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  1. Since using 6 year old demographic data, due to census stuff up, pretty hard to get accurate causes and prevention of poverty in place! Another screw up!

    NZ kleptocracy does not want to know real data, because the neoliberal interests don’t want it analysed. Instead we use the 2013 data and a lot has changed since then!

    Better to do another census and get it right. However due to so many people not being able have english or Te reo at the level to fill out the census, the amount of people that don’t want to be counted and the lack of trust and privacy of government departments that can’t secure the date correctly – very unlikely to ever get an accurate census.

    It wasn’t just the on-line hic ups that saw many people not filling it out, it is the lack of trust and privacy from government departments, as well as the amount of people that don’t want, or can’t fill out government forms now and the nature of the forms that were very invasive of privacy as well.

  2. Clean and ‘green’ Norway, often mentioned due to their high rate of EV sales and use, think again:

    They largely make a living from exporting petroleum, natural gas and some products made from oil!

    So they sell their oil and gas to be used elsewhere, so the carbon footprint is made elsewhere.

    BS galore, when it comes to environmentalism and stopping climate change, same in Kiwiland, nobody does much of substance, but talk endless verbal diarrhea.

  3. Humans produce much more pollutants and greenhouse gases than volcanoes:

    While solar energy may be an improvement, it is by no means carbon neutral, or without emissions, producing the stuff still causes emissions:

    And solar panels have a lifetime, depending on where they are placed and on the climate and environmental factors (heat, wind, dust, and so forth) at the location, then need to be recycled, also not done without costs and emissions:

    And New Zealand still has a very low uptake of solar or photovoltaic energy generation, lagging behind yet again, while it should be leading.

    So we have a ‘Zero Carbon Act’ now, do we? Wow, what an achievement?!

  4. Lithium, needed in EV batteries, also causing high emission rates during production:

    But resources are limited:

    “Another 2011 study at the University of Michigan and Ford Motor Company found enough resources to support global demand until 2100, including the lithium required for the potential widespread transportation use. The study estimated global reserves at 39 million tons, and total demand for lithium during the 90-year period annualized at 12–20 million tons, depending on the scenarios regarding economic growth and recycling rates.”

    And what comes after that???

  5. So. Some say they are rough on crime. Well let’s see who is truly tough on crime. From Singapore’s The Straights Time:

    “A woman suffered facial fractures when her husband flew into a rage and attacked her in front of their two young children after she told him she would not return to their matrimonial home.”


    “Causing grievous hurt can bring a jail term of up to 10 years and a fine or caning.”

    Me: Now National Party minions. Tell me how tough on crime you are and I’ll tell everyone how hard they should laugh.

    As Singapore clearly demonstrates. Criminalising non-violent behaviour is not tough on crime.

    Now who wouldn’t want to see low level violence against woman punished so that murder caused by domestic violence against woman just disappears.

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