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  1. Not looking good for Bolivia as it heads towards a fascist junta led by the self declared President Anez:

    “Añez ominously announced that she is committed to “taking all measures necessary” to “pacify the country.” This included an official order pre-exonerating all security services from any crimes committed during the “re-establishment of order,” effectively giving the army and the police a license to kill anyone who resists the new government. ”

  2. It isn’t a good fit in policies, to have gun owners asked to turn their guns in while police step forward to carry arms or resort to them readily. What is the message that is being given here?

    If people with prohibited guns haven’t handed them in, will the police now regard them as automatically bad and dangerous people, and feel more justified in deciding to shoot them when it is not a last resort?

    • They’re supposed to be roaming tactical squads. In theory if they show up to an incident it won’t be to negotiate or deescalate. They well be there to shot until the threat stops being a threat…, understand?

  3. It’s like those who hold on to the idea that Julian Assnge is a rapist learnt nothing from whale oil. The only proof they’ve produced are blogs and tweets and some replies.

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