour and bring in a  second MP off the list.

No mates National suddenly have mates.

I said after the conference that Labour’s chances of being a one term Government is still 50-50.

This Poll is suggesting I’m right.

Let’s be clear, personally I think National winning would be disastrous, and Labour must gain a second term. but Labour are not helping themselves with their politics of kindness inclusion glacial consensus making stuff because it means change is incredibly slow.

This is Politics. Sometimes you need to show you can throw a punch to get things done or the voters won’t respect you.


        • it’s a choice between intellectual-yet-idiot class labour or corrup-NZ for-sale-for-private-donations Natz.

          Side orders of 2%-woke-identity-meets-naieve-business-collaboration or NZ-First-who-lost-their-identity-of-being-anti-immigration-anti-corruption-so-have-no-idea-what-they-now-stand-for

        • Some Jay’s some, in fact not much difference to National fucking up plenty. The big infrastructure spend in the new year will help assist cleaning up Nationals fuck ups.

  1. I think long term it’s best if National get in. New Zealanders have short memories of nine years. The sudden shock of three years of National will be enough to push people towards National.

    However that depends on whether National keep importing voters, and if the electoral commission get off their dozy arses and start disqualifying the voters on the roll who are not 1+ year plus residents. There are heaps on the roll who are visitors and workers only – and they vote.

  2. I wonder how those who fill your comment columns with digs at Simon and co are reacting to learning the truth about how those out there trying to work hard and get ahead see this disasterous coalition. The gloss is coming of Jacinda and the under belly is being exposed about the self serving NZFIRST and true Greens see the message about the enviroment lost among their social warrior representatives

    • The Boomers who support National are nothing if not consistent. A consistent handbrake to the rest (read Younger) of the population as they greedily hang on to all their advantages. National have a sure fire voting block with these ignorant and selfish people and there’s plenty of them. The COL is a long way from perfect but I think more people recognise this even though lots of complaining is going on. We simply don’t deserve another round of National just to appease the old farts in this country.

  3. When was this polling held? Before the conference and the announcement of the massive investment in schools?

    • It is massive investment in construction for schools not actually education. The kids get nothing to help their education, the gutters get cleaned at the school with the money to help the ‘tradies’ who one minute we are being led to believe their is a shortage of them, the next minute they need handouts from government?

      The people who benefit are probably construction firms using cheap, cash migrant labour. So the likely recipient of this tax payer welfare is firms peddling people trafficking, where innocent people around the world who often have little education and can’t speak English, are sold (in their own countries and by NZ passport holders) the fake dream they can pay $30k for a NZ visa to make their fortunes here because our wages are terrific (sarcasm).

      Death of a migrant: Under the table workers building Auckland’s multi-million dollar homes

      Migrants are paying individual people visa traffickers, a lot of money to get a NZ visa, get paid in cash in NZ, with no employment contract and in this case die on the job while nobody in government or police do anything about it!

      So when the swamp house landlord (who is probably a migrant) is in the news, Labour swoops, when migrants are killed in terror/lone wolf attacks, labour swoops, when their is any photo opportunity for diversity, labour swoops, when there is any photo op for construction, labour swoops, but a migrant killed in constructions (two of their favourite topics), why no swooping from government who don’t seem to want to know what they are contributing to, and who is benefiting from, the 250,000 work visas given out each year in NZ?

  4. This poll shows that Labour has to come up with real policy that people are going to get immediate benefit from before the next election however the removal of Nigel Howard who was one of the few in labour who has an in depth understanding of economics has made the chances of labour making coherent policy a hell of a lot harder

  5. Ew ,… can you imagine someone like Paula Benefit running the country?… laughing stock of the world and private details discloser tyrant at home?

    Or worse , – Screechy Soimon?

    No thanks, … 9 years of Korrupt Key is enough , thank you very much.

  6. So NZ First only need to find 1% and we can have National supporters crying about the coalition of losers again.

  7. So, the only conclusion that I can draw from that poll is, NZF will score 10% in the 2020 general election and fuck them all.

  8. I am not happy with Labour and I am a party member. I am tempted to join the Greens. Labour better start delivering to its core support or they will find themselves in opposition.

  9. Labour has been disastrous (and treasonous) for No Zealand since Rogernomics, and hasn’t changed at all… it was Labour that signed the Free Slave Agreement with the Chinese dictatorshit, too…

    • Agreed.

      I also like your word, ‘dictatorshit ‘ , it is an apt descriptive of the opposite of democracy.

      However, I would still rather have this smug middle class orientated , working class pretender political party at the helm than the ChiNational party and its servile deference to the chinese dictatorshit.

  10. Surely ACT don’t count, we all know that they are gifted a seat by National in Epsom. Isn’t that a form of corruption?
    I wonder how many that fill your comment columns with digs at Ardern and Labour continue to be brainwashed by New Zealands hard right media.

    • … ‘ Surely ACT don’t count, we all know that they are gifted a seat by National in Epsom. Isn’t that a form of corruption? ‘ …

      OFC , …But we ARE talking National , are we not?

  11. This govt. ain’t perfect – far from it in some cases – but really?? A National-led coalition with Mr “I believe in trlckledown” ( in charge??
    The economic policy they openly espouse has been discredited and identified as a significant reason behind worldwide poverty and environmental collapse. In other words, it’s the reason our species finds itself in the shit!
    Forget the investment programme the current government is has begun and signalled it will ramp up further.

    As a National coalition enacted their programme of slashing public spending, you can bet their dopey supporters would bitch & moan like never before. It would almost be funny if not for the fact too many innocents become victims of enriching the top 1%
    Unfetterred immigration, an unregulated banking/financial sector, & the privatisation and selling off of remaining public assets.

    No thanks.

  12. Martyn’s key point was “National is winning the propaganda war”. And so they are, with no real daily work to do in terms of running a country, they can concentrate on undermining the current Govt. And their methods appear to go well beyond the legitimate role of a Parliamentary opposition. Various figures in the State Sector are obviously snouts for NZ National.

    Every scabby Nat MP from ex cop Matt King in Northland, to Jami Lee Ross’ ex girlfriend in the deep South, is infesting social media and the provincial radio shows with their toxic talking points. Still whinging “we wuz robbed” about the 2017 MMP election, still openly lying about the legacy of “sirkey”, still race baiting and red neck rousing.

    The only answer is for the Govt. to enlist Greens particularly, and a) go on the attack, and b) start delivering some big changes pronto.

    • Does not hep that our news is often propaganda and lobbying for private group benefits is happening each day.

      RNZ who have spent months lobbying for more visas to aged migrant parents and arranged marriages, (sometimes daily articles)… but somehow fail to report “real news” like the death of Yu Xingming who was paid cash for construction working on a temporary visa for million dollar housing before dying on the job!

      Sounds like a local story but nothing from our news media or government or police or news media or work safe? Surprise, surprise.

      “Speaking from Shandong Province in eastern China, Du said Yu got his work visa after paying almost $30,000 to an intermediary in China.

      The agency held itself out to be an official immigration service and submitted Yu’s application to Immigration NZ (INZ) on his behalf.

      The visa was granted, and the 45-year-old came to New Zealand in 2015 with the intention of supporting his family back in China.

      In Auckland, he met a Chinese man who offered him a job in construction paying $2000 a month, his wife said.

      In late 2015 he began living on the man’s property in Schnapper Rock on Auckland’s North Shore.

      Du said her husband didn’t have an employment contract and received his pay in cash every two or three months.

      His payments were often late, she said. His wife had to wire him two separate payments of about $13,000 to help with living costs.

      In May, the man Yu was living with contacted her to say her husband had died in a fall at work. He shipped Yu’s clothes and shoes back to Shandong.

      That was the last Du heard from him.

      Du said she had twice travelled to New Zealand and tried to meet with the man about the death, but each time he didn’t return her calls or messages.”

      Not a good story, not being told by media in NZ, of the reality of what is going on here! No prosecution it seems!

      At least in the UK when they accidentally kill the migrants in the trucks, they prosecute who is responsible! Here is seems to be media silence and a person can work for cash on a temporary visa and be killed and nobody is held to account for any of it!

      • Appalling that this can happen here.

        However, the ChiNational party knows China is the most populated country on earth, many want to get out and they are a good source of cheap non -unionised labour to be exploited, yeah?

        For them the adage ‘ another one down Queen St ‘, is more than just an adage,… it is a complete lifestyle.

  13. And get that TV channel up and running Jacinda as Clare Curren stabbed Labour in the back with her destruction of NZ media beginning with Radio NZ becoming the voice of the National Party, and loosing the chance of beginning our free to air TV7 type public affairs commercial free media where Labour could have solidly won the propaganda war to counter the National Party seeding us all with fake news reporting.

    Jacinda now it is time to get that TV7 type TV free toair non commercial channel back in business for the election year ahead.

    And give ‘ the people’ without a voice; – a chance on the new Labour Government media platform that you had promised us as a ‘voice to be heard’ during the last election remember?

    • Sadly I think perhaps that Labour do not want that,… it would derail the neo liberal elements in that party and also spurn the big business movers and shakers who see an angle in supporting them…

  14. I think much of what you’ve been saying regarding Labour is correct Martyn

    However I would disagree that the “National are winning the propaganda war”. I don’t think National has even begun to flex its muscles yet and most of the loss of popularity of Labour is due to own-goals.

    This was always bound to happen. Jacinda’s gloss was only ever superficial and as you previously pointed out, Labour’s policies weren’t actually meant to be implemented; they were only ever supposed to be shouted from the opposition benches.

    • National were simply appalling for 9 years. Key was only ever a puppet to his worlds masters. Bridges is simply pathetic.
      Labour and Jacinda have made massive inroads into balancing the under funding of services, wages and infrastructure ruined by National. National fit the opposition role aptly and will do so should the voters not be brainwashed by N.Z’s rightwing media.

  15. This wasn’t a political poll, it was Simon Dallow’s secret santa Christmas wishlist. Simon Bridges on 10%? After polling on the margin of error for months? NZ First not included in results? ACT miraculously conjuring two seats? Big drops for Labour (like hundreds of thousands of people)? TV One reporting more opinion than statistics? Was this poll taken at a National Party convention after the main and just before dessert?

  16. Polls go up and down during electoral cycles so no big deal. The present Government will likely still win the 2020 Election so that’s really the only poll that matters.

    Having said that, the latest Colmar poll is vomit inducing for other reason. National and their army of blue trolls have been attacking, ridiculing and misrepresenting Ardern since the moment she became a threat to them. That tone has been set by Bridges and Bennett, the two most vile NZ politicians. The most disturbing aspect of the latest poll result is that it rewards National and their trolls for their 24/7 divisive dirty politics campaign and encourages more of the same.

    Every Government makes blunders. This Government is no different in that regard but where they are inept is on the score of defending themselves. They are absolutely woeful. They present as lame new born lambs with no defence surrounded by wolves. It’s embarrassing. Kindness is wonderful but tits on a bull if it results in you getting arseholed out after one stint in Government. NZ just can’t afford to gift Government back to the Latrine Rodent Party who will finish their destruction job. Truth is that if Labour lose to the appalling National Party led by vile creeps Bridges and Bennett then they should just close down the Labour Party as their diabolical actions amount to high treason.

    Forget Kiwibuild. That’s not the problem. National won considerable traction against Ardern with the alleged sexual assault cover up. That was highlighted in previous recent polls. That disgusting campaign against Ardern was headed by Bennett. Labour’s defence brings new meaning to the word “inept”. They clearly believed getting their Party President to resign would take the heat from the issue. That’s been an epic fail and if it’s ever put right now it will be too late. Damage has well and truly been done. Guilt or innocence matters not one jot. It’s only the perception that counts.

    Issue 2. Their backtracking on arranged Indian marriages being treated the same as a traditional NZ marriages for immigration. Many kiwi’s are seeing the amount of immigration here at this time as more than just negative. It’s devastating. Our country can’t keep up yet the immigration floodgates remain wide open. Immigrants are being gifted more consideration that Kiwi’s. Shane Jones spoke about the protesting Indians demanding arranged marriages be seen as 100% valid. Jones is fully aware that a key component of immigration fraud is dubious marriages. He stood up for NZ and received more support on that one issue than anything else NZ First has ever done. That support was across the board. Ardern chopped him off at the knees in favour of the Indian community. Worst blunder I’ve ever seen from a NZ PM.

    You can’t unscramble a scrambled egg but you can wake up to your enormous cock ups and put them right while you still can. The Government needs to flush 80% of their “kindness”. It’s all well and good in some areas but self destruction in others. They need to get their attack and defence dogs out and get some momentum back.

    • Well last time I party voted Green to shore them up to help bring in Labour and oust 9 years of corruption aka the Korrupt Key / Double Dipper Blinglish led ChiNational sell out party.

      Despite the goings on with NZ First recently, I will vote for NZ First as the party vote. Adern, being in Mt Albert, will get the other vote.

      At least NZ First dont tolerate having chinese spies as MP’s in their party.

      Or selling off lands and natural resources like our water here in NZ to those spies country’s.

      Eh ,… Eugenie Sage…

    • I too had hoped that a better outcome with this COL was emerging by now. Immigration levels are destroying and undermining our country in so many ways. We have immigrants building houses for immigrants, we have exploited immigrant workers in construction, in horticulture & farming and food service and now to a degree in retailing. Our hospitals and schools are creaking at the knees to the detriment of Kiwis (New Zealand born citizens.) We have rising corruption, and now we have a naive Prime Minister who bowed down to the Indian’s arranged marriage rort. This was the last straw for me … I will not be voting Labour National Greens or even NZF in the foreseeable future – I am looking to the new emerging parties for relief from this unbalanced out of control mess.

  17. No surprises there. Depressing we have no other option than two big parties who to me look and behave a lot alike…….

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