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  1. It is time to name this weirdo who can only get off by harming women

    I see the UK press have gone against the wishes of Andrew Little and published the details of Grace’s killer. So they should, for one we shouldn’t have extraterritorial reach into someone else’s judicial system or media, and second the same name suppression wasn’t applied to the Dunedin doctor currently on trial. Andrew and Jacinda acting as helicopter mum and dad’s protecting our little minds from the evils of the internet is not virtuous but dictatorial. And why are NZers being treated differently from the rest of the world? It goes against the spirit and function of the open web while removing the rights and independence of it’s users. So I say go online and discover who these thugs are if you can, these murderers, their ideals and their identities.

    • Yea well – obviously he’s one fucked unit. Pathological lying is becoming quite fashionable these days, as is control freakery and power tripping. There’s a lot of it about.
      There are inconsistencies for sure. I’m not sure it has much to do with Jacinda or Andrew though in this case.
      Maybe we should wait and see what Grace’s family want and what the Police asked for.
      The MSM is feeding off it all – vouyeristic and fucking ghoulish. Let’s wait for sentencing and see what comes of it. I’m pretty sure the guy isn’t going to have a very nice time of it all, but I’m not about to get my jollies fantasising about stoning him to death

  2. The house opposite me was put on the market last week, today they had their first open day. It was no surprise to me to see the majority of potential buyers being property investors. Our young across NZ are struggling to get into homes due to this greed. From paying $500 – 800 a week in rent to trying to compete in the open market with cashed up investors, its frankly a disgrace. Come on Jacinda, a generation is being locked out. You have all the power, you are in government, you have the numbers, start being transformational!! Sorry young people, many in my generation simply couldn’t care less about you, and I’m ashamed to say that.

  3. Good point of view that more lives could be potentially be saved by concentrating on prevention of cancer rather than new treatments. (Obviously both is ideal!) This used to be the NZ way, but noticed that prevention campaigns have largely dropped off the radar in NZ.

    Oncologist Azra Raza: ‘Don’t give up hope. Don’t give in to despair’

    Could this be an issue????

    “The biggest independent study to date of packaged food on supermarket shelves has found most of it is unhealthy.

    More than two-thirds was classified as “ultra-processed” and half were not foods that are necessary in a person’s diet.”

    Contributing to this…

    Adult obesity statistics

    The New Zealand Health Survey 2018/19 found that:

    around 1 in 3 adults (aged 15 years and over) were obese (30.9%)

    Child obesity statistics

    The New Zealand Health Survey 2018/19 found that:

    around 1 in 9 children (aged 2–14 years) were obese (11.3%)

  4. Former addict wants action against dealers

    (hard to stop it when drug smugglers are given permanent residency while in jail for their drugs crimes and money launderers laundering drug money are not given a conviction in our justice system).

    Doesn’t look like the government really want to solve the drug problem at source at all or understand it beyond the sound byte!

    Meanwhile a lot of government $$$$ being spent on social spending for profit groups or as the Natz call it social bonds, so no doubt a growth market to be championed here. (sarcasm)

    Prevention techniques would obviously stop that business opportunity of social bonds/social spending expanding here!

  5. Authoritarian countries destroying democracy from the inside by funding western political parties

    “How much longer can the United Kingdom and the United States continue to be part of the Five Eyes alliance under their current governments?

    “Foreign affairs specialist Prof Robert Patman has highlighted massive electoral irregularities and attempts by UK prime minister Boris Johnson’s government to cover up Russian involvement in UK politics and new revelations about US president Donald Trump’s alleged attempts to use his position for personal political advantage.! ”

    The authoritarian countries have out manoeuvred the west by appealing to private greed of individuals in political parties and poor legislation to prevent it and whoever is supposed to policing it aka the spy agencies and human rights and pro democracy groups and free media seem asleep at the wheel!

    (possibly worrying about a micro aggression at the time).

  6. Democracy replaced by religious fascism in Bolivia

    Did anyone else watching the military coup on telly wonder wtf is happening to this world? Led by a low IQ handbag wielding religious nut, anointed by god and the US, and whose name I can’t be bothered to look up, the hostile takeover was complete with a conga line into the Bolivian parliament with this charlatan holding a Bible skyward while speaking in tongues, and on the other side of town military enforcers were kneeling and praying after ransacking the presidential palace. This would be like a coked-up Colin Craig doing the same thing in NZ backed by a posse of dairy farmers with AR15s. Ridiculous. There is no god.

    • Popeye – don’t give the Natz ideas!

      “coked-up Colin Craig doing the same thing in NZ backed by a posse of dairy farmers with AR15s.”

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