7 Practical Gifts You Can Give To Your Wife Who Is Obsessed WIth Marie Kondo


The organisation has a new name nowadays, Marie Kondo. She has literally made the world go round with her organising skills, tips and tricks. If your girl has a newfound passion in the organisation, sure Marie hs played the role in it a little bit. Well, it’s a good thing as everything will have a fixed and perfect place and your home will look even tidier than before. This could solve your gift related dilemma too. You might be wondering what could make her smile, well, it’s not diamonds anymore, its the little thing that could help her passion for keeping the things neat and tidy and we are going to enumerate some practical gifts which will steal her heart and will bound the moment with a kiss for sure:

  • Sponge Holder

Let’s clear it first, price doesn’t matter when it comes to gift something that she could practically use. A sponge holder which can fit in the corner of the sink will avoid soap splash around the area and will actually allow the sponge to air dry which will increase its life too. It will also prevent the odour that a kitchen sponge acquires after a few washes.

  • A Tote Bag

Not only it is a fashion statement but it’s also spacious enough to carry her world around. If you could lay your hands one with multiple compartments, it will make for a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her. She can fit in her makeup, a small book, a pen, her wallet and so much more! Don’t forget to pick one in her favourite colour.

  • Wonder Hanger

All she has to do is to hang clothes normally like any other hanger and then release one of the clips to lend a drop-down hanging space for the clothes. Marie Kondo will be so proud of you for thinking such a creative gift.  You can hang up to eight clothes on this hanger while the space of only one regular hanger will be consumed.  You can also see all the hanging clothes and make a choice while getting up ready for work. She is gonna love it.

  • LED Mirror

Low lighting while applying makeup? You can solve this problem of hers in a minute and you don’t have to dig up the electric work of the house to arrange lights on the mirror. Now she can perfectly blend her bronzer with a mirror embedded with LED lights which turn on and off with a single touch on the mirror. If this is not living in the future, I don’t know what is!

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  • Fabric Shaver

Say goodbye to lint and pet hair on your clothes that take the smartness out of the outfit. The fabric shaver comes with rotating blades that remove unwanted lint from your clothes. Unlike lint sheets, it can be used repeatedly for a long time proving effectively an inexpensive deal. You can also adjust the heights of the blade depending on how close you want it to the clothes.

  • Foldable Backpack

Yes, it does what it says! Whenever not in use, this bag could be folded into a pocket-size bag which eradicates the organisation issue for the bags that lies right on bed and table everyday marking a speckle on her otherwise perfectly organised house. This bag could accompany her while commuting, camping, cycling and so much more.

  • Folding Board

She doesn’t have to spend time on folding the laundry anymore neither do you! This folding board can help shape a bucket load of laundry in a matter of minutes and that too so neatly that one can only wonder. Noy she can make perfectly aligned stacks of clothes in the closet without any hassle.