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  1. For those who still think that something dodgy was going on in the Bolivian election this article may clarify things. The argument against the Morales vote goes along similar lines as those put forward by the gentleman interviewed by Kim Hill last Sunday. It goes along the lines that the quick tally was suspended for a number of hours while Morales had only a lead of 7.5% but restarted once he was over the 10% threshold that negated the need for a two person runoff. It is noted in the article below that already any projections at that stage would have predicted Morales by slightly more than 10% due to the rate at which his lead was increasing and that the remaining areas to be counted were areas most likely to heavily fsvour Morales. The situation in Bolivia was already volatile and the statements of fraud with no analysis were designed to push to a level of violence that would allow a US friendl military to stage a coup.

  2. No Right Turns analysis.

    Thursday, November 21, 2019

    If Shane Jones isn’t corrupt, he is trying very hard to look it
    Last week we learned that New Zealand First had apparently tried to enrich itself from public office, with a dodgy forestry company linked to a number of NZ First figures sticking its hand out repeatedly for government money. Today in Question Time Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones had his first opportunity to answer questions for himself on the issue (previously, others had been answering on his behalf). But when asked simple questions about what he knew and when, he did his utmost to cloud the issue:
    CHRIS BISHOP (National—Hutt South) to the Minister for Regional Economic Development: On what date was N.Z. Future Forest Products Ltd’s application to the Provincial Growth Fund lodged, and when did he first become aware that N.Z. Future Forest Products Ltd had applied to the Provincial Growth Fund?

    Hon SHANE JONES (Minister for Regional Economic Development): I am advised the application was lodged on 8 April. I found out that the application was coming to Ministers for consideration on 14 October.

    He was rightly pulled up for not answering, so refined it to saying that he “became aware that the company had applied to the Provincial Growth Fund on 14 October.” Which seems like a straight answer. Except when asked whether he had not been aware of the application at any time over the 6 month interval in between, he refused to give a straight answer, and talked only of when he became “formally” aware. And he clung to that when asked repeatedly whether he was informally aware, or aware in any way of the application whatsoever.

    At any time, Jones could have ended speculation over his guilt by simply saying that no, he was not aware. His repeated refusal to do so invites the conclusion that he was, and that he behaved corruptly by not immediately declaring a conflict of interest and recusing himself. If he’s not corrupt, he is working very, very hard to look that way, and he has no-one to blame but himself for the conclusions the public draw from his non-answers.
    Posted by Idiot/Savant at 11/21/2019 04:32:00 PM

  3. I’m generally neutral on farmers, but this should be NO FUCKING WAY!

    An expanding Glenavy dairy plant wants to build a 7.5km pipeline to discharge treated wastewater to future-proof its current land-based wastewater disposal.

    Perhaps if they are short of land to pollute, they should purchase more land themselves to farm on or destock!!!!!

    The most disappointing thing about this government with the Greens and Labour is that they did stop the worst of the environmental effects and protected Maori interests as well from big business, like selling our water and assets and allowing more discharges from polluters like lazy councils and big industry.

    The the COL just do tinkering that try to catch the little guy, while doing nothing for the worst offenders and abuses like above, which of course gets everyone’s backs up!

    • Edit of the above, Should have read

      The most disappointing thing about this government with the Greens and Labour is that they did NOT stop the worst of the environmental effects and protected Maori interests as well, from big business polluters.

      Aka more selling (or giving away) our water and natural assets to big business and allowing to continue and increase discharges from big polluters like lazy councils and big industry.

      They should start with the big polluting stuff like councils discharge and big farms and big industry, and then get to Joe Blogs with a lifestyle block – not the other way around!

  4. Ryman Healthcare says the Australian and New Zealand governments need to take the rapid ageing of the population more seriously.
    Chief executive Gordon MacLeod estimates there are 143 million people aged over 80 years now and that will jump to 426 million by 2050. And he says the demographic spikes in both New Zealand and the Australian state of Victoria, the regions in which Ryman operates, are accelerating faster than the rest of the world.

    (Obviously the COL never got the memo because they are re introducing more aged migrants to come to NZ which even the mega immigration promoter Natz banned!)

    Lucky profits are good off the backs of it!

    “Yesterday, Ryman reported a 6.2% rise to $NZ103.5 million ($A97.6 million) in underlying profit for the six months ended September and forecast the full-year underlying result will come in at $250-265 million, up from $227 million the previous year.

    Ryman currently houses about 11,400 people in its villages and is upping its build rate this year to about 900 beds and units from 757 in the year ended March.”

    Not so good for taxpayers though who contributed to a pension in their old age only to find out by the time they get it, existing and government introduced demand has taken all the money!

  5. Another business fraud of 53 million who gets name suppression! Nice to see that justice is not equal in NZ anymore and protects big business fraudsters – if it was a small amount of a few thousand dollars (and in particular if they were Maori) we would all know about who did it, no name suppression!

    Great (sarcasm) you can be found guilty and it’s not reported in our justice system to protect the rich and guilty and the visa scams because betcha most of the ’employees’ are on visas getting permanent residency while they help the moneylenders make more profits and it won’t look good on their applications that they last worked at XXXX who just money laundered 53million – so other employers or anyone else will never get to know – just keeping the frauds and scams going for the future!

    Kiwi company and pair found guilty over mogul’s suspicious $53m in first NZ case of its kind

    Don’t worry even if you are named you won’t get a conviction!

    Queen St money remitter discharged after laundering Polish and Russian crime syndicate’s cash

    Instead of OK Boomer! NZ should now be OK Moneylaunderer!

    The scam that is both multicultural and not age related, everyone can participate in this growth market!!!

  6. Absolutely has to stop! Also the financial engineering of council money. We have already had Kaipara council near bankrupt over a stupid decision! Nobody held accountable. Auckland Council is near bankrupt but still has plenty of money for crazy corporate welfare and crazy risky development schemes while reducing council services to ratepayers!

    Secrets and lies: Will the public ever know what Christchurch City Council was hiding?

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